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saeey header

So this post is about some blogsphere rambling, normally I’m only pestering Miette-chan with these thoughts, but today I will give you an earful, too and some of my random pictures.


Worry not, this is no “Good Bye” post. I know there has been a lack of figure reviews in recent months, but this was due to my reduced Preorder Roadmap in the beginning of the year.

In the next few weeks I will have new figures again


After years of figure reviews and blogging I’m still no celebrity and nobody sponsors me. lol, actually that never was something I had in mind with this blog, but well you get greedy  XD


Crossover Series - heafer

Welcome to a new post, no figure review but a crossover exchange of some sorts.

Crossover what? … A few days ago, after a little twitter communication I and my much valued fellow toy photographer buddy Pinkcheeks decided to exchange a few of our unprocessed pictures, we both had some that we hadn’t really published in a post.

Crossover Series - Kongiku 04

I’ve send Pinkcheeks safe ^^ pictures of Orchid Seed’s Super Sonico PKG version and I received pictures of ALTER’s beautiful Kongiku and two bonus pictures.

Pinkcheeks posted the pictures she processed here on the facebook page.

Wieselhead.de isn’t on Facebook yet, I post my edited pictures here, click to enlarge.

Crossover Series - Kongiku 03 (more…)


I recently did a new shooting with Mirai, I once wanted to put her in a bikini cause she has a supe nice body. In preparation I’ve bought a 50×80 cm board, wallpaper, drapings and some iron film, to connect the background(s) with the wooden board via magnets, I already have.

Next time I will dress her in something more modest I promise you that

As I was browsing through flickr, I got the idea of buying Mirai a bikini, a skimpy one. I looked at HobbySearch offers and ordered two, unfortunately the more interesting model was out of stock in the end and I only received the 1/4 scale bikini, keep in mind that Mirai is an 1/3 scaled fashion Doll. A first test showed that it was mostly compatible at least with her M bust.

I tried a few different poses in this shooting refering to certain anime art illustrations. Such things can be extremely helpful when you don’t know what to do for poses, lol.



The plan of buying less figures than last year works so far, although it makes the hobby more exhausting, when I decide about the pro and cons of certain figures, compare them and decide against preordering instantly, instead of ordering everything pleasant for the eye.

Some more months passed after New Preorders part 25, since then I accumulated 4 orders and that justifies a new Preorder Post, it’s part 26 of New Preorders. I will talk about my preorders and other figures that appeared recently and I consider as appealing.

Ordered Items


Kongou header

Hello don’t worry I’m not completely lost in the fashion doll realm. So today I will take a look at the Kongou Battleship from Max Factory, it’s a figure based on the very popular online Game Kancolle, it is also my first figure from this franchise.

This was the first thing from Kongou and Kancolle I’ve seen, weeks later I have joined the Admirals who play this Game. It was a little difficult to get in, but it’s definetely a lot of fun.

kancolle 1