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changing op themes

In this post I want to discuss the reasons why anime themes get exchanged and if it is always a good idea to change them. For examples we will take a look at some opening themes of still ongoing shows like Golden Time, Tokyo Ravens, Strike the Blood, Magi and Yowamushi Pedal.

By default a two cour anime will probably have two different opening and ending themes.
For the music, professional and popular bands, voice actors or cute songstresses are hired.
They support the anime with providing a song that already exists or make a new one.


The Opening Theme is the figurehead of an anime, it is the first thing the viewer experiences. Opening and also Ending themes consist of audio and video, animations from the anime or extra made animations that show the viewer what to expect in the first cour in a compressed, artistic format. The music tries to convey the atmosphere from an anime.



This will be the first figure of 2014, that I will review today, Keiji is a real gem to start with.

Maeda Keiji or Maeda Toshimazu is a often used character in anime culture , as male in Sengeku Basara or Gifuu Doudou!! As a person of female gender, she made her appearance in Hyakka Ryouran: Samurai Bride, where she was a supporting character who tought the group how to master their Ki and played with the girls, since she  happens to swing that way.

maeda keijii - hyakka ryouran

Maeda Keiji was an eccentric person, something like a dandy, the dandy in general is a libertine who likes and express himself with good looking, fancy clothes. His goal is to live according to his standards and ethics. The female Keiji is kind, but also a little mischievous prankster.

Maeda Keiji -Hyakka Ryouran - ALTER


Wonder Festival 2014 – winter event #2
Today I will complete my personal coverage of the winter Wonder Festival 2014, I already showed most of the interesting figures in part #1 , enough was left to cover another post.

This post will contain a few more ecchi figures, I will start with looking at Orchid Seed figures.


os copy


Wonder Festival 2014 – winter event #1 copy

Welcome to Wieselhead‘s personal coverage from the Wonder Festival 2014 winter event, which was held on February 09th. It’s the biggest, most popular event for figure collectors around the world. There are two Wonder Festivals each year, one in winter and one in summer.

Also in this year many manufacturers showcased and announced interesting and most of all beautiful figures, which will hopefully be available in the upcoming months and years.

In this post I will show you the figures, that I considered to be worth mentioning and comment them a bit. In this first post I will focus on bigger companies, I have to work on part 2 with the stuff from the smaller companies., adding these illustration really takes some more time.

mf copy


Kantai Collection ~Kan Colle~ – Kongou 

There is a reason why I’ve put her at first, Im pretty convinced to get Kongou with her detailed dress and pretty appearance. Before the event I actually wished for a more sensual Kantei Collection figure and this comes close to that. Well it would be even better with her wearing a smile, but the daily life of a battleship is tough. Still it’s a great looking figure in my eyes.

Kantai Collection ~Kan Colle~ - Kongou

sculptor: YOSHII  - release date: no data – scale: 1/8

Samurai Princess Muramasa – Himeji Castle 

This lovely girl is actually a castle of some sort. Im quite enchanted by her sweet smile and the ojou sama vibe, Ilove her whole appearance.

Samurai Princess Muramasa – Himeji Castle

sculptor: no data  - release date: no data – scale: 1/300


Super Sonico ? Sweets Time ver

The next prize figure review,the subject of review is another Sonico figure, but it’s from FuRyu.

Super Sonico – The Animation is still fun, her random adventures are fun to watch and she’s so damn cute. The friendly environment Sonico lives in, the slice of life characteristics and all of her acquaintances and friends are quite charming. She appears a bit too fragile sometimes and becomes flustered easily, I hope she can overcome this at one point.

Super Sonico The Animation - 03.mp40050