New Figure Preorders #35

Today after a few months, I will show you my recently ordered figures again, I actually thought about not doing these kind of posts anymore, because the way I write them demands quite a bit of time and headaches to compose. But somehow I still have fun with these Preorder posts from time to time.

Take a look at my preordered figures of this time…

Sonico – 10th Anniversary Wedding Ver.

Yeah, I had to get Sonico, captured in her happiest moment. The sweet bride is scaled 1/6 and with the elaborate dress she is an extremely beautiful Sonico figure, the smile is really lovely and nearly grabs all the attention, still even on the day of her wedding, Sonico chose a skimpy outfit to please her fans. The sculptor also gave her a buxom dynamite body, more voluptuous than usually shown, she has big boobs, delicious thighs and also an remarkable big butt.

Sonico also comes with an alternate expression that shows her with closed and a kiss mouth, there also was a special version with human sized wedding rings and marriage certificate, but I’m not so rich nor so obsessed about Sonico.

manufacturer: GSC – scale: 1/6 – release: January 2018

Saber – Type-Moon Racing ver

Ah, that Saber is a Saber I like, as Grid Girl she looks very cheerful and cute, I love her expression with the turned eyes and open mouth smile, the breezy outfit looks great on her and reveal a bit more of Saber’s sporty body. The additional Excalibur umbrella is a nice eyecatcher, although there will be the option to pose her left arm differently. It’s actually my first preorder of figure made by the manufacturer Stronger, I’m expecting a really nice looking figure.

manufacturer: Stronger – scale: 1/7 – release: August 2017

Suma May – Issho ni Shiyo

The figure is based on a shorter ero manga scene, but May is so beautiful, that I just had to order her. She is a pretty blonde girl dressed in a super villain like dress. Her slightly flustered and embarrassed expression is great, especially when it is combined with her attractive body that portrays her soft curves which are also accentuated by her dress.

manufacturer: Dragon Toy – scale: 1/6 – release: June 2017

Original Character – Hanasaki Marika

I also have pre ordered this cute and cuddly figure, she has an adorable and great expression and the pink hair has a pretty, rather innocent looking style. The extremely attractive figure obviously has beautifully shaped thighs and a soft and beautiful round butt. I like the figures half nude presentation, with the loose white shirt and somehow pulled up panties, she looks barely dressed or nearly nude, depending on ones perspective. Marika is not only a figure, she also has a complete bathroom wall diorama base and the bathroom lamp also is fully function able.

manufacturer: Native – scale: 1/7 – release: October 2017

Original Character – Slingshot Swimwear Girl

The last ordered figure recently looks like a good mannered ojou sama, although the thing she is performing currently are not very ojou sama like. Well, social media offers many ways to express oneself, in her case I won’t judge. She has a pretty, self confident expression and a really stunning body. After I placed my order for this figure, I noticed that I bought a number of this kind of figures recently and started to feel a little ashamed about it, I always had interest in these naughty figures, but I ignore the completely lewd ones though, since they are not that interesting and appealing to me. What I like about the so called “naughty figures” is that they combine elaborately designed expressions with really attractive and detailed bodies, I like both aspects. In my opinion there should be more dressed figures with such interesting and elaborately made faces, too. You can try to look for such figures, good luck with that haha.

manufacturer: Rocket Boy – scale: 1/6 – release: August 2017

Interesting figures

Lets take a look at a few selected figures that were recently listed in the shops and left a positive impression. Among the listed items are a few things I totally would like to have, but I have to see how my current pre orders turn out.

Aty – Summon Night 3

I always liked the characterdesign of Aty, the figure adaption from ALTER already was great, but it did not have the sweet expression of this one we are seeing here. Another great aspect of the new figure is the size, Aty is scaled 1/5.

manufacturer: Phat Company – scale: 1/5 – release: October 2017

Kanzaki Ranko – Idolmaster Cinderella Girls – Bara no Yami Hime Ver.

This figure of Ranko looks amazing in every regard. Of course, I expected her to be expensive, but she actually turned out even more expensive, that I had to reconsider my preorder plans for her, at the moment I don’t see it happen.

manufacturer: ALTER – scale: 1/7 – release: November 2017


Albedo – Overlord

My first impression on Albedo was not so good, but after a second look, she appears to be very pretty, I still find her pose to be a bit unfortunately chosen, her face seems to be pointing at the cealing, with such a beautiful head the figure should be looking at the viewer. Anyway from a photographers perspective she might be a good purchase.

manufacturer: GSC – scale: 1/8 – release: December 2017

Mai Kawakami – Myriad Colors Phantom World

Kyahh! she looks so nice and pretty! Mai Kawakamai unfortunately was really used as fanservice machine in the her first episode, even I felt sorry for her ;D In a normal anime you should not sell off your characters like that. She really is a nice girl with a kind personality that deserves a modest figure adaption, too. Frankly speaking the figure also highlights the fanservice aspects, but it’s a pretty figure of Mai with an adorable face, pretty hair and a very attractive body.

manufacturer: Ques Q – scale: 1/7 – release: October 2017

Oppai no Kakikata – Hazumi Oomune illustration by Nekoume

The quite busty figure is very charming, the huge breasts are not the only appealing points of her, the character design by Nekoume is quite lovely with the cute face and hairstyle. As additionally feature she comes with this friendly face and a different bashful expression, the figure also has glasses, to my surprise everything about her outfit turned out to be castoffable. I feel a bit shy to add another fanservice heavy figure to my preorders, but she looks so nice.

manufacturer: Alphamax – scale: 1/6 – release: October 2017


I admit that I never saw this Jack-O character before, but when I saw the figure I was quite impressed by how cool and pretty she looks, everything about this figure looks really cool and stylish, I like the outfit and her expressive face.

manufacturer: Aquamarine – scale: 1/7 – release: September 2017

Belphegor  – The Seven Deadly Sins – Maou Mokushiroku

The “Sin Nanatsu no Taizai” anime finally started and it’s more arthouse like, as I would have ever expected, the characters were nicely adapted and bring the figures we all probably bought in the past to life. Did you know the very first figure of them were made in 2013? The later Maou Mokushiroku versions continue to be very interesting and Belphegor looks also very pretty even though or especially in the naughty pole dance context.

manufacturer: Orchid Seed – scale: 1/7 – release: December 2017


Izetta – Shuumatsu no Izetta

I don’t know how it had been for you, but while I followed the war adventures of Izetta I was always worried sick about her, like a parent, I imagined really terrible things happening to her. Fortunately Aoshima / Funny Knights made this happy looking Izetta riding on a machine gun. They really adapted her dress nicely and put her into an dynamic pose.

manufacturer: Funny Knights – scale: 1/8 – release: May 2017




6 Responses

  1. Aya

    A Saber that’s unexpected ahaha XD, yeah that ranko definitely pricey .. Hazumi Oomune that the figure that Usually you buy why hesitate 😀

    • wieselhead

      I like all the lively versions of Saber (ノ≧∀≦)ノ.
      I actually thaught that I would buy that Ranko, but I can’t, it’s just too much they are asking for.
      Because it is the kind of figure I “always” get, I hesitate this time lol.

  2. Miette-chan

    I look forward to bride Sonico after seeing the real girl version a while back. I wanna compare and contrast against the figure version. 😀

    I think I was happier in the days when I didn’t like Saber figures all that much, now lately I’ve been eying several of them. Interestingly enough all of them fell on unfortunately inconvenient dates and had to pass on them. This Saber is one of them. Such a shame, she is a cutie. Rin seems more favorable at least. I should just sit tight and wait for my favorite Illya but really wouldn’t mind buying the whole set.

    Then all naughty girls, good stuff. I find it quite curious that I enjoy them better when I have context for them. I hope more doujinshi beauties continue to be turned into figures!

    Such a shame you did not order Ranko as well, I fully expect to become Alter’s masterpiece. November can’t come soon enough! I will spare no expense for her!

    I find interesting you are interested in Jack-O’, she is definitely a fun character. I like her quite a bit, she is very charming.

    • wieselhead

      Yeah, that Sonico turned out really pretty, I’m quite excited about the figure with her adorable face and buxom proportions (〃 ̄ω ̄〃)ゞ
      Tsuji Santa must have secretly updated her “stats” ♥ The cosplayer was cute, but nobody has such a body XD
      Haha, the “make Saber more likeable campaign” paid off for everyone, she became really nice and cheerful.
      Racing Rin looked nice too, I actually always liked Rin, but I never bought a figure of her, such a shame.

      I read no such doujinshi, but I like those figures a lot apparently, the bodies are sexy by default, but the expressive faces always seal the deal for me, I like cute perverts XD

      Ah man I just saw the price and the best idol figure bubble popped away, she is wonderful, but far over 20k (〇□〇)

      Jack has a stunning design, I never saw her character anywhere before, but I instantly got interested in her figure.

  3. Tier

    I skipped happy bride Sonico and the Native girl mostly because they’re a little thicker than I prefer but I ordered the other three that you ordered, which is sort of odd since our preorder lists usually don’t look that much alike. I’m trying to decide whether the 7 Deadly Sins anime made me want to buy more figures or not; the show wasn’t really what I expected, I guess. I’m kinda amazed at how much milk they can get out of that Saber cash cow.

    • wieselhead

      H senpai, thx for the comments. Haha I see, I appreciate that some curvy figures like that are made, not too chubby and attractive ❤
      Well, I would say that the Sonico bride has too big boobs actually, but I can’t ignore the other aspects which are just beautiful.
      The girl in front of the mirror just has thîs amazingly nice butt, again I would say that the boobs could be smaller ;D
      Oh that is interesting, I naturally decided for Maya, Saber and slingshot babe because they look like what I like.
      Maya looks so gorgeous in person .

      Before the totally weird arc in hell, I kinda liked the unusual direction of the 7 sins anime, unfortunately it became quite bad in the last episodes.
      Should have better made a high quality hentai with Orcs and tentacles XD The best character was Leviathan for me. I guess it made me want less though.
      Saber never gets old surprisingly, it’s a bit sad that not more characters from that anime era have that kind of attention.

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