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Hey Followers, what’s up? It’s the end of November and a (probably) last time this year we will take a look at the recently announced anime and game figures that appeared at the shops, in autumn the number of appealing figures increase dramatically, so this post has many entries.

Ordered Items


Nanairo Reincarnation – Kotori Takigawa

This cute little maid in skimpy uniform really caught my interest, I just ordered her without a second thought. She has an adorable face with detailed facial features and also cute proportions with average sized boobs and soft curves all around she is a lovely figure.


manufacturer: Kalmia Project  – scale: 1/7 – release: April 2017


Super Sonico Nuresuke Satsueikai

It’s been some time since I ordered an interesting Sonico figure or saw one that wasn’t a prize figure. I’m still a Sonico fan and fortunately the figure manufacturers never get bored of. This figure wears a casual street outfit, ok she accidently was hit by water, but what would Sonico be without a bit of fanservice here and there. The figure has a nice big 1/6 scale, DRAGON Toys figures often turn out really nice and this Sonico should turn out great, as well.



manufacturer: DRAGON Toy – scale: 1/6 – release: February 2017

Peach Maid – Ami

Sorry I’m a perv (//∇//). Well, the first time I saw this maid figure at the last Wonderfestival, I already knew that I had to get her no matter what. In the first place, Ami has an amazingly nicely made face with a strong expression. On the other hand I also like all sorts of maids, even the half naked ones, I can’t deny that her ecchi bits were also a small convincing aspect.



manufacturer: Process/Native – scale: 1/7 – release: May 2017



I haven’t ordered any of these figures yet, but I think they are very interesting and I like them. Tell me which figure you like, which not or which figure you would like to see in a review here.

Senran Kagura NewWave G Burst – Ikaruga – Circuit no Joou

Vertex announced a nice looking big scaled figure of Ikaruga in a skimpy outfit. She is one of my favorite Senran Kagura characters, she is a pretty girl and I also love long jet black hair.
The figure portrays her in a slightly bendover pose as grid girl with battle torn clothes. The characters in Senran Kagura are squishy in the right places and she is no exception. In 1/6 scale her attractive proportions are accentuated nicely, on their official blog Vertex also hinted her top is castoff able. On top of that Ikaruga also has a cute bashful smile.



manufacturer: Vertex – scale: 1/6 – release: March 2017


THE IDOLM@STER Cinderella Girls – Ranko Kanzaki Memories Ver.

I know someone who probably ordered this Idol figure at the speed of light ^^. I’m really convinced by ALTER’s Ranko figures, she has a cute face and wonderful red eyes.



manufacturer: Alter – scale: 1/8 – release: May 2017

Fate/EXTRA CCC – Saber Bride

I really like this figure adaption of Saber Bride a lot, judging from the promo pictures from Hobby Maxx. This Saber looks elaborately desinged with her dynamicly sculpted outfit and the pretty paintjob. I’m also enchanted by her sweet and gentle face. To get this figure with a stylish base you’ll have to buy her at shops like Big in Japan or Nippon Yasan for a little more.



manufacturer: HOBBY MAXX – scale: 1/8 – release: August 2017


Fire Emblem if – Camilla

Partially I like this figure because of her gorgeous color combination, purple, black and gold. The figure looks very pretty and somehow elegant. Her face also has a kind expression, like a lovely big sister. You know, I totally like these kind of hairstyles that keep on eye hidden.



manufacturer: Intelligent Systems – scale: 1/7 – release: September 2017


Sanfujinka Shikeishuu Byouin Jack- Asami Akabane

FREEing adapted a naughty nurse fantasy into a big 1/4 scaled figure, Asamai is a mature woman with a hot and curvy body, apparently she has really big boobs and in general her uniform is tightly fitting. As you can see her body is sculpted and painted in a quite detailed fashion. She also has a quite unique face with a lot of paint which is unusual for figures of that scale. I’m not a big fan of the long and thin nose, aside from that she looks very attractive.



manufacturer: FREEing – scale: 1/4 – release: May 2017


Love Live! School Idol Festival – Honoka Kosaka

Honoka was a bit plain for a leader personality in Love Live! nevertheless ALTER made a wonderful figure of Honoka, following the Love Live! School Idol Festival “tradition” the figure is elaborately styled and her outfit is brimming with details, it makes her something special.



manufacturer: ALTER – scale: 1/7 – release: June 2017


Love Live! School Idol Festival – Kotori Minami

I was happy to hear about the re-release of this cutest Kotori figure, I kind of missed ordering her in the first round. The sheduled release it not the best timing for me though, it should be happened 6 months later. I love Kotori and this figure of her is simply amazing.



manufacturer: ALTER – scale: 1/7 – release: July 2017


Dagashi Kashi – Hotaru Shidare

PULCHRA makes this creative eyecatching figure of Hotaru, chilling in a concrete tube, it looks like a promising sculpt with Hotaru looking like her anime counterpart with a nice face and a detailed outfit. I’m always very picky with figure adaptions from characters I really like, I didn’t like the Hotaru, that Max Factory showed earlier this year. This figure features one of Hotaru’s stylish outfits, I always liked the way she is dressed.



manufacturer: PULCHRA – scale: 1/7 – release: March 2017


Murakami Suigun no Yakata Original – F-ism Vol.20 F-ism Shoujo

What I really like about this figure are her faces, she actually comes with two different ones. The figure itself wears a pretty shool uniform, though for some reason she is wrapped in funny bondage ropes underneath, I’m not really a fan of it, but I could probably cut it off somehow, if I would decide to really get her. With optional parts you can make this figure more questionable, so I don’t feel too fond of this figure in the end, because it’s all too much, even though she has extremely beautiful eyes. Make a normal figure like that you demons!



manufacturer: Daiki Kogyo – scale: 1/6 – release: June 2017


Hdge technical statue No.15 GANTZ:O – Reika X Shotgun ver.

Union Creative is a more or less unkown company nevertheless they aren’t afraid of making such a challenging sculpt of Raika in a stunning and shiny black bodysuit. The face looks nicely detailed and attractive. One of the figures striking features is also this nice, plump butt.



manufacturer: Union Creative – scale: 1/7 – release: March 2017


Racing Miku 2016 Ver.

This is probably the cutest Miku figure I’ve ever seen, her face shows the sweet curiosity of a cheerful young girl. As far as it concerns me, she is also the prettiest Racing Miku, without any futuristic hullabaloo. She is sitting on a pile of tyres and has a nice and lively articulated pose. This Miku is a very appealing figure with vivid colors and an overall adorable appearance.



manufacturer: Good Smile Company – scale: 1/8 – release: August 2017


Excellent Model LIMITED – Active Raid: Liko

Liko is a kind of mascot from the Active Raid anime, I could’nt bear to watch more than 5 episodes, but it wasn’t the fault of Liko. MegaHouse turned Liko into an expressive figure, very detailed and with nice colors. I really like her pretty eyes and the nicely flowing hair.



manufacturer: MegaHouse – scale: 1/8 – release: April 2017


Oh My Goddess! – Belldandy – Me, My Girlfriend and Our Ride Ver.

I never took the chance to look at the Oh My Goddess! franchise, a few times I saw a Belldandy figure here and there. Here Belldandy  appears with a new look and artistic sculpt. Clad in a racing suit, she is a cheerful, sporty girl, sitting on a futuristic motobike like flying machine. I like it, the figure looks nicely detailed and the vehicle is extremely interesting.



manufacturer: Good Smile Company – scale: 1/8 – release: September 2017


Taimanin Yukikaze 2 – Rinko Akiyama Pole Dance Ver.

From the lewd ninja saga comes a creative pole dance figure of Rinko, she is a very pretty girl with a buxom body and a huge butt. The figure is really an ecchi gem as far as I can tell. She has an expressive face, a nicely detailed, purple bodysuit and the 1/7 scale is a nice size to show her amazingly sexy body. She also has another torso to display her with bare boobs.

Taimanin Yukikaze 2 – Rinko Akiyama Pole Dance Ver 02

Taimanin Yukikaze 2 – Rinko Akiyama Pole Dance Ver 01

manufacturer: Milestone – scale: 1/7 – release: March 2017


KING OF PRISM by Pretty Rhythm – Taiga Kougami

I like bishounen characters when they don’t look too girly or like one of these womanizer types with pointy chin. Taiga looks so cool also in this nonchalant outfit. Without knowing anything about his origin it’s a good looking figure with a really nice “bad mood” expression.



manufacturer: Flare – scale: 1/8 – release: May 2017


Gakusen Toshi Asterisk – Toudou Kirin

Ignoring the mainly disastrous second season, I liked Gakusen Toshi Asterisk quite a bit, also for it’s cute character desings. Kirin the shy girl with amazing sword skills was chosen to be the First, but hopefully not last adaption from that source. The attractive figure with it’s nice colors, especially the awesome shade of purple, portrays her serious and athletic side.

Gakusen Toshi Asterisk – Toudou Kirin 01

Gakusen Toshi Asterisk – Toudou Kirin 02

manufacturer: Aspire  – scale: 1/8 – release: June 2017


So we have reached the end of this oversized “New Preorders” post, maybe there was something interesting for you listed?, in summary the figure collecting hobby stays interesting, even with the current price level.

Next year I will post New Preorders 35, hopefully the manufacturers won’t announce more alluring figures this year…


The End

2 Responses

  1. Miette-chan

    After a few months of nothing terribly interesting it’s like all of a sudden all these new figures came up for pre-order all of a sudden. Interestingly enough a lot of them were not present at summer Wonfes and the ones that were still haven’t gone for pre-order. Saya, cough, Alter Ranko, cough, cough…

    On the good side a lot of surprises came out of nowhere for me, Hobby Max Bride Saber, Alter Honoka, an F-ism figure of all things, Liko, Kudelia…

    Sadly all these figures have several things in common, bad timing, high prices or exclusives. Some are even are all three so I’m not sure if I will adding them to my pre-order list. Hopefully the dollar keeps going up and up and some of these hit the bargain bin to make my decision easier.

    • wieselhead

      Yeah, you know I actually was happy, I thought I slowly step out of figures, to get more Dollfie focused,
      but then the figure manufacturers go like *pew* *pew* stunning figure *pew*, so many wonderful figures were announced since autumn. Wonfes content can take forever, just look at Orchid Seed a recently painted prototype took them 7 years ahahaha.

      It’s always difficult to decide with so many announcement at once, scheduled for the same month to be released. For now I will wait with decisions for 2017

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