Hi there, I added 4 new items to my Preorder List and so it is time to take a look at the recent preorders, further below I will also show you other recently announced figures I’m partially interested  in. Under Preorder Roadmap you can see all of my preordered figures for 2014. The prices are […]

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It has been around 4 months since my last New Preorders post, so here is a new one. Thanks to all the delays from last year, 2014 is already rather crowded with preordered figures which will without question influence this years upcoming preorders in an inconvenient way. In the meantime I ordered a few fancy plastic […]

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It’s been quite some time since my last Preorder post, let’s say I didn’t order as fast as before. Since last post I ordered 4 more great figures and as rare happenng 1 girly figma. In case you are wondering how I can buy new figures all the time, at the moment Im playing “old […]

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  • @lovepinkcheeks I love her gloomy expression. I guess she would look better with a healthier skin color, maybe it's the light in the pic
  • @lovepinkcheeks ah like one of these emo dolls?, I'm curious about the final figure, though
  • @lovepinkcheeks no prroblem with that ^^
  • @lovepinkcheeks yeah i really like the different style of her ^^
  • lol sometimes the delete button is the best
  • RT @gsc_kahotan: この皐月さまの美しさをぜひ生でごらんくださいませっ! #kill_la_kill #goodsmile 石長 櫻子さんが原型を担当されている「鬼龍院皐月」、絶賛企画進行中です◎ http://t.co/Zbe38aTaY1