October 2015
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Gochuumon wa Usagi Desu ka header


Well, I don’t always have sexy ladies on review. Todays topic is Kafuu Chino made by Ques Q.
Chino appears in the Gochuumon wa Usagi Desu ka? anime as one of the 3 main characters.

She and her friends work part time in the food service area, Chino works at her family cafe.
She works dilligently and takes her tasks seriously and actually is a composed loli character.


I really liked Gochuumon wa Usagi Desu ka? this sweet slice of life show, where cute girls were doing cute things. The atmosphere was great and the comedy was hilariously funny.


Mirai enjoys the summer – posing exercise

Hi there I hope you all also enoy the summer, I like it around 28°C – 32°C

None of my July figure orders have arrived yet, but I just wanted to take pictures of something pretty, so today we have a Mirai centered post, since it was a nice day, we went outdoor.

Mirai enjoys the summer - posing exercise - 006

Mirai enjoys the summer - posing exercise - 003


I recently received some pretty clothes for my lady, I purchased them on impulse, after I got angry, when I noticed that a outfit that I really, really wanted was sold out. Later I found the desired outfit on auction at Buyee, but this is not part of the post.


header wonfes 2015 s

The Wonderfestival [SUMMER] event of 2015 recently took place at Makuhari Messe Halls 1-8.
Twice a year this large figure fair features the latest and upcoming products in the figure collecting world, scale figures, Nendoroids, action figures and Garage Kits are in the spotlight.

Like always I focus on the things I found interesting, obviously I’m mainly interested in scale figures. Since I wasn’t present in person I have to rely on third party pictures, thank you for taking these pictures, ありがとう ^^


Also this time, many wonderful figures were on display, come with me and have a look…


I – 168 - chuuha ver. – Max Factory  header

Today I have I – 168 on review a figure based on the Kancolle browser game, the figure was made by Max Factory and released in early June 2015. I – 168 is my second Kancolle figure this year, the first one was Kongou, also a nice figure made by Max Factory.

I – 168 - chuuha ver. – Max Factory  - 001

The figure was sculpted by MimiShiki, a fresh sculptor. Like all Kancolle figures from Max Factory the scale is 1/8. I – 168 comes with a hexagon base, a swimring and two torpedos.

I – 168 - chuuha ver. – Max Factory  - 013


The vacation of Mirai  - France 2015 - header

Hi there,

Mirai and I went on our first Honeymoon ♡^▽^♡ … Ok, I’m just kidding the reason why I brought Mirai along during my vacation was much more unromantic, I simply wanted to use this opportunity to get more experience with Doll Photography with focus on Outdoor.

2 weeks ago I took my yearly main vacation and traveled to France, in the Dordogne region. Taking a trip to Paris is something I want to do another time, I was just driving through it and the traffic appeared crazy with a lot of bumped cars, I was happy to leave this scenery behind.

The vacation of Mirai  - France 2015 - 001