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The plan of buying less figures than last year works so far, although it makes the hobby more exhausting, when I decide about the pro and cons of certain figures, compare them and decide against preordering instantly, instead of ordering everything pleasant for the eye.

Some more months passed after New Preorders part 25, since then I accumulated 4 orders and that justifies a new Preorder Post, it’s part 26 of New Preorders. I will talk about my preorders and other figures that appeared recently and I consider as appealing.

Ordered Items


Kongou header

Hello don’t worry I’m not completely lost in the fashion doll realm. So today I will take a look at the Kongou Battleship from Max Factory, it’s a figure based on the very popular online Game Kancolle, it is also my first figure from this franchise.

This was the first thing from Kongou and Kancolle I’ve seen, weeks later I have joined the Admirals who play this Game. It was a little difficult to get in, but it’s definetely a lot of fun.

kancolle 1


Mirai header

As some of you might know I bought myself a Mirai SmartDoll some months ago, in September 2014. I unintentionally was holding back this post a little for different reasons, this post holds not much artistic value and is not supposed to be a review. In this post I feature the pictures I’ve taken with Mirai so far and talk a bit about my experiences with her.

A few years ago I wouldn’t have imagined to buy something like this, when I started collecting figures, I didn’t feel too excited about so called fashion dolls from Japan, as I once saw them, they seemed like a plaything for rich Otaku. I actually labeled them as creepy, I partially still do that today and emo dolls honestly scare me to death, but to each their own.

Over the years I developed a less critical opinion towards Dollfies, since you can take stunning pictures with them and make them look beautiful with new clothes and exchanging body parts. I already played with the idea of getting a Dollfie Dynamite, but I decided against it.

Mirai - SmartDoll - Culture Japan - 032 (more…)

Onna no Ko header

The previous Wonderfestival post took most of my energy, but here is another figure review. She was recently released precisely on the 28th January 2015 and it’s actually my first figure from manufacturer Wing, a rather new manufacturer with business connections to GSC.


I already found a few figures from Wing very appealing, but I was most convinced by
Event Staff Onna no Ko, she has no real name since she’s actually an original character illlustration from Ishikei, he does very elaborate, but also rather ecchi works of pretty girls. This profile illustration was used as a mascot of the Comiket two or three years ago.

Event Staff Onna no Ko illu (more…)

header wonfes 2015 w header

This is the first Wonderfestival event of 2015, since it’s cold outside it is the winter version.

On the 8th of February 2015, the Wonder Festival [winter] opened it’s doors. It’s the most popular figure fair were the big and small figure manufacturers and Garage Kit makers assemble to present their latest works and upcoming products. This time there is a good balance of painted prototypes, unpainted prototypes and early stage announcements.

In this Post I’ve covered everything I found appealing, I added all the available Informations I could get and wrote my evaluation. Keep in mind that all these pictures are of prototype samples and the actual product may look better. It’s a longer Post with over 50 figures,

so have fun… in case you want a little reminder of the previous Wonderfestival check part #1 and part #2


Goodd Smile Company


Shigure Kai Ni – Kantei Collection

Last time I was very delighted that Shigure was announced to be turned into a figure in her Kai Ni version, now she’s already painted and looks all kinds of awesome and pretty.

Shigure Kai Ni    no data1-8no date