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Kongiku header

Today, I will show you a figure from some time ago, Kongiku from the Oboro Muramasa video game. ALTER released her in  May 2013 as 1/8 scaled figure, earlier in 2013 they released Momohime the main heroine of the game. She turned out as very popular and I was among the many people that ordered her. I reviewed Momohime and liked her so much that I also dedicated a 2nd post to her. Strangely I didn’t have much interest in Kongiku at first.

Kongiku - Oboro Muramasa - ALTER - 027

Some weeks ago, I was looking at Pinkcheeks facebook page and saw a few amazing pictures of this particular figure, I asked myself if I shouldn’t have this figure in the first place, since the figure has certain attributes I like on figures, back in 2013 I wasn’t that convinced to buy her.

That was a bad decision from a financial point of view as well, not only because I missed a beautiful figure. Anyway I wanted to have this figure, so I paid the less nice aftermarket price.

I hardly know anything about the character of Kongiku, but she is a fox deity and a supporting character in the game. She has a striking character design and stands out as figure as well.

Kongiku - Oboro Muramasa - ALTER - 038


Today I will review a figure based on the character Amane Suou

Amane is one of the heroines of Grisaia no Kajitsu, a popular visual novel, I reviewed in a previous post. The figure was manufactured by Kotobukiya and released in February 2015.

Suou Amane - Grisaia no Kajitsu - Kotobukiya - 015

As this figure was announced I considered to get it, but other things came up and prevented a preorder. Several weeks later, after release this nice figure was available with a discount. Since my orders were delayed and I badly wanted to receive a new figure, I chose Amane.


Grisaia no Kajitsu header

Today is a first, since I will talk about Grisaia no Kajitsu a VN from 2010, made by Frontwing,  who got an anime adaption recently, but this was a bit rushed and strange, like most 12/13 episode long VN adaptions, it only showed a glimpse of this awesome game.


A VN is a visual novel, pictures and text are combined into a game. Choosing different answers and sometimes minigames decide about the route the player takes. One route is often dedicated to a certain girl which was introduced during the intro phase.

I npticed the VN, as it was mentioned by fellow blogger and twitter buddy Kai.

Until then I mainly played older VN’s from before 2010, Grisaia is newer and literally made me jawdrop as I saw the elaborate opening. The artwork is pretty much top notch, also in dialog mode everything is a feast for the eye. All artworks are illustrated by Shū Hirose.


Giovanni no Shima head2

I recently watched Giovanni no Shima (Giovanni’s Island) without knowing what I would get to see.

Giovanni no Shima is a Movie that aired in February 2014 and was produced by Production I.G. and Warner Brothers, directed by Nishikubo, Mizuho. It’s partially based on real historic events, for further interest please follow this link

Giovanni no Shima  (13)

“When people die, they rise up into heaven and become stars in the night sky.
Those countless stars fill the sky, shining brightly and eternally, and we live our lives down here, basking in their light…”

Giovanni no Shima  (2) (more…)

saeey header

So this post is about some blogsphere rambling, normally I’m only pestering Miette-chan with these thoughts, but today I will give you an earful, too and some of my random pictures.


Worry not, this is no “Good Bye” post. I know there has been a lack of figure reviews in recent months, but this was due to my reduced Preorder Roadmap in the beginning of the year.

In the next few weeks I will have new figures again


After years of figure reviews and blogging I’m still no celebrity and nobody sponsors me. lol, actually that never was something I had in mind with this blog, but well you get greedy  XD