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Hi my friendly readers after the voluptuos Menace which might have shocked a few of you XD Today I can show you a certain petite cutie, called Aisaka Taiga who you might remember as the main character in the popular lovecom anime Toradora which aired from autumm 2008 to 2009.

Taiga is a 16 year old high school girl, she is small and has a rather undeveloped body, by her classmates and the whole school she is nicknamed “palmtop tiger”. Taiga lives alone in an expensive appartment because her family situation is not very good. She developed an angry, bad mooded attitude, is easily offended by others and often reacts in a very violent way.
After she met the new transfer student Ryuuji her life slowly begins to change…

I like Taiga, but actually I never was such a big fan of her, that I really wanted to have a figure of her, but some month ago Ques q announced that they have a Taiga figure up their sleeve, which was loosely based on the illustration under that line, NYAH! or ROAR! ?

Taiga Tiger - 28

Have you ever heard of Ques q before? I admit I haven’t heard of them before and in general I don’t give figure manufacturers that much trust in advance, without knowing about their quality, but sometimes I also have this support the underdog attitude, haha Im so kind aren’t I?

Here is their Taiga – Tiger Costume version or like I called her “The slutty dressed Taiga” 😀
She is scaled 1/8 and 200 mm long, the Taiga figure also comes with an additional face and a tail.
Ques q also anounced a version of this figure with a clean face without tiger stripes, this will be a limited and exclusive version which will only be sold at the upcoming Wonder Festival 2011.

Before I knew about this figure I’ve bought a T-shirt with Taiga in a tiger costume on it, so my reaction as I first saw this Taiga figure was “Oh awesome” I want to get this animal eared Taiga.
In anime I have an affection for female animal eared characters especially cat ears are my taste. Well I owned a figure with animal ears before, but I already sold her,  I guess droopy dog ears weren’t my thing. Well Taiga has straight tiger ears and they definetely look better ^^.

Tiger costumeTiger costume

At first I would like to mention that this figure resembles Taiga very well, even she never had a tiger costume in the anime. The head and the face look like Taiga, as well as the small and petite body.  Lets talk about the hair of this Taiga – Tiger Costume version, who of you have watched the anime knows that Taiga has a quite voluminous hairstyle, the sculpting at the strands isn’t 100% smooth, but the dark and light shading effects on the hair look quite nice. The tiger ears above are painted accurately, one detail that I really like is the sculpted fur inside of them.

Thanks to the good sculpting of her face, it looks good from many angles. The cute face has tiger stripes on the cheeks and Taiga shows us a friendly expression with a small mouth. Taiga’s eyes look nice and clean, as well as the eyebrows and eyelashes. This figure has interchangeable faces and comes with this happy face and a second face with an cute, pondering expression.

Tiger costume

Tiger costume

Tiger costume

The Taiga – Tiger costume version has an interesting pose with Taiga liying on her base in a playful manner, the sidely twisted hips add some sex appeal to the pose. I also like the articulation of her arms and the detailed paws, it is very cute NYAN NYAN NYAH!

Aside from the two faces also two tails are included with this figure, the straight tail can be exchanged with a heartshaped tail, both of them have a cute pink ribbon attached to their tip.

Tiger costume

Tiger costume


I like the revealing wildchild dressup of this figure RAWR! Taiga wears her clothes with confidence without being shy at all. Our slutty dressed Taiga wears a tiny and short top with a tiger pattern. Taiga also wears a single sleeve and a single stocking with a tiger pattern in an asymmetrical fashion which looks pretty and interesting in combination with her outfit. As pants she has blue, scanty cutted hot pants with a well visible yellow thong underneath, yeah the little Taiga is wearing a thong, she wasn’t that bold in the anime, oh and she also has a tatoo on her left arm :D.

Lets take a closer look at her pants, the level of detail at the opened hotpants looks very good. When you flip Taiga over you can also see a silver painted button on it. The hot pants show a bit overpainting into the white fringe part, but the look resembles frayed hot pants very well I think. Theres also a slightly yellow overpainting above her thong, but both of her pants look good.

Tiger costume

Tiger costume


Like in the anime little Taiga has a slender and petite body, nearly a bit too skinny if you ask me, but thats the way Taiga’s body is build. What Taiga obviously lacks at a certain area of her upper body, is compensated by the charm of a girl with a petite body. Taiga has nice hips, with an alluring waisteline and long, slender legs. Taiga also has a sweet little ass which is very well exposed by her scanty hot pants. Actually this review was supposed to turn out less ecchi
than the previous ones of Soniko and Menace. I guess I was wrong about that X<

Tiger costume

Tiger costume


Tiger costume

Tiger costume

Tiger costume

Exchanging faces

To exchange the face of our cute Taiga you have to pull out the frontal hair piece and simply take off the old face, after putting everything back together there is Taiga with her pouting face.
Sorry that I haven’t used the pouting face in many pictures, but believe me I also like it, Taiga looks just adorable with the more tilted down eyebrows and the strong blush stripes.

Tiger costume

Tiger costume

Tiger costume

Tiger costume


The base of this figure is a simple black oval with rounded edges and the Toradora logo printed on it. No parts of Taiga’s body sculpt has been flattened, but to prevent Taiga from sliding around on the base there have been put some deeper absorptions on top of the base.

Tiger costume

Final Words

The quality of Ques q’s Tiger figure is mainly on the good side the sculpting of the body looks very good and has some nice details also the paintjob is good. The shading on her back and on her belly looks ok, but at some areas it could have turned out a bit finer. There are also a few minor overpainting issues at the dress to the skin passages for example and the sculpting of her her hair shows a few chunky cutted areas, aside from that the figure looks well made.
I would say the quality is a Mix of Wave and Kotobukiya, with a slightly better sculpting.

Im happy with the purchase of this figure, Ques q realized the wild girl in tiger costume theme of their Taiga – Tiger Costume version in a very good way. The tiger accessoires of her outfit like the ears, paws and the tail are a good addition to the rest of her outfit. Taiga looks cute and yeah she is also quite sexy. I would say she looks 50% cute and 50% bold in this creative styled outfit.
I guess on a more voluptous figure this kind of dress would look even better sluttier XD

The lying pose is also a nice aspect of this figure, I love how this figure of Taiga is posed with her playfully sculpted arms and the slightly twisted hips this figure shows a good combination of cute and sexy. The face and tail exchanging feature are a nice extra an can be easily assembled.

Two other reviews can be found at

studiorzhobby and howagirlfigures

Thx for reading, have a nice week and see you next time!

Tiger costume

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  3. Fabrice July 31, 2011

    She looks good without the base.
    wow i cant believe how nice this turned out to be.

    Its so rare to have figures in that position, lying down, and this one sure nails it. Taiga looks dam sexy lol.

    this picture you took
    Is my favorite one, it really blends in well, making her look like the real tiger in the wild ha ha

    1. wieselhead July 31, 2011

      Yeah this figure didn’t dissapointed me.

      I have no other lying figure, but it is a nice pose for this figure Nyaaaaaaaa! =D

      thanks a lot Fabrice


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