February 2016
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The iDOLM@STER Cinderella Girls is based on a mobile Game, made by BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment. The anime started airing in January 2015, it is a 2 cour anime , in the post which was supposed to be a review, I’ll write about my impressions of both seasons.

When it started airing, I watched two episodes and thought “Well, maybe I’ll rather stop here”. The whole Idol hype around that time appeared rather awkward to me. Miette-chan was more excited about it, I noticed that my lack of idol knowledge started upsetting him XD. Since I also wanted to watch a complete anime anyway I decided to continue with the anime.

The iDOLM@STER Cinderella Girls is labeled as Comedy, Drama and of course Music anime.

The iDOLM@STER Cinderella Girls game features around 190 different Idols, but of couse not everyone could appear in the anime. It centers around ~14 main idols, but there are some short guest appearance, each character gets their fair amount of screentime.

iDOLM@STER_ Cinderella Girls (1)

The anime centers around the big talent agency 346 Production and a newly developed project, called the Cinderella Project! “Normal girls” who are actually not considered as idol material are chosen to be aspiring idols. The first episodes are used as intro of the setting and introducing the Idols, each character gets steadily more fleshed out as the show continues.

[DeadFish] The iDOLM@STER_ Cinderella Girls - 01v3 [720p][AAC].mp40454


Leviathan - The Seven Deadly Sins - Hanketsu Hot Pants no Setsu - Orchid Seed - header

Welcome to the first review of 2016, I can’t think of a better way to start than with demon girl.

It’s actually my second figure of the Leviathan character, I received the first one in 2013.
Leviathan is a character from the The 7 Deadly Sins, a line of figures representing to the 7 sins of ancient mythology ( pride, greed, lust, envy, gluttony, wrath and sloth) Leviathan represents envy and is a well endowed teenage demon. This Leviathan is called Hanketsu Hot Pants no Setsu version, she was released in November 2015 and manufactured by Orchid Seed.

The figure is scaled scaled 1/7 and was sculpted by Tanaka Masanori, in this pose she only measures 22cm, but has a nice size and volume overall.

I call the 1/7 scaled The 7 Deadly Sins figures, the second lineup. The origin is named
The 7 Deadly Sins – Maou Mokushiroku. While the first lineup only introduced the characters basic design, the now bigger figures are portrayed in a more creative and lively fashion.

I like the Maou Mokushiroku line quite a bit and will receive Mammon and Asmodeus later this year. These figures in particular are of rather ecchi nature in terms of design and outfit.

Leviathan - The Seven Deadly Sins - Hanketsu Hot Pants no Setsu - Orchid Seed - 01


fy 2015-2

So my year as figure reviewer ended , I apparently won’t write another review in 2015. In this post I just want to look back at the figures of my reviews and choose my top 3 favorite figures.

It’s actually not that easy to choose a favorite figure of 2015, especially in this year I received and reviewed a number of nice bishoujo figures, some more sexy ladies and a few released earlier, too. For the favorite figures choice I only will count the ones released in 2015.


End of 2015 – The figure hobby expenses

Hi everyone, are you ready for 2016? As nearly every year recently, I will show you my devastating figure hobby purchases and other interesting data. The plan for this year was to cut back on figure expenses, while in 2014 I received 25 figures, in 2015 it were 18.


Looking back I passed on a number of lovely figures in 2015. When I look at my reviewed figures of the year, I nevertheless feel something like “Collectors Pride” about most of them. They were carefully considered purchases and things I really wanted to have. I developed the idea that figure collecting in moderation is more satisfying in the end.


Sairenji Haruna – To LOVEru - header

Before the christmas holidays, I will review another Max Factory figure in 2015, it’s the all so cute Sairenji Haruna. She is from the fanservice heavy To LOVE RU anime/manga.

Max Factory adapted the design of a bride without actual wedding dress, but appealing lingerine and veil. After Momo Bella Deviluke and Kurosaki Mea, Sairenji Haruna is the third adapted figure from this official illustration, Kotegawa Yui would convince me as well ♡.

Sairenji Haruna – To LOVEru - Max Factory - 016