October 2016
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This week I will host a guest post on my blog, it’s the first actually. I would like to present a post written by my valued fellow blogger Kai of Deluscar, who just celebrated his blog’s 5th anniversary of blogging! Thank You to Kai for providing an new article to my humble blog.

Deluscar is an editorial-orientated blog, that focuses on reviews, impressions, commentaries about anime, manga, visual novels, video games and other things from the Japanese visual culture as well. His posts are often of very thoughtful nature and entertaining to read, be sure to make a visit (*^▽^)/.

Hello everyone, Kai of Deluscar here. I’m here to talk about impulse buying, something I’m sure most of you figure collectors are pretty familiar with.


tfw impulse buying

tfw impulse buying

Impulse buying, I mean come on, everyone’s done it in one way or the other. Sometimes you see something you like but probably don’t really need. But it just looks so aesthetically-pleasing, and it seems to be made in such high quality in closer inspection. Finally, the decent price for such a high-quality item sealed the deal for you, and thus, you take out your wallet and the deed is done — only to regret it (or not) some time later. This apply to just any kinds of items, but especially true in figures. The “buy first, think later” is an especially popular mindset behind figure collectors.


Hi everyone, this blog had a serious lack of doll posts this year. If you want it or not, here is a new one, I recently received a new custom painted Doll head and took a few pictures with it.




Hi everyone, after some time passed since the last New Preorder post, now it’s part 33. In the meantime I placed 3 more figure orders. I remember the times where I always had like 5 new preorders in every preorder post, but with my stronger focus on Dollfie Dream, the rising costs for figures and limited room I can’t preorder so many figures at once anymore.

Ordered Items


Kantai Collection -Kan Colle- Takao Light Armament Ver.

I’m a big Takao fan, she is so alluring and has a friendly voice. Max Factory made a 1/8 scaled figure, she is wearing her beautiful uniform and her lovely curves were nicely adapted, too. I always wished for really bold figures of the Kancolle characters, you can partially blame all the Pixiv artists for all the great ecchi fanart, but the figures are mainly modest. I ordered the light version, since the ship part is not really as important for me, as the character herself.


manufacturer: Max Factory – scale: 1/8 – release: July 2017


Love Live! School Idol Festival – Umi Sonoda

At the risk of repeating myself, I don’t count Umi as my favorite among the Love Live! girls, but fortunately she is not Maki ahahaha. I adore most of ALTER’s “School Idol Festival” figures, they are all so precious and elaborately made. Especially this Umi is a wonderful example of the lineup, I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw her for the first time, Umi is so cute in that outfit, also her sweet pose and expression make her extremely adorable for me.


manufacturer: ALTER – scale: 1/7 – release: April 2017


sailor-mercury-headerI recently got the opportunity to take pictures of a Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon Crystal figure.

German Tamashii Nations distributor heo gave me a friendly offer to send me a figure sample from time to time, to let me take pictures of them. I got this cute Sailor Mercury Figuarts ZERO from Bandai for starters. I was positively surprised to receive such a friendly offer and agreed.


The Sailor Mercury figure was released in March 2016 and is scaled 1/10, she measures 18 cm.
In Japan she was apparently sold as Limited + Exclusive at Tamashii Webshop



Hi and welcome to a new review, a nsfw one. The figure today is the super sweet Chitose.