Abigail Williams & Lavinia Whateley – Fate_Grand Order – Amakuni

Before I go into lazy mode again, I will tell you about Abigail & Lavinia from Amakuni.

They are actually my first Fate/Grand Order figures. I bought these two for a silly reason, not because I knew about their arc in the game, but the two figures can hold hands, I really love character combinations like that. I already had bought the Nishikino Maki x Yazawa Nico – valentine hen from ALTER, because they were combined in an adorable way.

Nevertheless, I have purchased Abigail Williams & Lavinia Whateley as separate orders, fortunately they were released on the same day. Both figures were made by Amakuni, they released them in January at the same time. Both were sculpted by I-con, their size is 1/7 scale, while Lavinia measures 22 cm Abigail is 22, 5 cm.

Both figures have an extra arm for the holding hands option and an less outstretched arm to be displayed separately, Abigail also comes with a second head, but I just noticed that it has a closed mouth, I didn’t notice until now teheee!

Lavinia and Abigail were sold as limited and exclusive items through Hobby Japan distribution channels, I have purchased each figure for 15.800 Yen and paid 5.480 Yen for their combined shipping.
Abigail Williams is based on the historical figure Abigail Williams, who was involved in the Salem Witch Trial, she wasn’t burnt at the stakes, but her testimonies lead to the misery of others.

Abigail is a real historical figure while Lavinia is from the H.P. Lovecraft universe, so of course her story there is top tier scary and ewww. In her original story Lavinia is portrayed as to be blunt ugly, but as bishoujo style figure I really adore her, maybe I also like her a little bit more than Abigail.
Sure she is pale as paper with dark circles under her eyes and she has small iris eyes, but in her beautiful dark dress she looks really classy and pretty. Abigail has a lively expression on her face, with blonde long hair parted in the middle so that the forehead is revealed. She has big and pretty blue eyes, her open mouth with a visible upper front teeth line, overall her face is very cheerful.
She alternatively has a head with a closed mouth unfortunately I haven’t used it so far.

In contrast to this little sunshine her friend Lavinia looks straight up gloomy and at least slightly nervous.
She has thin looking bright purple hair, her forehead is covered by a deep hanging fringe.
She also has big eyes but the tiny iris inside give the character a spooky appearance, her mouth is very detailed but also doesn’t really show much happiness, but I’m sure Lavinia is a good girl nevertheless.

I like Goth style a lot and it’s really great how Amakuni adapted the style of the game and made it look fantastic. The character designs of each girl have a lot in common, but the characters look extremely different on their own. This kind of difference is quite lovely when both are combined by holding hands.
The outfits of both characters appear very much Goth related, over her skirt Lavinia wears a vertically ribbed sweater, around her neck and shoulders it’s painted half transparent, which is supposed to imitate a floral lace pattern, a detail I really like is the collar.

Abigail is wearing a bell shaped and ribbed black dress, decorated with lots of black ribbons, the rim of the dress has many black butterflies attached to it. The sleeves are way too long and you can’t see Abigail’s hands, on the other hand the dress is so short that her bloomers are showing.
Before I took pictures I tried to dust off her dress a little but the opposite of the desired effect happened and her dress acted as dust magnet for the dust brush as you will see in a few images, sorry about that.

Lavinia’s teddy bear is damaged, while Abigail’s one is intact. in her hair Lavinia has a black, polka dotted ribbon, like the one Abigail is having in uncountable numbers. Abigail also has happy orange ribbons, I guess she is the more cheerful one from those girls. Lavinia has bold red and glossy shoes they match very well with the classy black dress and add a bit of mature charm, compared to Abigail’s outfit Lavinia also shows her body silhouette in a more obvious manner… Abigail is more dressed like a little girl in comparison.

I’m very happy with the two figures, they look just adorable together.

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