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Hi there, I added 4 new items to my Preorder List and so it is time to take a look at the recent preorders, further below I will also show you other recently announced figures I’m partially interested  in. Under Preorder Roadmap you can see all of my preordered figures for 2014.

The prices are retail prices, without the discount most figure related shops have to offer.

Recent  Preorders


Kongou - Kantai Collection ~Kan Colle~

Item Kongou - Kantai Collection ~Kan Colle~

For gods sake I still wasn’t able to get in this stupid online game, even with all the “tricks”. Just how difficult can it be 。゚(TヮT)゚。 !!? Even without being able to play the game, I love the visual style of Kantei Collection. Combining a cute girl with a classic battleship from WWII makes you nearly forget about the tragedy that befall this and many other ships. Back to the admirals darling, Kongou looks simply gorgeous, considering that she is only scaled 1/8 this figure is super detailed, the few damage effects on her and the clothes give her some sexy appeal .


Araragi Tsukihi - Nisemonogatari - header
Figure review time, today my guest will be a pretty, young lady, Araragi Tsukihi, the sister of my highly admired hero from the Bakemonogatari universe. To be precisely, her origin is Nisemonogatari, where on arc was dedicated to her.

GSC’s Bakemonogatari line has been a story of success, they made distinctive and elaborate figures,  based on the Blu Ray or DVD covers of Bakemonogatari and Nisemonogatari.

So far I only had bought 2 of these figures, I picked the figures I liked the most, based on visual appeal and character preference, Shinobu and Kanbaru. A recent addition was the figure I’ll review today. It’s about time that they make a good figure of Koyomi.

Tsukihi was released on the 7th of April this year, the figure is scaled 1/8 with an overall height of 23 mm. She was sculpted by Hiroshi who made a number of figures with a distinctive look.
GSC also offered a second color variant of her that featured the look from the anime with different colors and pattern. I prefered her in pink so I received this copy a few days ago.

Araragi Tsukihi - Nisemonogatari - GSC - 047


Sallya header

After some lazy days, I actually was more busy lately, I am back with a fresh figure review, our model is Sallya, some might know her as Tharja for me she is the cute daughter of Ming.

Sallya was a highly anticipated figure for me, she was actually planned to be released in December 2013, but figure manufacturing is no easy thing so lets not talk about spilled milk.

Sallya is one character of Fire Emblem: Kakusei, a tactical role-playing game available for some Nintendo device, I haven’t played it and probably won’t find the time to do it later.

1372245965127 (more…)

aozaki touko header.

Hi people spring is around the corner and today I will present you a new figure review.

I want to apologize for the lack of updates the last few days, some things came up and I could not motivate myself to make a filler post at all. Another demotivating factor was the not fast enough delivery of my highly awaited package with Alleyne and Sallya, it really hurt to see them reviewed before I even had the package at the door, haha I can’t deny the sin of Envy.

Aozaki Touko_Garden of Sinners- ALTER_023 (more…)

Sonico bath

“A look at …” might become a new kind of category on this blog, basically it means to reshoot a figure with a new more refined idea in mind. I already did that with Momohime from ALTER.

I’m a passionate figure collector who not only puts his figures on the shelf, I also like taking creative pictures of  them and write a review about my impressions afterwards.  In advance I always think about a fitting setting for the figure and take care about getting all needed parts together on time. As active figure reviewer you want to get your posts out on time, so the first idea that comes to mind will most probably be only one to be executed in the shooting.

Sometimes this behavior leads to not so good results, aside from quality or aesthetic aspects, there are other reason that make me decide to take some time for another photoshoot.
It can happen that I suddenly think about something that would be cool for one of my figures.

This time we will take A look back at Sonico Bath Time version from Native. I seperated the girl from her bath tub and “throw” her in the water. I aimed to get more atmosphere into the pictures inside hot spring setup. Shy as Sonico naturally is she took her towel along the well temperatured water.


Sonico Bath Time - Native - II - 078