November 2014
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po24 header

Part 24! It’s been a while since I preordered a figure, but I recently added 3 more lovely figures to my basket, additional I’ve listed a few figures I consider to preorder or not in this post.
I will also talk about a few cool figures that recently showed up, but aren’t up for ordering yet.

September was quite a crazy month, so many delayed items one after another, I had to edit my Preorder Roadmap around 6 times. Now October is a whole mess, but I believe in more delays.

Recent  Preorders


 I-168 – Chuuha ver.

Haha, I was impatiently waiting for preordering my Kancolle waifu, she’s among my top favorite characters in the game. Max Factory did a great job with her damaged state and the cute details like inflatable tube and the simple sandals. I – 168 is so sweet with her embarassed expression an her body looks great. It’s nice to see her in a shiny swimsuit and how it adds some contrast.

I-168 – Chuuha ver. - 03

manufacturer: Max Factory release date: March 2015 scale: 1/8 price: 10.926 Y


Ikaros header

A bunch of figures based on Sora no Otoshimono have been made, the appealing, lovely heroines Nymph, Ikaros and Astrea received quite some attention from several figure manufacturers. I’m still waiting for a figure of Sohara, but since the franchise ended, I should bury my expectations. This figure here is my third one related to Sora no Otoshimono.

I always liked Kotobukiya for producing really cute figures at a good price and in the past i purchased a lot. Since they changed the material for most of their recent figures for whatever reason , I became more careful with purchasing new figures I just don’t like the  new skintone.

Ikaros - Sora no Otoshimono Final - Kotobukiya  - 027



Yowamushi Pedal header

Yowamushi Pedal (The Cowardly Cyclist) is a 38 episode long anime which aired from October 2013 to July 2014. It was surprise hit sports anime in this year, it was so popular that a second season has been announced for the anime autumn season . That popularity is no hype, it’s success is well deserved, I’m writing this post to tell you more about it’s qualities.

This show is all about cycling, I didn’t have the best opinion about it, but I picked this show nevertheless. The professional bicycle sport suffered badly, after former stars confessed that they were using illegal substances to increase their performance. The ambitious amateur scene is in focus of the anime, when looking back the anime changed my opinion a bit to the better.

Yowamushi Pedal- img - 03 (8)

The story centers around Onoda Sakamichi, a shy, meek boy with a small body and no real talents on first sight, who is enrolling into a new highschool. As anime otaku he wants to join the anime club. So far his only connection with bycicle sport were his regular rides to Akihabara which is 45 kilometers away from his home. His bike is a so called granny bike with basket and a wrong gear transmission, yet Onoda manages to climb the hill up and down with ease.

Yowamushi Pedal- img - 03 (4)

In the first arc Onoda meets Shunsuke Imaizumi, who is quite obsessed with cycling, he gets curious about Onoda’s way of riding up the slope with his crappy bike and challenges him to a race, later Onoda meets Naruko, a pushy character who easily manages to befriend with Onoda after they met during a trip to Akihabara. These little events help with pulling Onoda out of his rather lonely shell and he really starts to enjoy the physical exercises during riding his bike.

Yowamushi Pedal- img - 03 (1)

Steady progress is an substantial aspect of Yowamushi Pedal, Onoda who is a real klutz at first takes small steps in becoming a competitive cyclist, a way full hardships and challenges for himself. It’s true that sport makes you more self confident and believe in your own abilities, slow but at a steady pace Onoda gets stronger, mentally and physically.


suguha header

Today we will take a look at Kirito’s cousin, Kirigaya Suguha. She’s one of the heroines of Sword Art Online, she didn’t take part in this, but plays ALfheim Online with pleasure.

suguha illu

After a number of delays ALTER released this figure in early May 2014, I review her quite late, but other things came up and Kirigaya Suguha ended at the end of my review queque.

Suguha is scaled 1/8 and is sitting on a veranda with some snacks next to her. A funny or better said interesting fact is her low price, back then I preordered her for 6.080 yen, nowadays you can pay 10.000 yen for such kind of figure. Yeah the good old times *cough*.

Suzuha Kirigaya- Sword Art Online - ALTER - 001


Sena K header

Sena Kashiwazaki is one of the heroines from the light novel and anime adaptions Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai, where sociable awkward teenagers try to find out about the definition of friendship. It’s a great show with it’s different approach on the harem genre and the portrayal of difficult things about making friends. The kids meet in the after school club “Neighbors Club”  where they either do what they like or plan activities friends would do.

Sena Kashiwazaki - swimsuit ver. - Gift - 001

Sena is popular with the boys, with the girls not so much obviously. She can be considered as beautiful girl, with her buxom body, Sena is a teenage boys dream in the flesh. Ok, not everyone prefers blonde (wieselhead raises his arm) Yeah, it’s ok dude to each their own.