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Part 24! It’s been a while since I preordered a figure, but I recently added 3 more lovely figures to my basket, additional I’ve listed a few figures I consider to preorder or not in this post.
I will also talk about a few cool figures that recently showed up, but aren’t up for ordering yet.

September was quite a crazy month, so many delayed items one after another, I had to edit my Preorder Roadmap around 6 times. Now October is a whole mess, but I believe in more delays.

Recent  Preorders


 I-168 – Chuuha ver.

Haha, I was impatiently waiting for preordering my Kancolle waifu, she’s among my top favorite characters in the game. Max Factory did a great job with her damaged state and the cute details like inflatable tube and the simple sandals. I – 168 is so sweet with her embarassed expression an her body looks great. It’s nice to see her in a shiny swimsuit and how it adds some contrast.

I-168 – Chuuha ver. - 03

manufacturer: Max Factory release date: March 2015 scale: 1/8 price: 10.926 Y

Taimanin Asagi – Igawa Asagi

I really considered about ordering this attractive Ninja woman back and forth, as she was delayed to October I hit the button. Except Asagi, October was ought to be free of preorders, but it never goes as planned in the figure collectors world. You would actually think that a character from really naughty Hentai game, would get a really naughty figure, but her convincing curves aside she is presented as cool looking action heroine. My additional reasons for ordering are her really lovely face, the purple suit and her very promising promo pictures.

Taimanin Asagi – Igawa Asagi

manufacturer: Milestone release date: October 2014 scale: 1/8 price: 9.000 Y


Comic Market – Event Staff Onna no Ko

Wing constantly increased their reputation as figure manufacturer and they became rather lively in announcing new figures. Back then there was this lovely official Comic Market mascot illustration, two Wonderfestivals ago it was announced that Wing would turn it into a figure, as soon as I got the news, I was really happy about that. I have to say that this adaption turned out very well, they captured both, the sex appeal and cuteness of the mascot and she looks gorgeous.  Nice hair, a sweet face with glasses, the pose and an odd, but pretty choice of outfit turn her into something really nice. She is also a big scale figure and is partially castoff able.

Comic Market – Event Staff Onna no Ko - 01

Comic Market – Event Staff Onna no Ko - 02

manufacturer: Wing release date: January 2015 scale: 1/6 price: 12.800 Y


Asuna – Titania version

I actually thought I could pass on this figure since I wasn’t that convinced by the promotional pictures and Asuna never was a character I cared about at first. In the story Asuna grow on me when she and Kirito took in Yui, the little cyber girl. As first user pictures of the figure appeared after release, I was quite surprised about the very adaption of the character. I’m really not into bondage or other tricks with ropes, but I’m a sucker when it comes to expressive faces and this Asuna  has it for sure. Her sorrowful  facial expression is beautiful and she even has Elf ears. Under her pure white dress, Max Factory gave this figure quite risky underwear, which is really in need for adjustment and reveals details I never expected from a figure of this company.

To have less pressure with incoming packages, I placed my order at a local dealer, where I realized that 10o,00€ are actually worth a lot of Yen. I paid a little much, but at least I won’t regret not getting her.

A number of people said that they disliked it when Asuna was kept hostage in ALO and also disliked the figure because it reminded them of that certain part, where Asuna was turned into the damsel in distress. Well, the figure is nevertheless beautiful in my eyes, they could have given her clothes a slightly lighter appearance, but we can figure that out when she arrives.

picture is from Garm_guarddog on Flickr

manufacturer:  Max Factory release date: released scale: 1/7 price: 10.926 Y



Interesting figures

I haven’t ordered these figures, but at least I find them overly interesting and like to list them.
Feel free to tell my which one you like or which not, or would like to see in a review ;)


Original Character – Zettai Tora – normal version

This figure is a fresh GK adaption from Mouse Unit, now they have a PVC version of her ready for preordering. The girl looks a little bit bored, but she has beautiful hair, glasses and a great looking hat. Don’t ask me for what reason she has a tiger tail. This figure features Raita’s distinctive character design with a prominent sculpted ribcage and prominent nipples. She’s a big figure of a nicely sculpted beach woman with castoff feature, the price appears a little fierce, but buying from overseas is still somewhat cost efficient in the EUR regions.

Original Character – Zettai Tora – normal ver - 01

Original Character – Zettai Tora – normal ver - 02

manufacturer: Mouse Unit release date: January 2015 scale: 1/6 price: 14.800 Y


Grisaia no Kajitsu – Suou Amane

Grisaia no Kajitsu is a visual novel, it’s anime adaption will start to air very soon, while Im not sure how they want to adapt this complex material, Kotobukiya shows us one of the heroines of the game in a happy manner. Her background is rather difficult to explain in few sentences, on first impression Amane is a very kind and likes to take care of others like a mother. She’s not shy about showing her buxom body and seems to be quite carefree about morals in general.
This figure looks promising. the hair and face are close to the game design, I love her eyes. The pose is cute and playful, it’s rather cool that she’s 1/6, will give her a bigger impact as figure.

Grisaia no Kajitsu – Suou Amane

manufacturer: Kotobukiya release date: February 2015 scale: 1/6 price: 11.000 Y


Kasugano Sora

This figure was announced just ten months ago, I have the feeling that it has been longer.
I noticed her appeal some weeks ago, she looks really pretty in her cream white chinese dress and the fine strands of her hair. The soft bright colors of her are quite enchanting. Sora is obviously a younger character, together with blush and huge ribbons she’s also very cute.

Kasugano Sora

manufacturer: ALTER release date: October 2014 scale: 1/7 price: 13.800 Y


Tamaki Kousaka Miwaku no Twister Game version

This figure is based on a GK which has been around for some time, only in parts though, Orca Toys came around the corner and added this Tamaki Kosaka (another one) to their catalog. The girl looks pretty alluring with her body and facial expressions. I like this creative pose, as well as the idea behind it, playing Twister seems to be more fun with Tamaki. The GK had a prettier bikini color, but Ora Toys actually produced some nice figure, this one turn out nice either.


manufacturer: Orca Toys release date: February 2015 scale: 1/6 price: 13.800 Y


Alisia Heart

I actually don’t know who this character is, but the short girl with the flowing red hair looks very nice all around. It’s the typical pretty Japanese Game design outfit, some armor, boots and for female characters there is a cute skirt added. The dynamic pose together with the pretty character design makes a nice package.

Alisia Heart

manufacturer: ALTER release date: December 2014 scale: 1/8 price: 10.800 Y


Upcoming figures I’m interested in

Featured and announced figures that will be made sooner or later.


Kiryuuin Satsuki – Senketsu version

Haha ok, this is honestly not the girl of my dreams (maybe nightmare), but from an artistic perspective this planned GK adaption is simply awesome. I hope GSC will produce the figure without big design changes, to make her more suitable for mainstream, the unique style makes her special and appealing. I also think that Senketsu, the uniform suits her perfectly.

Kiryuuin Satsuki – Senketsu version

manufacturer: GSC scale: 1/8


Sailor Sapphire Succubus

Hmm, this post turns out to have certain trend, but now I drop da bomb. …Well, there is nothing to sweet talk about, the figure is a daringly posed Succubus. I actually kind of like the design of Orchid Seeds currently in development prototype, while her exaggerated proportions are not what I demand, there is really something charming in her face that I can hardly resist.

Sailor Sapphire Succubus

manufacturer: Orchid Seed scale: 1/6



Captain Earth finished, time for figures! I already assumed that my beloved anime would get no scale figure at all, so as the news surfaced my heart literally skipped a beat. Embrace Japan will make Moco, the charming and enigmatic villain of the show. She is quite the hot lady, always wearing her eccentric, bold outfit. The alien really enjoys her human avatar and I really like her playfully sexy personality. I would be even happier when someone would make a figure of Akari.

Moco - 02

Moco - 01

manufacturer: Embrace Japan scale: 1/8


We reached the end of this post, I was happy to be able to place a few orders again and share my thoughts about some new figures. Was there anything that caught your interest?
Maybe you have already ordered something from that list, just tell me in the comment area.


11 Responses

  1. Tier

    Event Girl and Asagi are definitely great. I-168 is very cute, too; I opted for the FREEing figure but I’m sure MF’s will be better on a technical level. It is too bad that they could not just join forces and merge their efforts into one figure. Asuna should have fewer clothes and more chains and maybe some leather; I’d definitely buy a figure of her if it were like that. The Twister Tamaki is really cute, too; I overlooked it but now I wonder if I should order it. Actually, the figure I really want is the Saber figure from the same sculptor; it is pretty awesome. I am sure Type Moon would never allow it to be turned into a PVC figure, though. I’m still undecided about Sora, too; I like the figure but she is really, really expensive. Then again, I just noticed she’s 1/7 scale and not 1/8 like I thought. Hmm …

    • wieselhead

      I’m really looking forward to receive Asagi this month
      I – 168 in 1/4 was interesting at first with castoff and stuff, but FREEing didn’t manage to give her a face that could compete with Max Factories.
      Since Kongou is also 1/8 it’s probably a better for my probably growing kancolle figure group.
      So the soft Elf land bondage doesn’t really appeal to you, well the scenes which involved her like this,
      were a bit kinky actually, thats why a lot of Asuna fans can’t stand this certain figure of her ;D

      Yes, it’s a fantastic Tamaki figure, after many figures of her this creative pose is refreshing.
      Actually the Gk was one of my favorite Tamaki next to the one and only I have. Oh, I remember this Twister Saber again.
      Well, on a somehow related note ALTER is planning a sexy bikini Saber at least even though it’s not the original character.

      I also put Sora in the 1/8 corner, fortunately it isn’t the case. Her attractive points will work better in 1/7.

  2. Hoshiko

    Lol, I thought so too. Kiryuuin Satsuki – Senketsu version isn’t your kind of girl! But yes, in artistic sense, she’s unique. I actually thought she’s one of the BJD dolls. The sort of gothic fashion styles.

    • wieselhead

      Haha, but I guess I like the figure nevertheless, maybe more than I would admit at first.
      Yes, the eyes look close to these “scary” dolls, but the mouth of the figure looks better.
      The dark shaded eyes are quite lovely.

  3. feal87

    I-168 is the cutest between these preorders. I’m actually wondering if I should take her too…

    Some of them have DISTURBINGLY huge plot by the way…*laughs*

    • wieselhead

      Yeah the submarine is super cute, I would encourage you to get one *nods*
      I don’t know about that, are they big? Well, boobs are justice *lol*

  4. Bakayaro

    Zettai Tora steht auch noch auf meiner Wunschliste. Hätte sie sehr gerne, bin aber unentschlossen. >.< Die letzte Figur namens Moco hatte ich garnicht auf dem Schirm, sieht aber interessant aus. Generell mal wieder toller Geschmack bei der Figurenauswahl, auch wenn er stark von meinen Preorders abweicht, habe in letzter Zeit aber auch eher weniger.

    • wieselhead

      Ja, das Gesicht und der Oberkörper sind schön, nur die Beine sind etwas lieblos gestaltet.
      Moco ist toll, steh total auf ihre verführerische Art im Anime, muss die Figur einfach haben ❤
      Danke, naja soviele Vorbestellung habe ich auch nicht mehr, generell sind wir ja schon kompatibel wenn es um Figuren geht ^^

  5. Fabrice

    Wow Fabian your list never cease to amaze! where do you have the space! I really need to know how you keep your figures, a room picture on twitter or a room post? *hint hint

    I stopped collecting figures a while ago not really because I moved now to London but I really had no space in my glass showcase, Ive only recently gotten my hands on Tsukihi to add to my Bakemonogatari collection but its so tight now :/ although mind you my collection is nothing compared to yours haha

    Looking at the list they all look naughty and really Fabian type of figures haha but if I had to choose one it would be I-168 – Chuuha ver. I just love her face and she is in a school swimsuit and looks super cute XD

    • wieselhead

      I’m a masochist! Well, I’m actually selling some figures from time to time, boxes are stored in the cellar, my poor parents.
      For the time being I will try to shrink it down more and more, I wanna collect in the future as well.
      Yeah I know I should do that, but I never find the right time to take a room picture 🙁

      I see, I guess most people stop the figure hobby, when they run out of space or girlfriend nags *lol*
      I think even when you stopped it’s really good that you keep your figures at least, I could probably never sell all my figures away.
      Stopping collecting figures completely is no real option for me, it’s really interesting to follow new releases and to gaze at the increasing quality. Well, no need to feel humble about it, I’m pretty passionate about cute plastic girls.

      Yeah naughty is something great XD I’m not so interested in the really explicit ones, though.
      I love the submarine girls, I 168 is lovely also as figure I can’t wait to get her ♡

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