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Hi everyone, this blog had a serious lack of doll posts this year. If you want it or not, here is a new one, I recently received a new custom painted Doll head and took a few pictures with it.




Hi everyone, after some time passed since the last New Preorder post, now it’s part 33. In the meantime I placed 3 more figure orders. I remember the times where I always had like 5 new preorders in every preorder post, but with my stronger focus on Dollfie Dream, the rising costs for figures and limited room I can’t preorder so many figures at once anymore.

Ordered Items


Kantai Collection -Kan Colle- Takao Light Armament Ver.

I’m a big Takao fan, she is so alluring and has a friendly voice. Max Factory made a 1/8 scaled figure, she is wearing her beautiful uniform and her lovely curves were nicely adapted, too. I always wished for really bold figures of the Kancolle characters, you can partially blame all the Pixiv artists for all the great ecchi fanart, but the figures are mainly modest. I ordered the light version, since the ship part is not really as important for me, as the character herself.


manufacturer: Max Factory – scale: 1/8 – release: July 2017


Love Live! School Idol Festival – Umi Sonoda

At the risk of repeating myself, I don’t count Umi as my favorite among the Love Live! girls, but fortunately she is not Maki ahahaha. I adore most of ALTER’s “School Idol Festival” figures, they are all so precious and elaborately made. Especially this Umi is a wonderful example of the lineup, I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw her for the first time, Umi is so cute in that outfit, also her sweet pose and expression make her extremely adorable for me.


manufacturer: ALTER – scale: 1/7 – release: April 2017


sailor-mercury-headerI recently got the opportunity to take pictures of a Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon Crystal figure.

German Tamashii Nations distributor heo gave me a friendly offer to send me a figure sample from time to time, to let me take pictures of them. I got this cute Sailor Mercury Figuarts ZERO from Bandai for starters. I was positively surprised to receive such a friendly offer and agreed.


The Sailor Mercury figure was released in March 2016 and is scaled 1/10, she measures 18 cm.
In Japan she was apparently sold as Limited + Exclusive at Tamashii Webshop



Hi and welcome to a new review, a nsfw one. The figure today is the super sweet Chitose.



Yazawa Nico - header

Today I’m going to review my first Love Live! figure, I’ve ordered one of ALTER‘s sparkling
Love Live! School Idol Festival figures of my favorite Love Live! character Nico.

I wasn’t really interested in getting Idol related figures until I noticed the Love Live! School Idol Festival version of Kotori, I was amazed by the level of details and her beautiful appearance.

Yazawa Nico - Love Live! School Idol Festival - ALTER (28 von 74)

For me Love Live! was a really nice anime, a bunch cute girls become friends and achieve something great was nice to watch. Also all the different types of characters with their unique charm and quirks added a lot to the shows appeal.