Kuramoto Erika – Beach Volleyball version – Character’s Selection – Rocket Boy

This is the Kuramoto Erika – Beach Volleyball version, a figure I was really looking forward to this year.

Erika is one of illustrators Raita iconic Zettai Junpaku ♡ Mahou Shoujo characters, the H manga is not so interesting in my opinion, but the girls without exception are beautiful and attractive and a popular source for a relatively large number of pretty figures.

This figure is part of the Character’s Selection lineup from Native / Rocket Boy. She was released in early September 2023. The Kuramoto Erika – Beach Volleyball version was sculpted by Hocke. The figure is really big, officially it’s 1/6 scale, but she could easily pass as a 1/5 scale figure from the base to her hips she is nearly around 25 cm.

Erika playing beach volleyball is a nice idea, it’s a nice change from the usual bikini outfits, although I like bikini figures a lot as well. The outfit is both sporty and skimpy. The volleyball pose is nicely recreated, where Erika takes a short break during a match. In the bendover position the hands touch the inside of her thighs.

Kuramoto Erika – Beach Volleyball version came with many parts, there is an alternative hips part, 3! alternative torsos, a second face, a volleyball, a blue necklace and detachable sunglasses. After you separated the arms, legs and the head, you can combine the alternative parts as you desire. Fully naked, half naked with bare boobs, half naked with bare ass or Erika being molested by floating hands. The alternative face also gives the figure a number of different display options.

One of the torsos is kind of hilarious or tasteless, where the hands violently the figures boobs. It depends on the viewpoint if you like this kind of stuff, I don’t l like the idea of floating hands attacking the characters boobs, since it looks ridiculously violent and painful I didn’t bother to use it.

The figure has a great body, there are the extreme Raita proportions like we love them, A narrow waist and wide hips and as one of Erika’s trademarks the really big butt, it’s a great sculpt with a bold bodyline. The boobs of the figure are huge and beautiful, I like the shape and the pink nipples.

The outfit has a great bold pink color, the top loosely holds onto Erika’s upper body, it’s nice how one strap is sliding down her shoulder. The thong sits tightly and squeezes her butt quite a bit.

One certain detail caused a bit of disapproval from the fanbase or a better said nagging hobby peoples. I will say so much as that in a bendover pose the nipples should probably not point upwards like they do, but it’s not bothering me and I already got used to it. Surely they should point downwards in that pose.

The overall body tan is delicious and attractive on the figure, her pale big ass is great and erotic. The pale boobs skin appears to be sensitive and precious, my imagination is running wild here. The exposed buttocks are super nice and the shape of them is nicely done, vagina and butthole are present and look like they should, obviously these aren’t tanned. The purple separation lines at the arms make sense since sweat stoppers are used in beach volleyball, the separation lines at the thighs though, appear like an foreign object. I actually would prefer the bare thighs.

Next to the attractive and scandalous body, Erika is wearing such a sweet expression on her face. It’s quite enchanting with the amount of blush and the cute open mouth with the inset tongue, overall it’s a wonderful level of detail . Even fully naked Erika looks like having fun. The haircolor is a mix of brown and purple, the wildly flowing ponytail looks nice.

The alternative face shows Erika in a surprised fashion the mouth is wide open and the eyes appear slightly more opened. It’s probably making more sense when used in combination with the groping hands torso. Personally, I don’t really need it since it wasn’t the reason why I have bought this figure.

It is my second Kuramoto Erika figure, I also have the Native figure from 2018.

The Kuramoto Erika – Beach Volleyball version creates a summerly atmosphere, I love the heavy tan on her, the sporty outfit is a nice change of pace and the body is extremely sexy.

This Beach Volleyball version is a really nice figure, the happy expression and beautiful face are a great combination, maybe nearly too cute for an H figure. The dressed display option is already quite nice, but the figure can be displayed completely naked, albeit the fully naked appearance it’s not an especially lewd figure. The Raita proportions look fantastic on Erika, especially with the focus on the big butt of hers.

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  1. Aya

    Finally after the long hiatus XD.
    This erika amazing,Not fan of the pose but hey perfect pose to show her assets lol

  2. Aya

    wait where is the reply button and not all your the text shown @_@ .. copy pasta works for reading them at least
    Oh Nooo Fabian finally play genshin 🙁
    Maid Erika looks promising lol

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