New Preorders part 21

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New Preorders 21

It’s been quite some time since my last Preorder post, let’s say I didn’t order as fast as before.
Since last post I ordered 4 more great figures and as rare happenng 1 girly figma.

In case you are wondering how I can buy new figures all the time, at the moment Im playing “old figure out – new figure in” it’s a bad way of maintaining your collection hobby and I feel really bad for selling them, but I don’t have so much space availabe to keep them all forever.

At least keeping my very favorite figures remains top priority, it’s not like I’m going to sell these.

Next to the usual ecchi happyness I ordered some iDOLM@STER Cinderella Girls related stuff.

Figma – Jougasaki Mika – Max Factory

Hey a figma! This young lady was sold as limited exclusive item through the GSC store, I guess you could have bought her on last Wonfes, as well. It’s a flashy figma with a cool outfit, what appears to be a school uniform, but with a very casual touch, overall a very feminine design. I mainly got her for her vulnerable blush face and the pretty hair, the grin is rather scary

Figma – Jougasaki Mika – Max Factory

release date will be in November 2013 – price 3500 Yen

Shibuya Rin – New Generation version – GSC

I was sure to get this figure since I’ve seen her as grey prototype on Wonfes. As I’ve seen her painted, I was quite impressed by this fabulous songstress, a lot of frill and shiny dark colors, the fine details on her dress look great. Rin herself is also a petite and pretty girl with a cute singing face, I love how she is swinging her microphone stand, these boots look great.

Im not as hyped about this purchase as before, but it should be fun to photograph her

Shibuya Rin – New Generation version – GSC

release date will be in January 2014 – price 7030 Yen

Shimamura Uzuki – New Generation version – GSC

Another Idol, now it’s enough sir. While Rin is a dark raven Uzuki comes as sweet rasperry cake.
Her cheerful and energetic look and attitude is contagious. The outfit is rather playful, yet skin revealing. She has an exposed belly and a short, short skirt. I like the detailed pattern on her frilly skirt . I would have been satisfiied with the closed eyes face only, but GSC played it safe and ships Uzuki with a second face to please more collectors, it’s good to have the option.

It would be cool if the sizes of Rin and Uzuki would match in the end.

Shimamura Uzuki – New Generation version – GSC

release date will be in April 2014 – price 7200 Yen

freshly ordered

Yagyuu – Senran Kagura – Vertex

I like Senran Kagura and I already have two figures from that line, Hibari and Katsuragi (review comes soon). Senran Kagura is popular for featuring characters with a bit more meat, where it matters ( ̄▽+ ̄*). Yagyuu’s complete dress is a little boring in the manga, but in this figure adaption her “uniform” is in a damaged state with parts of her scarf and a torn skirt. I was close to order her since some weeks, but delayed my decision a bit longer until I felt convinced enough. I love her pretty face, the super twintails, the super sexy curves in combination with the pose and her traditional umbrella. Why have I resisted so long after all? she’s my type of figure.

Yagyuu – Senran Kagura – Vertex

release date will be in January 2014 – price 7690 Yen

Yuki – Maid Yome – Orchid Seed

Don’t buy masturbating figures, that was something I really never wanted to do, but ok rules in collecting figures are meant to last for only a short period of time. Orchid Seed makes a lot of appealing figures, but Yuki is an exceptional pretty figure. At first I wanted  to talk Miette into ordering her, but after checking a few first reviews and pictures, I knew that I wanted this one, after all I snatched one of the last copy’s at Hobby Link Japan. Yuki’s ecchi activities aside, the character is also cute with a sweet face, vanilla colored hair, a nice skintone and perfect boobs.

Yuki – Maid Yome – Orchid Seed

release date was in October 2013 I ordered her last minute – price 7457 Yen


Upcoming figures I’m interested in – Im not sure about these, but at least I find them overly appealing and like to list the upcoming or just announced figures.


Princess Milk – Hime to Boin – Orchid Seed

Argh, crotch focused figures are so hard to display without feeling a creep, I could put a flower pot in front, wait thats a great idea XD. It’s mean to give ecchi figures such beautiful faces and the figures seems to be sculpted nicely, it seems nearly impossible to pass for me (*´▽`*).

Princess Milk – Hime to Boin - Orchid Seed

release date will be in June 2014

Sonico – Santa, Swimsuit version – Alter

Sonico! Alter makes a figure of my beloved 2D girl. Wait, busty figures ? They don’t do that very often, but having a sweet Sonico from Alter has a nice ring to it. This early production sample is already enchanting enough with important blush marks and a tight bikini. The christmas hoodie is castoffable, to give Sonico an all seasons beach girl appearance. Ah yes, she’s scaled 1/7.

Sonico – Santa Swimsuit version – Alter

release date will be in 2014, hopefully Alter will overcome their vicious circle of delays next year.

Airy Ardet – Shining Blade – Kotobukiya

A simple, conservatie figure adaption of Airy, but still I find it cute how the kind and innocent looking girl is carrying her basket full of bread of happiness, maybe I’ll get her after release.

Airy Ardet – Shining Blade - Kotobukiya

release date will be in March 2014

Sonico – Mouse version – Wing

(✌゚∀゚)☞  That’s really good stuff, not painted, but there’s already a release date, so it shouldn’t take too long until preorder will be accepted. That’s a nice Sonico figure with the usual combination of cute and sexy here she is with funny mouse ears. It looks like they transferred some fat from her boobs to her buttocks, which is a great design choice for this lovely figure.

Sonico – Mouse version – Wing

release date will be in March 2014

Rias Gremory – Highschool DxD –  Pole Dance version – Kaitendoh

I feel offended when a character I know gets onebad figure adaptions after another, everything before Kaitendoh was a real dissapointment in my eyes. This is a chance for a promising Rias Gremory figure, the sculptor of this figure, Katsuaki Nemoto  already worked on Cat Lap Milk, so this Rias should turn out very well without much risk. She is shown from the funny, no spectacular Ending Theme of the first season of High School DxD. The face is spot on and the pole dance outfit looks good. I wouldn’t mind to own this attractive figure earlier or later.

Rias Gremory – Highschool DxD -  Pole Dance version – Kaitendoh

release date will be in November 2013

Ousawa Miu – Y-shirt version – FREEing

This simple yet nice figure of  Miu, is portrayed in a self confident, nonchalant pose, but her facial expressionsays something different and  appears rather flustered, befitting her character in the anime. The long twintails look nice, but unfortunately the hair is not very detailed, same applies to her open shirt. The body nevertheless looks quite nice. On the bottomline I’m not getting this one at full price, but maybe when her prize drops.

Ousawa Miu - Y-shirt version – FREEing

release date will be in February 2014

Yagami Hayate – Nanoha The Movie 2nd A’s – Gift

A new sandcastle friend! I love my cute and demure big scale Fate figure, but I think Hayate is even cuter with her realistic haircolor, friendly blue eyed face and a lightly opened mouth, she warms up my heart. I think she is a very good addition to the already released happy Nanoha and calm Fate 1/4 scaled swimsuit figures from Gift. I don’t know where they buy these skimpy bikini’s, I think it’s to spice things a bit up. Hayate is  lovely like this, maybe she’ll need a hat.

Yagami Hayate – Nanoha The Movie 2nd A - Gift

release date will be in January 2014



5 Responses

  1. feal87

    Shimamura Uzuki and Hayate are definitely the cutest of the bunch. I wonder if I should pick up the first…*wonder*

  2. Tier

    Uzuki looks adorable; I like Rin Shibuya’s basic design (with the sports coat and loose necktie) better than the frilly dress they used, so if I ever get a figure of her, I’ll probably wait for one like that instead. I like the figure of Miu as well, but as you say, it’s sorta simple-looking, even though her pose is really sexy. I think I might also wait and see if it gets a price drop. (I don’t remember much about the show she comes from, but I remember I thought the strict girl with the long green hair was pretty cute, too.)

    • wieselhead

      Yeah ^^ Ah yes I know this, if I would be more into figma’s I had ordered this version of her.
      Maybe there will be a scale figure like this one day.

      Miu is nice, too bad Freeing put no effort in giving her hair some more strands and details.
      The rest looks good enough, to consider a purchase, when the price has fallen.
      Ahaha the typical unhonest with herself tsundere, she was cute somehow 😀