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2014 figures

Hi people, I hope your christmas holidays went smoothly and your ready for the starting 2015.

After we already looked at the financial aspect and other data of my figure collecting this year, I want to show you a post, where we take a last look at the figures I’ve reviewed in 2014.

I borrowed the idea from Bakayaro.de I like the idea looking back at the figures and remembering the things I did in this year and all the different pictures as a result of it.

The vertical pictures I liked the most are used as representer of the 19 (+1) reviews I made this year, I put them in inverted order from January to December, if you like you can look at a certain review again by following the links or just take a look at the short summary here.


Super Sonico – Santa Swimsuit version header 2

First a Merry Christmas, everyone! We already took a look at the beach qualities of this figure in a recent review, as promised, I did another set for ALTER’s Super Sonico – Santa Swimsuit version figure the with focus on this figures christmas appearance in a fitting scenario.

I actually didn’t plan this shooting as a scene, but it looks little story in the first few pictures. Starting with her backside is but works better to start this as a little story as introduction.
Well, she also has a is tasteful backside ^^

Shortly before Christmas Eve, Sonico remodeled the room and is now waiting ardent for her chosen one to arrive. A few minutes later, as Sonico was lost in thought the door opens.

It’s Chosen one san, finding Sonico in a cute and also sexy christmas related outfit kneeling on the cozy floor, a bunch of presents and a small christmas tree placed all around the room.

Super Sonico - Santa Swimsuit version - christmas - ALTER - 005 (more…)

Sansei-Muramasa-A-look-back - header

“A look back …” basically means to do a reshoot a figure with a more refined idea in mind.

After A look back at Momohime and A look back at Sonico Bath Time I did a reshoot of
Sansei Muramasa, a great maid themed figure from Max Factory released in March 2012.

My experience with this figure was overshadowed by bad luck, not the figure was to blame, it was rather my fault, first I named her Sandaime Muramasa in the review. Around a year later I noticed this blogging disaster and I wanted to sink into the ground out of embarrassment.

This really shouldn’t happen in a review, never *facepalm*

A more dramatic thing was, that I somehow set the camera to a low resolution for the shooting, a few pictures turned out quite nice, but I had really small files, maybe I was drunk. Anyway this really bothered me, so  lets try to make Sansei Muramasa, sparkle once again.

Sansei Muramasa - A look back - Max Factoriy - 030


header po 25

Yes, new preorders part 25 and something is probably the right title for this post, there has been not much new to preorder at the end of the year. I expected a few more Kancolle figures from other manufacturers to show up for preorders in December, but they are probably waiting to announce these for the next Wonder Festival which is sheduled for February 2015.

Aside from a few updated or announced figures from MegaHobby Expo Autumn and some more fanservice related figures there hasn’t been happening much in the last few months.

I did order only a few figures one of them on last minute literally, I really plan to preorder less figures in 2015, mainly focusing on the things I really want and making no impulse purchases.


fy 2014 header

The end of the year 2014 comes close, well actually it’s a little early for that and I still have 3 possible incoming figures this year, but I want to finish this post to have time for other things.

So it’s time for a summary of the financial numbers of 2014. Like last year  I monitored my expenses on the figure hobby and created some charts to explore some interesting data.

In 2014 I ordered 26 figures from these 26 figures I’ve already sold 7, since I wasn’t that satisfied with them in the end, in 2 cases I didn’t bother to open the box.

vvvvv (more…)