November 2014
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Asuna header

I recently got myself this lovely Asuna figure from Max Factory, she was too pretty not to buy.

[ No Asuna was harmed during this photoshooting ]

This figure was already released, when I noticed her appeal, this often happens after user pictures appear. Sometimes promo pictures don’t convey how a figure will look in person.

Asuna was released in late October, and barely available after that, luckily I found a friendly local dealer who still had her in stock, I a little paid more, I got her without customs trouble and relatively short shipping time compared to the transit times of SAL, Airmail or EMS.

Asuna - Titania ver. - Max Factoriy  - 015



The Mother Rosario arc started recently that finally shifts focus to Asuna, Kirito’s girlfriend if you remember. Sword Art Online always focused about the future of MMOPRG worlds and shows us games like they could be possible in the close future. Since Asuna started to behave like a NEET, it would be interesting to analyze what is happening in SAO II at the moment.

In the first season it was shown how deadly the future of gaming can be, when security measures are hacked. In Sword Art Online II our heroes and heroines are cheerfully playing ALFheim Online without having to risk their lives or other upsetting things. After Kirito saved Asada san she also joins the ALO group and it seems like everyone enjoys their time.


Igawa Asagi

Today we’ll take a look at Igawa Asagi, the popular PC Game heroine, well her origin is a popular Hentai Game, most of the time Asagi is actually not really heroic. There is also an anime adaption, with an avantgardistic (crazy) visual presentation. Most Hentai don’t bother to add a more elaborate background story, Taimanin Asagi does to a certain degree.

Aside from her job as Anti Demon Ninja, Asagi leads a normal life with a mindful boyfriend and a lively little sister, until her presumed dead arch enemy returns to seek revenge. After she gets a captive she is forced to do certain things, I rather don’t want to discuss in detail.

Igawa Asagi - Taimanin Asagi - Milestone  - 041

Do you actually have any interest in watching hentai from time to time?

I sometimes do, I actually prefer the friendlier settings with nice animation quality and some comedy moments, although the darker titles can be more interesting, when they have a true storyline and not only a lame excuse of an intro for abusing cute anime women, but that’s quite rare. In order to be able to write a bit more about Igawa Asagi, I watched the three Taimanin Asagi OVA’s, not entirely something I enjoyed… at least it had a decent ending.


Harada Makoto header

It’s about time to get this review done, I received this figure some weeks after release, but now is the time for Harada Makoto the lively nurse of the great Space Battleship Yamato.

The figure was manufactured by Alpha x Omega, most of the other Yamato Girls Collection figures were made by MegaHouse. Makoto is scaled 1/8 (22cm) and was released by the end of March, I got her in May for a good bargain. Don’t ask me what took me so long, to make her review. She was sculpted by the talented Tanaka Sen’u who made many great ALTER figure.

Harada Makoto - Yamato Girls Collection - Alpha x Omega  - 001


Super Sonico – Cheer ★ Girl header

It’s probably hard to believe, but this actually is my last Super Sonico figure review for the time being, I have no more figures of her on Preorder. The only one I might consider to get in the future, at the moment is the attractive prototype from Kaitendoh.  What would be a better way to conclude this than with a big and cute figure of the now so popular anime culture Idol.

Orchid Seed did a great job with all their adaptions of the Sonico character, Wing, ALTER and Native put up a good competition in the past and recently, but I like their figures the most.

Orchid Seed also made this Super Sonico Cheer ★ Girl version, also known as Cheerleader version, it was released in early October 2014. The figure is scaled 1/6 with an overall height of 30 cm (with pompoms included) with her big head and buxom body, she looks quite big.

Super Sonico – Cheer ★ Girl - Orchid Seed - 002

The figure was made by Tanaka Masanori  a rather active sculptor of Orchid Seed figures.
The Cheer ★ Girl is based on an illustration from Tsuji Santa, actually one of my favorite Super Sonico illustrations when it comes to amount of details and a cute facial expression.

There are several parts included, optional hands and soft loose socks parts and also a cast off option, so you have different ways to display her. The top opens at the backside, the skirt opens at the side.You can take off the head, but the figure doesn’t separate at the waist.

Super Sonico – Cheer ★ Girl - Orchid Seed - 001