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NP0 -31

Hi, how is everyones summer? And how is your preorder situation?

I’m fed up with figure preorders for these days, because this week preorders turned into a nightmare, a few delays turned my carefully planned figure purchases upside down. In the end I will probably have to pay for 4 expensive figures. Mammon from Orchid Seed, Sorceress WHS from Max Factory, Chitose from Rocket Boy and maybe Yazawa Nico from ALTER.

There were 2 more canditates I really wanted to get, but these will also be released in June and my wallet can’t take all that.

Anyway figures are still pretty and in New Preorders part 31 we will take a look at the recently available figures on the market ;D


Ordered Items

Since the last New Preorders post I only added two…


Super Sonico The Animation – Sonico – Racing ver.

The most prominent character in terms of numbers in my figure collection is Sonico. New releases don’t happen as often as before anymore. So hearing about Max Factory making a new Sonico made me very happy. In this adaption Sonico squeezed herself into and outfit that belongs to Hatsune Miku which accentuates her curves perfectly, it’s more on the fanservice side especially when you look at her rear. Sculptor YOSHI created a marvellous figure and accomplished to apply Sonico’s major charm points, looking sweet and sexy at the same time.

Super Sonico The Animation - Sonico - Racing ver.
manufacturer: Max Factory – scale: 1/7 – release: January 2017

Love Live! – Hanayo Koizumi

I like how these Love Live! figures from FREEing looked, very true to their origin, cute and in their school uniform. Hanayo is among my favorites in the anime, a sweet girl with glasses and we share the love for rice. Sure it’s a simple design, but it all looks charming this way.

FIGURE-Love Live! - Hanayo Koizumi

manufacturer: FREEing – scale: 1/8 – release: september 2016


Interesting figures

I haven’t ordered these figures, but at least I find them overly interesting and like to list them. Tell me which one you like or which not, or which figure you would like to see in a review ;)



Without even knowing Granblue Fantasy or more about Danua, that figure has an amazing design. At first I was surprisefd how “dark” the figures atmosphere is, but in a great way. Danua is a cute demon girl, I must again say how lovely she looks as sullen beauty and she has nice boobs, too. I would love to get the figure with her unique expression. My concern is that Kotobukiya shows some inconstancy in terms of choosing skintone material, for me it’s a strict hot or not criteria. It’s related to one of my most shocking unpack experiences afterall :p


manufacturer: Kotobukiya – scale: 1/8 – release: october 2016


ToHeart2 Dungeon Travelers: Fighter Sasara

As second Kotobukiya figure of interest it’s Sasara in bikini armor. She is so sexy with her curvy body and has a beautiful head. It’s a big 1/6 beauty, I really like her concept and articulation. Unfortunately 14000 Yen after discount is a rather heavy price.

FIGURE-ToHeart2 Dungeon Travelers Fighter Sasara - 1

manufacturer: Kotobukiya – scale: 1/6 – release: october 2016


Kantai Collection -Kan Colle- Naka-chan

Seeing such a cool figure of Naka-chan made me super happy and excited, It looks super elaborate from tip to toe. The figure also allows you to display her damaged and bashful or as her general energetic self with intact clothes. There also was a special version with three different expressions, but at 17000 Yen without shipping, I’d rather get the other version.

FIGURE-Kantai Collection -Kan Colle- Naka-chan-1

FIGURE-Kantai Collection -Kan Colle- Naka-chan-2

manufacturer: Ginjyujisha – scale: 1/8 – release: november 2016


Nendoroid – Kantai Collection – Shigure Kai Ni

The Kancolle Destroyer girls are totally are my soft spot, someone should finally make something about Samidare 😉 I also like Shigure a lot. Shigure as Nendoroid received some more love from GSC, she comes with special event clothes that she was wearing in the game. She can be dressed as valentine and as beach girl. I especially like the adorable beach outfit.

FIGURE-Nendoroid - Kantai Collection -Kan Colle- Shigure Kai Ni

manufacturer: GSC – scale: … – release: november 2016


Kantai Collection -Kan Colle- Kongo

“Burning Love!” Can you show me a cooler Kongo than this, period. I guess not haha.
Phat Company created an impressive figure of her, capturing her self conscious and determined personality. She’s even scaled 1/7 which makes the figure even more interesting.

FIGURE-Kantai Collection -Kan Colle- Kongo

manufacturer: Phat Company – scale: 1/7 – release: september 2016


THE IDOLM@STER Million Live! – Anna Mochizuki VIVID Imagination

I like this Idol with her overdose of moe and the bubbling energy she emits (*^▽^)/. Ah, seriously her face and posing is so sweet. Her detailed outfit and hair should look great in 1/8.

FIGURE-THE IDOLM@STER Million Live! - Anna Mochizuki VIVID Imagination

manufacturer: Kotobukiya – scale: 1/8 – release: september 2016


Valkyria Chronicles DUEL – Selvaria Bles – Everlasting Summer

This figure is so pretty, I mean she has a beautiful face and a good looking, hot body. Though the style of Raita is politely said, quite different. Of course I’m not against the proportions of her body, but the difference in size of her head makes it look out of balance, I can’t unsee or accept it that easily. Actually, why does she have bird-of-paradise plants between her legs?

FIGURE-Valkyria Chronicles DUEL - Selvaria Bles -Everlasting Summer

manufacturer: Vertex – scale: 1/6 – release: september 2016


Super Sonico – Cowgirl

The sculptor gave the figure such a sweet and adorable face and a cute chubby body, a bikini can never be a wrong choice, but I can’t get over the silly western outfit on her ¯\_(⊙︿⊙)_/¯. I like old US Western movies a lot, but no. The western parts aren’t even castoffable *sob*.

FIGURE-Super Sonico -Cowgirl

manufacturer: Vertex – scale: 1/7 – release: August 2016


Diebuster – Lal’C Mellk Ma

It really has been some time since I watched Diebuster, I remember that I liked it. Max Factory made an appealing figure of main character Lal’C, her design looks very nice. It’s one of those figures that look great on a desk, with a chilled, sitting pose and subtle friendly expression.

FIGURE-Diebuster - Lal'C Mellk Ma

manufacturer: Max Factory – scale: 1/7 – release: november 2016


Saber / Altria Pendragon [Alter] Dress Ver

…are there more Saber or Hatsune Miku figures? Some characters apparently never get old, like Saber. ALTER created another interesting concept of her Alter ego, as Altria Pendragon in a wonderful dark evening dress, she looks really overwhelming in her stance and overall design. To make fans of bare shoulders happy, as well the sleeves can be taken off.

FIGURE-Saber Altria Pendragon [Alter] Dress Ver - 1

FIGURE-Saber Altria Pendragon [Alter] Dress Ver - 2

manufacturer: Alter – scale: 1/7 – release: november 2016


The Secret of Blue Water – Nadia Yasuragi Ver.

Shame on me, I must admit that I know nothinng about her and her anime,  but doesn’t she look beautiful? With her skintone, her lovely face and her creeative or better said rarely seen pose, she makes a good impression.

FIGURE-The Secret of Blue Water - Nadia Yasuragi Ver

manufacturer: Bellfine – scale: 1/7 – release: july 2016


Upcoming figures I’m interested in


Original Character – Magic Bullets – Swimsuit ver

I have noticed this figure at the sidelines of the latest Wonderfestival. It’s apparent that I love my elaborately sculpted bikini figures, they look marvellous and carry a breeze of summer. The figure is based on an illustration from Sasaoka Gungu. The original character is cute and her naturally buxom body shows nice tan effects. Preorders for her will open in mid june.

Original Character - Magic Bullets - Swimsuit ver.

manufacturer: Kalmia Project – scale: tba – release: tba


After  I listed everything, I think I would give Naka- chan and Danua prority, I also really like Lal’C Mellk Ma, the Shigure Nendoiroid and the bikini girl at the end. What about you?

12 Responses

  1. Tian

    I wish the Kongou figure was in her Kai Ni form but it’s still my favorite of the Kongous out there.

    There’s another Granblue Fantasy figure, De La Fille, which looks pretty great. But it’s made by Revolve and I’ve never heard of them…

    Last thought, I wish there would be more Valkyria Chronicles figures. It’s great that Selvaria is getting another figure but I’d rather see Alicia or Isara.

    • wieselhead

      It’s a great adaption also as stock version ^^
      De La Fille has a quite creative design “fortunately” I’m not a big fan of her face, it’s not ugly at all but simply not my type.
      Revolve should be a normal figure manufacturer with very decent quality 😉
      Oh right, it’s actually always Selvaria XD I guess her body is overpowered in terms of seductive potential.

  2. Anime Shutterbug

    Wow there are a lot of good figures to consider, I have had to cut back on preorders due to conventions / doll stuff taking priority so its forcing me to choose very wisely. So far I think I only have 5 preorders in the pipeline and im trying to keep it not much higher until the end of the year at least.

    The upcoming granblue figures might be my weakness though… i really love the character designs. I have that Danua preordered already =)

    • wieselhead

      Unfortunatey there are many ^^
      it became more difficult for me as well, figures are more expensive and often I feel more interested to buy something for the dolls haha.
      Still I’m interested in seeing nw figure products and stuff. Oh 5, this month I will probably be blessed with 3 preoders being released,
      so 3 are left, I hope ;D Oh, I also want Danua, she is so beautiful ;D

  3. Hoshiko

    OMG! Get GRANBLUE FANTASY – Danua ! It looks sooooo good!

    By the way, regarding preoders. For my figures, I always pay the full asking price first when preorder. Is it not the case for all preorders?

    • wieselhead

      Danua is a wonderful concept, a cute demon girl, slightly morbid with an expressive pose (´ ▽`).。o♡
      I really should get it 😀

      Oh you pay upfront, I see. When I “Pre” order something from japanese stores (AmiAmi, Hobbysearch or HLJ) I just place the order and when they receive the products from the manufacturer months later, the shop sends me an ivoice. There are exceptions, but you often are allowed to pay later, when the item is in stock.

      • Hoshiko

        I see, I see. Now it makes sense why when a figure’s release date is postponed, it messes up with your budget. I’d be mad if it happens too.

        • wieselhead

          Yeah, sometimes all budget plans simpy break together XD
          I thought I would get two figures in both months May and June, but it ended with 4 figures in June.

  4. Miette-chan

    My summer is hot and my pre-order outlook looks horrible in October. Aside from that not too bad.

    That Racing Miku Sonico cracks me up, does Sonico never complain that she keeps getting clothes a few sizes too small for her. XD You should add everyone’s idol Naka-chan, that vulnerable expression with her damaged clothes just looks so irresistible. Diebuster figures really came out of nowhere at Wonfes I hope this continues and there is a maid/waitress Nono.

    You listed some figures I want but have horrible timing, I finally see a Kongou with the pose I been wanting but having her right before October just makes things difficult, likewise for FREEing’s Hanayo and Nico. I’m still battling with myself regarding Saber, once I saw I could get rid of the puffy sleeves and get some nice sexy back and shoulders it became to difficult to pass but at 14K it is quite a hit after October. Once I see how things play out as the months go by I will decide on her.

    Ah, the joys of figure collecting.

    • wieselhead

      Ah cool, I guess 😉 not about October, though. I have two orders in this month, but another one might be possible. I bet delays will happen anyway to create another mess. I guess Sonico just has a bad management that forces these tight suits on her (⁄ ⁄^⁄ᗨ⁄^⁄ ⁄). Naka might be an after release purchase since my preorder amount is becoming dangerous again. Oh damn don’t remind of Wonfes XD

      Kongou looks so cool! maybe you’ll find a chance later. You need at least two Saber figures in your collection ^^

  5. Tier

    I’m kinda surprised that Phat Company is making the figure of Kongo in her Burning Love pose. I kinda woulda thought that Max Factory or GSC would’ve wanted to do this one (especially since some other company wound up doing a lesser version of the one that Max Factory produced).

    • wieselhead

      through my own experience I have no high opinion about Max Factory Kongou, it hadn’t the appeal of other MF figures for me. I think Phat Company has an awesome figure of her.

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