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This is already the third Native figure in my collection, after the Sonico - Bath Time and Yoshii Hotori, Cat Lap Milk, the latest figure from Native wants to please the buyer. Often their figures are a little to bold for my comfort zone, but sometimes I found their figures so beautiful that I throw my doubts out […]

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Sayaka Yumi was manufactured by AmiAmi Zero, they are quite popular for very appealing bodysculpting. She was sculpted by Melting Neuron and released by the end of June this year. Her scale is 1/7 (28 cm in length), and comes with a base and an alternate face expression.

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Today I will review a figure called Chouhi Ekitoku from Orchid Seed, this review is partially NSFW. I started pretty late with adding Ikki Toussen figures to my collection of plastic figures, which is nearly hilarious because the first anime is already 10 years old. The first season was rather bad, but 4 years later […]

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