New Figure Preorders #37

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Hi everyone,

It’s been a while since I’ve posted a “New Figure Preorders” post, around 12 months ago I published part #36, *OMFG* Don’t worry though, I did not lose interest in the figure hobby at all. I currently have 9 lovely figures on order.

Ordered figures


Katsuragi Misato

Hooray, a new figure of Misato is a great thing, Rei or Asuka never where my favorites in Neon Genesis Evangelion, they were interesting but really weird. I always was drawn to Misato. This figure of her is dressed in a bikini, but nevertheless she still partially wears her usual uniform. In this attire It might not show the Misato figure of my dreams, but she looks great.

release date – November – 2018


Kuramoto Erika – Mahou Shoujo

I had to get this beautiful Erika figure from Native. What is more important for me than the dynamite body is her pretty face with the enchanting smile. Compared to her official illustration this figure is based on, there are small, but great improvements, the face is so much better and the boobs are less big. Hopefully there won’t be another delay.

release date – October – 2018


Asuna – Undine version

Ah, this blue haired and pointy eared Asuna looks so cool. I like the serious expression and her stunning uniform with the nice colors, it will be my first experience with Emontoys, I have good expectations.

release date – October – 2018


Ashikaga Chachamaru

When ALTER announced their Chachamaru I was so happy and excited, the figure looks great with the expressive golden eyes, furthermore she’s half nude and seductive. It’s not their first fanservice figure, but it is still surprising to see such figures from ALTER.

release date – December – 2018


Nishikino Maki x Yazawa Nico – Valentine Hen version

This is a great two figure set, one I really like. The outfits are pretty and it’s sweet how the figures are connected.
I admit that I’m not the biggest Maki fan, but together with Nico it is a very nice combination.

release date – December – 2018



I feel quite excited about this one. I developed quite a crush on Takagi-san when Karakai Jouzu no Takagi-san was airing, her anime was just wonderful. Phat Company makes this great looking figure of her sitting on a detailed school desk. I just love her sweet, confident and flirty expression.

release date – January – 2019


Sakuya – Onna Kyoushi version

A figure of a sexy teacher? … here is my money. No, seriously this a nice looking figure, she has a beautiful youthful face and is quite attractive in the business dress. Together with the glasses and playful pose the figure should turn out really nice.

release date – April – 2019


Asuna – Swimsuit version

Yes, I ordered another Asuna, I never knew I was a fan of her XD Of course Asuna always has been a pretty character, but really earned my sympathy by the end of Sword Art Online II. I’ve always been a fan of swimsuit figures and this one looks especially nice and detailed, I didn’t mind the exclusive price tag.

release date – March – 2019


Sakurauchi Riko

The Love Live Sunshine figures from With Fans! so far looked quite stunning, Riko is especially nice in my opinion, a pretty girl in school uniform. Her face and expression are so sweet, her hair with the flowing strands is also nice looking.

release date – March – 2019


Interesting figures

Recently I find it quite challenging to place more preorders for 2019, one reason is that I can’t decide between all those beautiful figures, another reason are the terrifying prices of figures, I would like to prevent getting more than 2 figures in the same month. Here I’ve listed figures for 2019 (2018) that I like and like a bit more. Lol deciding is difficult.

C.C – Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion

Seems like Union Creative makes many popular characters from popular animes of the past, I always wanted a figure of C.C. in her attractive straitjacket.

release date – October – 2018


Tomoe – Queen’s Blade

This a quite interesting figure in my eyes, she has a photogenic pose and without a doubt she also has a very nice body. Orchid Seed implemented a variety of different display options and the nice figure measures 29,5 cm.

release date – December – 2018


Narberal Gamma – so bin version

The concept of this figure is really awesome, when I saw that price of her, second thoughts were instantly kicking in, I’m no fan of the character nor do I like the bunny ears that much. Of course it’s still an impressive figure on it’s own.

release date – December – 2018


Kohinata Hikari

I’m a really big fan of Amanchu, it’s a really sweet show about the friendship between Hikari and Teko and character development. Before I would order Hikari though, I would like to know if also a figure of Teko is planned. Beach outfits are great and all, but the Amanchu school uniforms are wonderful, too can’t I have figures with those.

release date – January – 2019


Ade-sugata II

Ahem, normally I’m not interested in bondage girls with sex toys, here things are a little different, since this character is beautiful, perfect brown skin an adorable turtle face and she looks just gorgeous. I would really like to order her but I don’t like these ropes for me it is truly a shame to see such a beautiful figure tied up and what not.

release date – January – 2019


Mimori Hinagiku

I like the cute Miko, that act’s a bit naughty, castoff she is less interesting in my opinion, but the general is very nice.

release date – April – 2019


Kaname Madoka – Magia Record Mahou Shoujo Madoka ☆ Magica Gaiden

I just had to wait several years, to see the cutest standing Kaname Madoka figure to date. She is so enchanting in this adaption, I need her, even though she is sold as limited exclusive.

release date – Summer – 2019


Louise Françoise Le Blanc de la Vallière – Finale Wedding version

Man, a pretty bride figure of my first anime waifu ever and I still hesitate to place my order

release date – March – 2019


Sawara Ayaka

The stunner from the previous Wonfes some months ago, BINDing’s Sawara Ayaka. It was love on first sight, then it turned that she will be scaled 1/4 and cost around 28000 Yen. I’d really had preferred a 1/6 scale, on the positive side she is probably the best detailed 1/4 scaled bunny girl figures ever, I mean she looks totally great, I might order her.

release date – May – 2019


Ochi Ripca

I don’t know about the manufacturer FOTS, but I like the concept of this figure. This prototype looks more like a 3D model, but in the end it should be a figure. She’s been planned to be a big 1/5th scale figure that measures 17 cm.

release date – September – 2018


Vampire – Azur Lane

It has been a while since i’ve seen a figure of a flirty vampire loli, I like it. This cutie is based on the game Azur Lane.

release date – July – 2019


13 Responses

    • wieselhead

      It’s weird, I still think she looks nice, but maybe I expected something better. Haha and her dress has so much volume 😀 Yeah, so funny no Louis but 2x Asuna! Ok to my excuse Louise was announced later.

      I had no second thoughts on any of these Asuna’s, they are beautiful.
      Hopefully I will get the blue one next month.

      • Aya

        She have option can be Displayed in ‘smaller’ dress XD,
        The blue asuna have really cool pose 🙂 but i never fan of her blue version .

  1. Mona-chan

    Hmmm somehow Madoka looks fairly similar to one of the Madoka EXQ figures. So tempted to get the Nico and Maki figure. But it’s so expensive. Then again it’s two figures.

    • wieselhead

      Haha yes, I remember seeing one like that. Still, I like the straight forward presentation of her as cheerful magical girl a lot and it’s a great looking figure.
      I also think that Nico x Maki is an expensive couple (/。\) but they are combined in such a sweet way they look lovely together (´∀`)♡

  2. Tier

    We are actually considering a few of the same figures! They are not the Love Live or SAO ones, obviously. I’m looking forward to Erika though I kinda hope she gets delayed since I have a bundle of figures that are scheduled to ship in October. I agree that her breast size is better here; the doujinshi series is cool but Raita’s character designs there don’t translate too well to 3D. You should definitely get Ade-sugata II, maybe you’ll start liking how the ropes look after a while XD

    • wieselhead

      Yes, I noticed. Haha too bad, Love Live is fun. I really like that Erika, the few changes make her prettier. Another delay would break my heart, I have no figure to take pictures of at the moment, it feels like ages since Shigure.
      Yes, I think Ade-sugata II would look great in pictures, but do I want to take such pictures XD Too bad the ropes are part of the sculpt

  3. Otaking, the Statue Conqueror

    Old article but I could say a few things.
    I have -Nishikino Maki x Yazawa Nico – Valentine Hen version- and man, was it worth it. I didn’t preorder it, just saw it when it was already released and really wanted it because I wanted more figures with fuku’s (because I really like that style of outfit, especially the stripes on the sleeves and collars) The color combo is so good IMO (burgundy+gold+white). And the zigzag endings on the jackets and skirts. And the loafers are burgundy and have gold soles. I just love it so much. I don’t have it with me in my current home, so I got all excited seeing this post. If you did not get this one (don’t think I’ve seen her on your site), you would do well to feel very bad and sorry, I tell You !!! But Miette chan does have it on his/her Insta, I think – should make a review article.

    And Ochi Ripca – I’ve seen those pictures around…and man, if I could have more shekels to get her…but why Nuko and not Neko? I don’t get it.

    • wieselhead

      Oh you would laugh, I actually have the figures of Maki and Nico.
      Unfortunately last year I failed to take proper pictures of them so they ended un reviewed.
      But don’t worry I’m currently preparing something for their stage, I’m positive about making it right this time ^^

      And yes they are awesome, Nico is made a tiny bit nicer imo, but that aside the fancy uniform looks awesome,
      I also like that both have different kinds of socks ;D.

      I’m a big fan of figure combinations and wish that there would be more of those.
      Characters that are close in the story to be combined into a nice pose, that shows both interacting.

      Well, sometimes figures get strange names, don’t let it bother you.

      • Otaking, the Statue Conqueror

        Yes, I cannot wait! …well, take your time, I don’t mean to pressure you.
        “Yes, yes, you have been a good boy. You have served the cause of anime and statues from Japan very well. Otaking sends his royal salutations! I would grant you some rich land and the hand of my daughter…but most of my lands got conquered by a Harry Potter fan…and I’m a hermit/hikikomori monarch so I’m a virgin..soooo..”

        Not just different length socks but also the ties and jackets are different. One is more of a sailor thing, the other a classic suit jacket. And they even have stripes of different colors on the left hands.

        Well, I ended up staring for like 10 minutes at the pics of this figure (the prototype), that I have on my computer. Some tings hypnotise me.

        • wieselhead

          Haha, I will try my best for those two(⌒▽⌒ゞ Love Live 4 ever.
          I honestly was a bit lazy last year, your comments motivate me a bit to work a little harder.
          Harry Potter fan, I see. I probably didn’t notice all of the fine details on both so far, it’s great.

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