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Today, we will take a look on the latest figures that popped up at the shops recently. It has been a while since the last “New Preorders” post, I totally forgot it to be honest. It feels like prices for our precious figures climbed even more in the meantime , the Dollfie/BJD hobby I recently got more interested in is not so much more expensive, anymore.

 Ordered Items

Even though I struggled with Preorder decisions, there still were figures I considered convincing. Strangely two are ecchi and exclusive, I hope the manufacturers will show their figures from the past Wonderfestival soon, so that my preorder roadmap looks less ecchi.


Saenai Heroine no Sodatekata – Eriri Spencer Sawamura

In the end I’ve betrayed Utaha senpei with Eriri ;D I just ordered this figure of Eriri, I love her expression and the detailed paintjob. And when you can take off the jacket, she just gets more beautiful, it’so nice how the shirt accentuates her petite body and she has good thighs.



manufacturer: GSC release date: April 2016 scale: 1/7 price: 10.800 Y

Original Character – Kankoshi Momoi – simple version

There where 2 versions, one with gynaecological chair for around 17.000 Yen and one with a beanbag for 12.000 Yen, since I was mainly interested in the figure I decided for the simple version. I like these design of the nurse, she is very pretty and I’m enchanted by the playful expression. The figure has pretty bare boobs, I’m ok with displaying figures this way haha.

new preorders 28 - (5b)

manufacturer: Native release date: November 2015 scale: 1/7 price: 12.037 Y


Asmodeus – Maou Mokushiroku – Koori Shiri Ice Cream no Bushi

The third run of the 7  Deadly Sins is more interesting to me, the bigger 1/7 scale brings out the characterdesign even more, be it the pretty demon girl faces or the attractive bodies, but also the poses appear more dynamic. I already ordered the Leviathan – Maou Mokushiroku figure and now Asmodeus. I like the creative idea of a figure lying around in a tasty sundae.
Asmodeus looks super hot with the boots and her prominent butt and I like these fine hair strands and the face. Please don’t mind this bizarre ice on a stick, I guess it’s removable.

new preorders 28 - (3)

new preorders 28 - (4)

manufacturer: Amakuni release date: March 2016 scale: 1/7 price: 12.000 Y


Kantai Collection – Yuudachi Kai Ni – Parfom –

Yuudachi is the prettiest Destroyer girl and this action figure caught my interest. This 14cm deformed styled figure is called Parform, it’s a poseable figure with many interchangeable parts and three faces. The figure looks really pretty and the posing options are probably fun.

new preorders 28 - (6)

new preorders 28 n - (8)

manufacturer: Phat Company release date: October 2015 price: 5.500 Y


Interesting figures

I haven’t ordered these figures, but at least I find them overly interesting and like to list them. Tell me which one you like or which not, or which figure you would like to see in a review ;)

Hyakka Ryoran – Matabei Goto Kenki Ver.

I was watching this figure since some time, it’s a interesting somehow cute figure, the pose is fun when Matabei is carrying an oversized brush. It’s her Master Samurai appearance and the brush is actually a spear. The pose is also nice because you can admire her great looking butt and her cute sulking face expression at the same time, maybe thats also the reason for her sulking. Matabei appears older than her Samurai Girl friends, at least she has a sturdier frame. Her butt has a good size from time to time I like a bit more butt in my figure collection.

new preorders 28 - (8)

new preorders 28 n - (1)

manufacturer: ALTER release date: November 2015 scale: 1/8 price: 13.824 Y


Captain Earth – Hana Mutou

I already mentioned that I’m a big fan of Captain Earth, I already received a figure of the Villain Moco. Hana is a good girl with a strong tan and beautiful blue eyes. She is without a doubt a pretty girl an her simple dress underlines her innocent nature.

new preorders 28 n - (2)

new preorders 28 - (3)

manufacturer: Aquamarine release date: November 2015 scale: 1/7 price: 14.940 Y


Kantai Collection – Tatsuta

Ques Q turned the two sisters into appealing figures based on the official art, both sisters are somewhat dangerous, Tatsuta is a charming yandere in an elegant outfit. She looks really pretty, the black cutout dress nicely accentuates her chest covered with a white shirt.

new preorders 28 n - (6)

new preorders 28 - (1)

manufacturer: Ques Q release date: November 2015 scale: 1/8 price: 12.700 Y


Kantai Collection – Tenryuu

Tenryuu is the more aggressive, intimidating, tomboyish sister, her design is more all out, but her outfit is also quite appealing, personally I prefer Tenryuu a little bit, she is just so cool.

new preorders 28 - (2)

new preorders 28 n - (7)

manufacturer: Ques Q release date: November 2015 scale: 1/8 price: 12.700 Y


Futsuu no Joshikousei ga [LocoDol] Yattemita. – Yui Mikoze

Without knowing the origin I think the concept is pretty funny. The sporty, curvy girl watching you from inside the mascot costume. You’ll also have secondary option to display, after her mascot job is over. The sweaty look is somehow cute and her stretchy sport dress is sexy.

new preorders 28 - (11)

new preorders 28 - (10)

manufacturer: Phat Company release date: December 2015 scale: 1/8 price: 14.904 Y


Fire Girl – Homura Hinooka Swimsuit style

The first time I saw this figure, I really liked her colors and the face, she’s a simple yet also stylish swimsuit figure. She’s pretty, but still I think she needs more volume around her thighs.

new preorders 28 - (12)

new preorders 28 n - (3)

manufacturer: Aquamarine release date: December 2015 scale: 1/8 price: 14.040 Y


Maid-san to Boin Damashii – Mikage Kuroki

Sexy meido incoming. This is a really good looking figure especially with glasses she’s such a hottie. Her body is nice, also with a lovely backside with smaller boobs that would still be a wonderful figure, though FREEing made her ultra busty, which is not everybodies cup of tea.

new preorders 28 - (16)

new preorders 28 - (17)

manufacturer: FREEing release date: February 2016 scale: 1/4 price: 22.800 Y


My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU 2 – Yukino Yukinoshita

Kotobukiya makes the best promo pictures for their figures, Yukino looks great with her pale skin and moon blue eyes. The expressive pose with her sitting on the chair also adds a lot to her appeal. She’s cool, beautiful and wears a nice uniform, black hair is always win.

new preorders 28 - (7)

new preorders 28 n - (10)

manufacturer: Kotobukiya release date: December 2015 scale: 1/8 price: 9.936 Y


Maken-Ki! – Aki Nijou

I like the cuddly girls of Maken-Ki! I was super surprised as preorders opened last week, in general Orchid Seed takes longer to paint their prototypes. Aki sensei is the cute doctor, I wanna pinch her cheeks (these in her face, ok) I like her face, hair and  alluring presentation.
In the anime she is refered to as K cup, I’m not sure if the figure really has that proportions.

new preorders 28 - (2)

new preorders 28 n - (4)

manufacturer: Orchid Seed release date: February 2016 scale: 1/7 price: 12.960 Y


Grisaia no Kajitsu – Yumiko Sakaki

Yumiko the tsundere heroine from Grisai, coincidentially I played the Game not long ago and had fun with her arc. Her sweet side makes her really adorable. In her bashful pose and cute bunnysuit she also looks great. Holding a giant carrot makes it an even cuter figure.

new preorders 28 - (5)

new preorders 28 n - (9)

manufacturer: Orchid Seed release date: January 2016 scale: 1/7 price: 13.824 Y


Although I’m mainly a collector of attractive Bishoujo figures, Nendoroids always have a place in my heart, my last purchase was Takamachi Nanoha – Nendoroid #263 , recently two other for me very appealing Nendoroids were announced.


Nendoroid – Love Live!: Kotori Minami Training Outfit Ver.

I like the training outfits much more, since they don’t look like carnival XD Every girl comes in an unique outfit with a special character specific item. So far I like the Kotori Nendoroid the most, even though I have other Top 3 characters, she’s just too cute.

new preorders 28 - (14)

manufacturer: GSC release date: December 2015  price: 3.500 Y


Nendoroid – Kantai Collection -Kan Colle- Oyodo

The is something I really like about this Oyodo Nendoroid, maybe it’s the hairstyle in combination with the black color, the glasses or the cheeky face. Either way she really comes with a load of useful accesories next to her already huge “backpack”.

new preorders 28 - (15)

manufacturer: GSC release date: January 2016  price: 5.000 Y


So apparently that were all the things I was interested in, maybe you liked a few of them, too. Or did you discover different figures recently that might have triggered your interest?


10 Responses

  1. Kai

    That Yukinon figure is good! Love her expression in it and the chair and panda. And that Poi figure is hnnng 😀

    • wieselhead

      Yeah she’s a pretty one ^^ I already ordered a Yui figure from that anime.
      I decided to watch this anime(s) these days never did see an episode before ;D

  2. Aya

    Kinda glad mirai stuffs and their increasing prices don’t hold you back buying 🙂 from all of those I think only interested with eriri XD

    • wieselhead

      Well partially it does, but I nevertheless still like figures and buy a few ^^
      I would like to buy more, maybe the two Orchid Seed figures (´・` )♡
      Eriri looks a bit like Hachi, don’t you think?

      • Aya

        I see,personally for me the lack appeal of newer animes these past years, (not that I must know the character for buying it) but somehow those make me getting less interested towards figurines. you are right about that but ,mainly because I see her as a sadistic cruel girl XD in other words “strong girl” and I already told you my favorite ero fantasy LOL if she wear a dog collar i would immediately buy it XD

        • wieselhead

          Ah I see, there are some more popular animes recently, I don’t like and ignore such figures (Oreimo).
          I became a bit ro picky, but I really try to limit my figure purchases since some time now ^^

          Ahahaha you can add a dog collar by yourself XD

  3. Miette-chan

    You traitor! Utaha is the best pick, c’mon man! Eriri does look pretty nice though but I only read the Utaha spin off manga so she wins!

    You are already getting that figure with the penis, should have gotten the chair to go along with that nurse. Go full pervert!

    I ordered Tatsuta, I have never been all that interested in her but when I saw Ques Q’s figure I just had to have her. Don’t know what came over me when I ordered her.

    You should get that bunny Yumiko, after all bunny girls are a man’s dream!

    • wieselhead

      Ah well, in the Anime Utaha also was my favorite without a doubt (〃⌒∇⌒).
      But I like the Eriri figure a lot more, Utaha actually should have her pose.
      Penis!? Oh right, penis ice X< I have to buy clothes for my two girls, I can't buy too expensive figures! Haha Tatsuta is cool (。’▽’。)♡ nothing better than sophisticated yandere girls XD Huh, I'm not sure about that, but in the anime special she was a super cute bunny ≧(´▽`)≦

  4. Tier

    I like the character designs from Boring Heroine but I disliked the anime so much that it’s affecting my enthusiasm for the figures. It doesn’t help that neither of the GSC figures looks much like Misaki Kurehito’s art. I completely missed out on the Asmodeus figure since I didn’t know when the preorder deadline was. Whoops. I guess I’ll be trying to get her from Mandarake or something. I still need to find a place to order Mammon from. These things were a lot easier when Tokyo Hunter was in business.

    • wieselhead

      Well, it was a bit of an half assed anime, stragely younger anime watchers aren’t bothered that much.
      I actually don’t like animes that are too deep in the anime culture, not everything related to it interests me.
      I would say adapting Utaha’s figure really looks far away from the artists style, on the other hand Eriri is convincing enough.
      Ah too bad, the new 7 Sins line is so much better since the more creative poses are more appealing.
      The figure of Mammon might be sold out now, I actually am surprised that gigantic boob characters became collector mainstream ahahaha.
      Nowadays people use Nippon Yassan, although I always read bad stories or Big in Japan.

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