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Haha I found an old review Draft in my post folder, since some time I planned to publish it, but today is the day where I will show you an edited and updated version of this review.

The figure in this review is Alice which was made by Alpha x Omega, I thought that the first review from years ago was no good and didn’t want to leave it like that and trashed it.



Mammon header

This review is NSFW as it contains nudity and stimulating content

The 7 Deadly Sins have been a successful campaign for Hobby Japan, Orchid Seed and Amakuni. Now all figures of the first 1/8 scaled line up except Satan have been released, yet Orchid Seed and Amakuni are also working on more figures the majority in 1/7 scale.

I like this franchise, cute demon girls always have a place in my heart. Still I managed to only buy 2 figures from the 7 Sins first lineup. Leviathan which we reviewed in 2013 and Mammon.

Mammon - The Seven Deadly Sins - Orchid Seed - 001 (1)

Mammon is probably my most mature figure,  not in years but in appearance. Her figure was released in the end of December 2014, I had to pick her up between the holidays. Mammon was sculpted by Ishiyama Satoshi, the best person when it comes to such kinds of characters.


Asuka - Inochika ver - Senran Kagura - header.

Here is another figure review for 2015 even though the figure was released a few months earlier in July 2014. It’s the quite lovely Asuka – Inochika version manufactured by ALTER.

I totally underestimated this figure, I always thought her face looked somehow bad and only her body was great, but now as received her Asuka is one cute, chubby and cuddly figure in my collection, sorry Sonico. You know, I always prefered girls with natural haircolor ;D

This figure marked ALTER’s first step into more ecchi territory with Hashimoto Ryou who also worked on ALTER’s Sonico – Santa Swimsuit ver.  in charge of Asuka, he seems to be very skilled at crafting curves and I’m looking forward to his 1/6 scaled Saber EXTRA this year.

Asuka - Inochika ver - Senran Kagura - ALTER - 001


Sora header

Good that I could acquire the white version of the Kasugano, Sora – China Dress version.

Kasugano Sora - China Dress ver - Yosuga no Sora - 002

Many figures these days get a price drop at some point. Sometimes ordering a figure after release turns out as still difficult when there is a higher demand, yet you can manage to get a copy on release. HobbyLink Japan has been my “Saviour” a few times last year when I, after many debating till the end, decided to order a certain figure at the “last minute”.


tanime review-

The first post of 2015, today I want to talk about Shingeki no Bahamut Genesis an anime loosely based on the mobile game Rage of Bahamut, it aired from October to December 2014.

As this show started I had no opinion about it, I actually thought it was just a name rip-off like The seven deadly sins, which was not about hot demon girls. But this anime is the real thing and the games company Cygames was involved. The team of this anime project did a very good job with this entertaining dark fantasy adventure anime, I had the impression that they also targeted the audience, that isn’t interested that much in general, moe and ecchi anime.

Shingeki no Bahamut Genesis manages to avoid all major anime custom, even the loli character isn’t generic. It’s a good and distinctive feature. It’s one of the few shows you could watch it with your siblings or friends who are no burning anime fans, without feeling embarassed about panty shots or accidently ecchi, in case they can handle subtitles.

Shingeki no Bahamut Genesis - anime review- - 001 (more…)