October 2015
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Mirai X Rio - DDS -SmartDoll Intro - header

Yo dear readers!

Apparently I really have too much fun with the fashion doll hobby, it’s just too exciting ;D
I actually did not consider to buy another BJD after Mirai, but one thing lead to another… Everything started some months ago, when I found a post at Orchid Dolls about of a face up commission. I always liked custom Dollfie Dream heads, it’s nice to have a personalized Doll.

After several months of deciding what I actually wanted Mirai’s “little sister” to look like,
I asked Clockwork_Angel from Flickr, if she would have time and interest for my idea…

Mirai already was given a name in the factory, but of course a custom Doll needs a proper name, too. I decided to name her Riō 里桜  (village cherry blossom), it’s a name often used in animes of the 90’s, I always liked that name, it’s short and has a very nice ring to it.

Mirai X Rio - DDS -SmartDoll Intro - 002 (more…)

Ending Songs!

The current animes are near the end, so it’s time for a look at the Ending Songs of Anime Summer Season 2015, which in my opinion were extremely good this time. Sometimes the Songs in Anime are just there for the sake of having one, sometimes it’s a masterpiece

I’ll pass on the best Opening Songs, sine GANGSTA. with “Renegade” by Stereo Dive Foundation won. I also liked Gakkou Gurashi! arcade plastic pop performed by Mosaic.Wav.

I will list my favorite’s in random order, which of these Songs were your favorites?

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Today, we will take a look on the latest figures that popped up at the shops recently. It has been a while since the last “New Preorders” post, I totally forgot it to be honest. It feels like prices for our precious figures climbed even more in the meantime , the Dollfie/BJD hobby I recently got more interested in is not so much more expensive, anymore.

 Ordered Items

Even though I struggled with Preorder decisions, there still were figures I considered convincing. Strangely two are ecchi and exclusive, I hope the manufacturers will show their figures from the past Wonderfestival soon, so that my preorder roadmap looks less ecchi.


Saenai Heroine no Sodatekata – Eriri Spencer Sawamura

In the end I’ve betrayed Utaha senpei with Eriri ;D I just ordered this figure of Eriri, I love her expression and the detailed paintjob. And when you can take off the jacket, she just gets more beautiful, it’so nice how the shirt accentuates her petite body and she has good thighs.



manufacturer: GSC release date: April 2016 scale: 1/7 price: 10.800 Y


succubus header


Yeah, todays figure on reviewis Sailor Sapphire Succubus made by Orchid Seed

This review strongly contains figure nudity and is NSFW ♡

Succubus 1

Sailor Sapphire Succubus  is scaled 1/6 and also in her compact pose, she still measures 18 cm. The figure was released in mid July 2015, after an tormenting, endless delivery time, I finally received my darling. Haha it might have been love on first sight or I was bewitched.
Since Kyonyuu Fantasy (Shamsiel ♡) I have a liking for playful and cute Succubus characters.


moco header

Today the center of attention is Moco, Moco is a character from the anime Captain Earth.

The figure was released on the 17th July 2015 and manufacturered by Embrace Japan.
I ordered the Dengeki special version, which comes with exchangeable arm and head.

Moco - Dengeki Special ver. - Captain Earth - Embrace Japan -002

Moco - Dengeki Special ver. - Captain Earth - Embrace Japan -004