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Kouka is here and I proudly present the review for such a fine figure. After the Lacia – Black Monolith Deployed version in 2021.

The figures design is based on an redjuice illustration, the person who was in charge of the Beatless LN art.

Kouka was manufactured by Good Smile Company. The figure was released in June 2023, the release was pushed forward for Kouka figure, before she was officially supposed to be released in 2024. The sculptor Kamiture Sayoko, the same person who sculpted the Lacia figure in 2021 was hired to make a matching Kouka.It’s great that GSC hired the same person for as for the Kouka figure.

Kouka is scaled 1/8, although the base is lifting her up to 320 mm of overall height. The figures prototype was already ready in 2018, until mass production it took some more time for whatever reason.

The criteria for figure manufacturing is often still a mystery to me. I should actually be grateful that the figures production wasn’t axed in between.

Kouka is a character from the Beatless LN written by Hase, Satoshi. It was popular enough to get an anime adaptation counting 20 + 4 episodes. The anime unfortunately faced some serious production issues, they aired the last 4 episodes around 4 months later.

It was a bit unfortunate for the anime, but I would say it’s quite the enjoyable Boy meets Girl story within an ambitious sci fi context.

The figure is looking great, the sculpting shows many details on outfit and body. Kouka has nice long hair with the strands dynamically flying around behind her. The tidily parted bangs show a lot of the figures forehead.

Her red eyes are very detailed and show a strong expression with a piercing glance. The cat like appearance is quite obviously present with cute ears and fangs in her mouth, it makes her appear rather wild and dangerous while till maintaining a flirty atmosphere around herself.

In Beatless Kouka is a very lively, but also unpredictable character, when she appeared on the scene, the anime always added a Spanish guitar riff which was a quite funny addition.

The figure with it’s 1/8 scale is small, especially compared to the nowadays mainly present 1/7 scaled figures, but the high resolution sculpting and generally detail richness of the figure makes up for it,

I would even say that this size makes her more precious. Kouka is wearing a futuristic outfit, the main part of her outfit is a fusion of a leotard and a corsage, the thigh high boots are a logic choice, design and color add a nice contrast to the skin of the character.

The bare arms and shoulders are quite nice and pretty. The figures modest and shapely chest is quite attractive. I also like how they sculpted the legs and especially the thighs on this figure are beautiful.

Her gigantic weapon is called <BLOOD PRAYERS> and it’s looking really great, there are nice details all over it. It can be taken off and on easily, compared to Lacia this figure is more lightweight and easy to assemble.

The petite girl has a very pretty body line the anatomic details are very well made, such as the fingers or the collarbones.

The lines on her arms and legs indicate that Kouka is indeed a cyborg, a quite pretty one nevertheless.

In summary this is a fantastic figure, Kouka features an expressive sculpt with a generally cool design. It is faithfully following the direction that illustrator redjuice generally creates in his distinctive and unique style. I adore her feminine and also petite proportions, the body line with the narrow waist and nicely shaped chest part is very attractive. Kouka is extremely detailed for an 1/8 scale figure. The predator like smile is really great combined with the characters beautiful face.

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