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The new summer Wonder Festival figure & GK fair is close, before a new figure avalanche begins, I want to take a look at the figures that caught my interest in the last few months.

I didn’t place any figure preorder lately, not that there wasn’t any appealing stuff for me, but somehow I feel quite conservative about preorders at the moment. I can’t really put my finger on it, but it might have something to do with rising prices, 10.000 Yen have became common for regular 1/8 scaled figures. Also the sheer amount of figures make it difficult to decide for one figure out of a bunch of really pretty figures. I thought just with waiting would sort out things by itself and I could see my priorities more clear. It worked a bit actually, but not as efficient as I imagined it to be. Hey selling some things might end my misery at once.


Shimamura Uzuki - iDOLM@STER Cinderella Girls header

Today we will take a look at the second Cinderella Girl figure, Shimamura Uzuki. Like Rin Shibuya she was also manufactured by Good Smile Company as part of the New Generation version line up. This figure was released by the end of May 2014 one month after Rin Shibuja.

Shimamura Uzuki - iDOLM@STER Cinderella Girls - GSC - 001



Guess Who’s back?

This longer break wasn’t intentional, I have to blow the dust from my Dashboard.

That was a nice long break wasn’t it? Sometimes its nice to break free from your usual routine and do something else, in my case nothing. to my excuse I thought about doing a post, about my holidays, my Azone Doll or my Kancolle adventures. I decided to make a new figure review.

It´s about my long awaited Sorceress figure, not from Dragon’s Crown but Dragon Nest, just use Dragon with anything and you have a cool Game Title.

Dragon Nest- Sorceress - GSC - 001


Shibuya Rin header

iDOLM@STER Cinderella Girls is basically an online game that can be played on your mobile, the player takes the role of producer san. You collect Idols, train them and enhance their stats. I haven’t played it so far, but we will take a look at the figure from Good Smile Company.

In terms of figures Cinderella Girls seems to be on par with the popularity of Kancolle.
It’s funny at first most figures were mainly based on dating sims and eroge, then anime characters became and still are the driving factor, but it is interesting to see the very amount of announced figures that are based on characters that have simple Flash Games as their origin . There are over 100 different Idols in the Game and there have been already a few figma releases, scale figures have been announced by GSC and Phat Company so far.



Shibuya Rin is the most popular character from Cinderella Girls, in casual clothes she is described to have an unfriendly appearance. Well, there not much info about her, she is 15 years old and likes dogs. Her zodiac is the lion, hey I have some things in common with Rin.

Shibuja Rin - iDOLM@STER Cinderella Girls - GSC - 002


Alleyne header

Orchid Seed’s recently released their Alleyne figure, a character based on the well known Queen’s Blade franchise. Today I also want to share my thoughts and impressions about her.

This post contains nudity, keep in mind that it is not NSFW.

The sculptor in charge was Mohio, who made a small but quite convincing set of figure sculptures. Alleyne is based on a rather cheerful artwork, where she has fun at the beach.

Alleyne Illustration
Unlike the QB figures made by MegaHouse, Alleyne’s figure comes with no weapons and not in her trademark warrior dress. Alleyne is the first Queen’s Blade related figure made by Orchid Seed. Since they are a figure maker who is well known for pretty castoff able figures, one would assume that there have been a few more of the QB characters in their history.

Alleyne is something like a drill instructor, as very skilled experienced 1000 year old Elf warrior, she is kind of obsessed with training others and scoring their behaviour, but she knows the things she’s talking about. Her story is somehow sad, in the last anime adaption Queen’s Blade: Rebellion she lives alone after she got separated from Nowa, her beloved disciple in the previous season. At last a curse forces her to stay in the forest.In Rebellion she also trained Anelotte, unfortunately afterwards her forest was set on fire by the enemy party.

Alleyne - Queen's Blade - Orchid Seed - 002