Suomi KP-31 – Midsummer Pixie – Heavy Damage Ver. – Girls Frontline

Another figure review of a character I’m not familiar with, this time it’s Suomi KP-31 from the Girls’ Frontline mobile game, I know even less about.

I have bought the figure because she is extremely cute and I didn’t need even 2 days to decide to make the purchase. Suomi KP-31 – Midsummer Pixie – Heavy Damage version was manufactured Pony Canyon by one of the Good Smile Companies sublabels.

The outstanding thing about the figure is the head, it’s actually what I would call perfect, the eye decals and general facial features a clarity and sharpness of unknown quality. I really like the beautiful beautiful face of Suomi, like the whole figure design, the beautiful eyes obviously feature the style of illustrator anmi (アンミ).

As heavy damage version the figure obviously has no happy expression, her mouth shows a bit of frustration, still it is looking very cute and adorable.

Her hair is painted in a pleasant blonde color, the hairstyle is really adorable with the side bun and the sculpting of the strands and the hair between the eyes. The hair is further detailed with a hairband and a scrunchy, additionally an ice crystal brooch and tiny bunny ears can be found and seen.

The figure has been released in late November 2023. Suomi is scaled 1/7 with around 13 cm of height she is relatively small, but the scale is about accurate for a small person. The figure features a good anatomy and a very well articulated compact pose. Suomi is petite and offers a lot of youthful atmosphere.

In Girls’ Frontline the characters are named of firearms, Suomi is named as machine gun KP-31, the secondary weapon of Simo Häyhä, a popular sniper from Finland. Rumors talk about 500 – 800 killed soldiers in 100 days of the “Winter War” against the Soviet Union. KP – 31 has a rate of fire of 900 rounds per minute, although the drum magazine can only offer 70 rounds.

The figure is based on the following illustration, featuring Suomi’s style from the summer event.

The figure obviously is ought to have fun at the beach, I like the tropical atmosphere and summerly appearance. As heavy damage version her bikini bottom part is torn and reveals the characters naked butt, the exposed butt is cute, the fanservice is there, but definitely not in a lewd direction. They placed a sea urchin and starfish on her butt *ouch*. The jacket is tattered but the bright blue color still gives it a fashionable coordinate, the white, frilly bikini top is still intact.

All parts except for the base and machine gun are directly attached to the figure and can’t be taken off. The weapon is done in a very detailed way, I can’t say that I am a fan of the crude design and who takes a machine gun at the beach.

I bought the figure because of her visual appeal not because I am a weapon otaku or fan of the game. Beach and bikini figures are making me happy, the summerly feeling and a bit of harmless skin revealing is always welcome. The petite appearance of Suomi is very nice and she really is a beautiful and sweet looking girl. The quality of the figures hair and face are outstanding, her body also is very well done, the sculpted outfit is made with a little less precision than the rest, but I don’t really mind, the figures quality is still on a very high level.

  1. Kai

    Hey, do you know how many cm is the length of the stand? I’m interested in buying this but I’m running out of space, lmao.

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