Shirogane Noel – Swimsuit version – Hololive – Good Smile Company

Welcome to my bikini figure channel XD .

I admit that I had a lot of summer season related figures in previous months, I only have one more and we can focus on the naughty nuns category instead.

Today we take a look at the strong Hololive girl Shirogane Noel, although I don’t consider myself a fan, but I can appreciate appealing figure designs. After Minato Aqua – Aqua Iro Super☆Dream♪ version, Noel is my second figure based on the Hololive universe. In the first place I only buy figures with appealing looks, I have no problems with buying figures from origins I don’t know.

While I would prefer figures based on anime I watch, generally speaking I’m ok with any kind of beautiful figure. Hololive provides appealing designs, it’s quite amazing to see figures made based on youtube fantasy characters anyway. The characters have a short half life time in the entertainment industry, shorter than Kancolle, you should enjoy it for the time being and get the merchandise you would like.

The release date of the Shirogane Noel – Swimsuit version was in November 2023, the sculptor in charge was Katahara Itashi. This figure was manufactured by Good Smile Company. The scale is 1/7 and seems to be pretty accurate when comparing it to other 1/7 scaled figures from GSC.

While those sandals are probably not good for using them in the ocean or even the pool, they nevertheless look really great.

There is another figure of her available in knight armor unfortunately for rather expensive 27.000 Yen, the Noel on todays review was surprisingly inexpensive with its 18.000 Yen.

There are rumors that her voice actor does erotic ASMR videos on a different platform. I stumbled upon it and I can say that really is something else, I can understand why people would like it, pero!pero!pero!

This Noel bikini figure has a quite creative base with it’s slightly angled position, the swim ring adds more dynamicism to the sculpt what makes it a more interesting looking figure, the recreated water looks very nice, it is made with epoxy like material and surprisingly heavy. This is probably one of the prettiest swim rings I have seen on a PVC figure so far, from the plastic like gloss to the bulky and thin wrinkles on it, it all adds a distinctive realistic look.

Her hair is very detailed with it’s elaborate and separately sculpted strands, the light purple color is quite appealing. Her attractive face has beautifully designed green eyes while one eye is closed, the happy looking mouth is adorable and the figures radiates a generally positive atmosphere.

Noel is a beautiful girl and she is also quite sporty, her muscular arms look fantastic and so does her abdomen of steel. But the girl isn’t only hard muscles, her bouncy boobs look really beautiful and impressive. The bodysculpting is pleasing to the eye, further details thai could be overlooked easily are the good looking armpit and a beauty mark on her left breast.

Her bikini is a fashionable piece of beach attire, the blue and white colors are really pretty. The bikini top is connected to the neck, the cross connector in the middle, above her chest looks cool and supporting. Over the high cut bikini panties she is wearing a miniskirt, I would say she looks more dressed that way.

Small details like these small belts around the arm or the right thigh are nice to look at. There also is a cute scrunchy around her wrist, the adjustable sunglasses are funny the shinyness and transparency of them adds a good quality feel.

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