September 2016
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I normally write these posts, that focus on the recently available figures on the market like every 3 months. After part 31 in early June, the figure manufacturers decide to launch an impressive number of quite desireable preorder items near the end of this month.

Ordered Items

Shortly before my remaining preorder number was close to drop below 4 I could not resist anymore. For starters I placed my order for the new Sora and ALTER’s Nozomi.

Yosuga no Sora – Kasugano Sora – Bunny Style

I preordered this one, because she looks amazing, I already was sure that bunny style Sora would look nice with some paint on her as her notice her during the previous Wonderfestival, but ordering the figure wasn’t really planned. Her face is beautiful and the seductive direction is a nice extra, too. I also like the overall presentation, the attracive and nicely dressed figure sitting on this high stool while her extra long twintails are hanging down. I’m not really interested in these kinds o bunny costumes, but Sora looks so nice in one. Good that it is a December release, so it might become a christmas present I might not need to pay by myself.

Yosuga no Sora – Kasugano Sora – Bunny Style #1

Yosuga no Sora – Kasugano Sora – Bunny Style #2

manufacturer: ALTER – scale: 1/7 – release: December 2016


Eriri Sawamura Spencer -  GSC  - header

Review Time! Today I will show you a wonderfully made and expressive figure of Eriri Sawamura Spencer  manufactured by Good Smile Company.

During my regular review text brainstorming I noticed that was unable to remember how the figures anime “Saenai Heroine no Sodatekata” was called or what happened in it, at first.

Saenai Heroine no Sodatekata is one of the “High School students create a Dating Game” animes, like Shoujo-tachi wa Kouya wo Mezasu or the more spicy Eroge! H mo Game mo Kaihatsu Zanmai. Where a bunch of talented and charming heroines support the main character.

It was entertaining to, although to put it bluntly , the best thing about the anime was the beautiful characterdesign by Misaki, Kurehito, epecially the elaborate eyes were an important factor. While watching the anime my ranking of the female cast was like #1 Utaha #2 Megumi and Eriri as #3, but when she received such a fine figure adaption I sympathetically chose her.

Good Smile Company’s figure of Eriri Sawamura Spencer is scaled 1/7 and was released in mid May 2016. She was designed by two sculptors, SOUYOKUSHA and ehenmushi.

Eriri Sawamura Spencer - Saenai Heroine no Sodatekata - GSC - 001 (more…)

NP0 -31

Hi, how is everyones summer? And how is your preorder situation?

I’m fed up with figure preorders for these days, because this week preorders turned into a nightmare, a few delays turned my carefully planned figure purchases upside down. In the end I will probably have to pay for 4 expensive figures. Mammon from Orchid Seed, Sorceress WHS from Max Factory, Chitose from Rocket Boy and maybe Yazawa Nico from ALTER.

There were 2 more canditates I really wanted to get, but these will also be released in June and my wallet can’t take all that.

Anyway figures are still pretty and in New Preorders part 31 we will take a look at the recently available figures on the market ;D


Ordered Items

Since the last New Preorders post I only added two…


Super Sonico The Animation – Sonico – Racing ver.

The most prominent character in terms of numbers in my figure collection is Sonico. New releases don’t happen as often as before anymore. So hearing about Max Factory making a new Sonico made me very happy. In this adaption Sonico squeezed herself into and outfit that belongs to Hatsune Miku which accentuates her curves perfectly, it’s more on the fanservice side especially when you look at her rear. Sculptor YOSHI created a marvellous figure and accomplished to apply Sonico’s major charm points, looking sweet and sexy at the same time.

Super Sonico The Animation - Sonico - Racing ver.
manufacturer: Max Factory – scale: 1/7 – release: January 2017


anniversary 6

Hi folks, recently it was anniversary of my blog, indeed another year passed. The idea of Wieselhead.de was born 2010 and it went online on May 15th. I really run this since six years. In the last 12 months I’ve reviewed 16 figures, apparently I like my variety of swimsuit figures.

I simply write reviews about my recently purchased figures, wieselhead.de is my baby and taking pictures, writing text, in the end adding another review fills me with joy and also pride.


Asmodeus header

Today I will show you another figure of The 7 Deadly Sins (七つの大罪). It’s Asmodeus, the personification of the Demon King of Lust. In this figure adaption her full name is Asmodeus – Maou Mokushiroku – Koori Shiri Ice Cream no Bushi. The figure was released in march 2016.

Asmodeus - Maou Mokushiroku - Koori Shiri Ice Cream no BushiAmakuni - 01

The tasty figure in the tasty sundae is Asmodeus, official she is listed as 1/7 scale with a height of 19 cm, but she appears bigger, like 1/6. She was sold as limited + exclusive for 12000 ¥. A edition with handkerchief was also available, but more expensive and quite lewd.

Asmodeus - Maou Mokushiroku - Koori Shiri Ice Cream no BushiAmakuni - 03

This figure is a collaboration of the the manufacturer Amakuni and distributor Hobby Japan, who is not interested in the foreign market. Fortunately reliable proxy buying platforms allow us to get such figures, even though through a middlesman it’s always a little more pricey.