August 2015
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The vacation of Mirai  - France 2015 - header

Hi there,

Mirai and I went on our first Honeymoon ♡^▽^♡ … Ok, I’m just kidding the reason why I brought Mirai along during my vacation was much more unromantic, I simply wanted to use this opportunity to get more experience with Doll Photography with focus on Outdoor.

2 weeks ago I took my yearly main vacation and traveled to France, in the Dordogne region. Taking a trip to Paris is something I want to do another time, I was just driving through it and the traffic appeared crazy with a lot of bumped cars, I was happy to leave this scenery behind.

The vacation of Mirai  - France 2015 - 001


Super Sonico -  Paisura Bikini ver. - Kaitendoh header

Hi, I’m back with a new figure review, after quite some time it’s my beloved Sonico again.

It’s about the Super Sonico – Paisura Bikini version from Kaitendoh

This review has pictures that are NSFW, except your boss also likes nude, shapely figures.

Super Sonico -  Paisura Bikini ver. - Kaitendoh - 001

This figure was made by Kaitendoh, the first time that I review a figure of them. I have not heard or seen that much of this company before, so my expectations weren’t very big, although all previous press pictures showed her to be pretty. With Yokota Ken Kaitendoh hired a skilled sculptor to make this figure. The figures scale is 1/6 and measures 28 cm.

Super Sonico -  Paisura Bikini ver. - Kaitendoh - 003 (more…)

Mirai header 3

Hi, I recently went on my very much deserved vacation, the time I’ve spent online was low, sorry for not posting anything in a while. Todays subject is my cute Mirai SmartDoll.

Before I show my vacation pictures with Mirai, I’ll post pictures from a previous shooting.

The audacity of Mirai  - 001

Preaorders 27 header

Today, we will take a look on the latest figures that popped up at the shops recently.

I have the impression that figure manufacturing Companies are really pushing it these last frew months. It’s nice that there are so many pretty figures announced and in development, but it puts us more passionate figure collectors into a dire situation.

I’m at the point where I don’t know which figure I should give preorder priority.

 Ordered Items

Even though I struggled with Preorder decision, there still were figures I just had to order.

To Love-Ru Darkness – Haruna Sairenji

Haruna ❤ As this To Love Ru anime started, I was head over heels for her, unfortunately her screentime and role was reduced to something unimportant. Finally a beautiful figure of her was announced by Max Factory. She’s 1/6 big, nicely sculpted and shows a really pretty face.

On a side note there is something about bride related figures that makes feel uncomfortable, maybe because I like a bunch of female anime characters, it would feel like cheating to take one as bride ;D Anyway this doesn’t have a real bridal dress and Haruna feels greatly done.

Haruna Sairenji - Max Factory B

Kongiku header

Today, I will show you a figure from some time ago, Kongiku from the Oboro Muramasa video game. ALTER released her in  May 2013 as 1/8 scaled figure, earlier in 2013 they released Momohime the main heroine of the game. She turned out as very popular and I was among the many people that ordered her. I reviewed Momohime and liked her so much that I also dedicated a 2nd post to her. Strangely I didn’t have much interest in Kongiku at first.

Kongiku - Oboro Muramasa - ALTER - 027