The 15th figure order of 2019?

Hi, it’s me, the recently laziest figure reviewer of the pre summer. Several delays and unnecessary payment in advance figures that were delayed after I paid threw me out of the loop. Oh well, the worries of a collector, It’s so sad, I “only” did 14 figure preorders in 2019 and they will probably cost me around 180.914,00 Yen this year. Still I want a 15th figure for whatever reason ^^

There are a number of nice figures that are going to be released around autumn 2019. For me t’s quite hard to decide which one I would like the most. Buying more figures than 15 is definitely out of question though.

Lucoa – Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid -Casual Wear ver.

I really like the Lucoa character and this figure of her is a nice adaptation of the curvy dragon. It is quite nice how the 1/7 scaled figure stands there with a cute pose and the main outfit from the “Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid” anime.
She is announced to be released in August and her official non discounted price is 17.800 Yen *omg*

Emilia – Re:ZERO -Starting Life in Another World

Well, I rarely seen a show more broken than Re:ZERO XD not because it was bad, but because it’s a story with highly disturbing events. I don’t want get reminded of it. Nevertheless this Emilia looks wonderful and her buddy Puck is the cutest. This Emilia is going to get released in September. Her figure is scaled 1/8 and the official price is 13.800 Yen.

Akagi – DreamTech – Azur Lane [Rakuen no Higanbana]

I’ve never seen a bikini figure with a more perfect psycho expression on the face than this Akagi and she looks great that way. The figure seems to be really nicely sculpted,also pose and outfit look terrific. She is going to get released in September and the official price asked for her is also 13.800 Yen

Super Sonico China Dress ver. – Emon Restaurant Series

Can’t have enough Sonico figures, can I? With this alternative hairstyle and tight china dress the figure looks quite… tasty. She is looking cute and has the obligatory big boobs and wide hips of Sonico. She is scaled 1/7 and will probably be released in October and officially costs 12.800 Yen.

Atago – Manatsu no Koushinkyoku ver. – Azur Lane

I think this Atago looks better than her recently listed sister Atago even though she is way more expensive. The figure has a beautiful head with a great flirty expression and nicely shaped body. The white bikini and beach accessories gives her some elegance. She will be released in October or by the manufacturers habit some time LATER. Officially this Atago costs 17.800 Yen and is scaled 1/7.

Akiko Takatsuki – Midareta Tanaoroshi

Actually this post feels a bit unnecessary, since the figure I probably like the most from the list is Takatsuki Akiko from Daiki Kougyou. It’s an adaptation from illustrator Ojo and I really like the unique facial features of the figure she is is beautiful and a little lewd, I like that 😀 She is castoff able, too. my only bothering thing is the towel on her head. She is also going to get released in October With an 1/5 scale the figure is rather big, her price is about 18.000 yen.

You see, I have a few problems to decide to preorder the last figure for 2019.
Whom from the figures listed would be your choice as last figure order of 2019?

The prices became too crazy recently I also think about only ordering 8 figures for 2020, the stress on the budget has been too high for the past 3 months and space is another factor, so I realized that I can’t continue like in the last few years, so the plan is to only order 8 a year, I hope I can endure that ^^

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  1. komypyon

    I would always go for my favourite character \(^-^)/ Also if the budget is a factor I would be selecting the one that is with a decent price tag (which frankly is an issue nowadays and I see more and more overpriced figures that just don’t seem to deserve their tag) And finally – scale size! According to what I have seen from this blog so far as tastes go, my list would be criteria 1 – Sonico, criteria 2 – Sonico and criteria 3 – Akiko (^3^) Also, keen on Atago and since it’s by Later, it could be considered a potential 2020 figure xD Huzzzah!

    • wieselhead

      I often go by the most appealing presentation, no matter if I know the character 😀
      Yes, it’s basically all expensive, but at least I have the “too expensive” sorting out criteria, like that Miku for 35k lol.
      Hehe, yes Sonico is one of my soft spots XD but in August I will already receive the stunning Sonico here I think I can skip the other one. Ihave a strong tendency towards Akiko (。♥‿♥。). hahaha Atago gets delayed for sure … maybe.
      However I will decide thx for your comment.

  2. Otaking, the Statue Conqueror

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