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Today we will look at  Mammon based on The 7 deadly Sins. It’s my second figure of that character. The figure was manufactured by Orchid Seed and released in June 2016 earlier this year. Since I made a mistake with a combined order I’ve received the figure around 2 months later. Mammon was designed by the talented Tanaka Masanori, she turned out quite voluptuous and in combination with the 1/7 scale Mammon is a nice, big figure.

It’s a nsfw review, so this post contains some nudity and ecchiness


The first batch of figures was used to introduce the franchise, I bought Mammon and Leviathan, since both are my favorite characters from the sinful Sins origin. The second batch, which is named Maou Mokushiroku shows the characters in a bigger scale and in all their ecchi glory, again I’ve bought Leviathan and Mammon, oh and I also bought Asmodeus.

The figure offers a number of different display options, there are 2 bikini tops, a scarf, wings and optional glasses and a cowboy hat.  This version of Mammon is called Juushii Western Mizugi no Setsu, it combines cowboy elements with a very skimpy bikini. The cowboy theme is only present at the figures boots, gloves, the hat at her back and the scarf, though it actually looks better without scarf.




Hey Followers, what’s up? It’s the end of November and a (probably) last time this year we will take a look at the recently announced anime and game figures that appeared at the shops, in autumn the number of appealing figures increase dramatically, so this post has many entries.

Ordered Items


Nanairo Reincarnation – Kotori Takigawa

This cute little maid in skimpy uniform really caught my interest, I just ordered her without a second thought. She has an adorable face with detailed facial features and also cute proportions with average sized boobs and soft curves all around she is a lovely figure.


manufacturer: Kalmia Project  – scale: 1/7 – release: April 2017


Super Sonico Nuresuke Satsueikai

It’s been some time since I ordered an interesting Sonico figure or saw one that wasn’t a prize figure. I’m still a Sonico fan and fortunately the figure manufacturers never get bored of. This figure wears a casual street outfit, ok she accidently was hit by water, but what would Sonico be without a bit of fanservice here and there. The figure has a nice big 1/6 scale, DRAGON Toys figures often turn out really nice and this Sonico should turn out great, as well.



manufacturer: DRAGON Toy – scale: 1/6 – release: February 2017



Toujou Nozomi is in the spotlight today. I’ve bought the Love Live! School Idol Festival version from ALTER, sometimes it’s nice when a changed release date plays into your hands.

This figure of Nozomi was sculpted by Yagyuu Toshiyuki, she is scaled 1/7 and measures 25 cm. The pretty figure was released in early August 2017.

ALTER made an incedibly good job with all Love Live! School Idol Festival figures so far. each figure wears an unique outfit, based on a certain illustration card from the LLSIF game.





Happy Halloween!

I’m always too slow for seasonal event posts, this time though, I managed to prepare everything on time, changing eyes, making a dress and also taking the pictures. I never was a Halloween person, I wear no costume or collect sweets in the neighbourhood, do you?


Nevertheless I thought a Halloween related doll photoshoot would be fun, my doll Chiyoda likes everything that sounds like fun and dressed as seductive Vampire, it’s a good time to try these intimidating demon eyes I had in my storage. For general use they are too reflective, but it works in these low light pictures.




This week I will host a guest post on my blog, it’s the first actually. I would like to present a post written by my valued fellow blogger Kai of Deluscar, who just celebrated his blog’s 5th anniversary of blogging! Thank You to Kai for providing an new article to my humble blog.

Deluscar is an editorial-orientated blog, that focuses on reviews, impressions, commentaries about anime, manga, visual novels, video games and other things from the Japanese visual culture as well. His posts are often of very thoughtful nature and entertaining to read, be sure to make a visit (*^▽^)/.

Hello everyone, Kai of Deluscar here. I’m here to talk about impulse buying, something I’m sure most of you figure collectors are pretty familiar with.


tfw impulse buying

tfw impulse buying

Impulse buying, I mean come on, everyone’s done it in one way or the other. Sometimes you see something you like but probably don’t really need. But it just looks so aesthetically-pleasing, and it seems to be made in such high quality in closer inspection. Finally, the decent price for such a high-quality item sealed the deal for you, and thus, you take out your wallet and the deed is done — only to regret it (or not) some time later. This apply to just any kinds of items, but especially true in figures. The “buy first, think later” is an especially popular mindset behind figure collectors.