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Guess Who’s back? This longer break wasn’t intentional, I have to blow the dust from my Dashboard. That was a nice long break wasn’t it? Sometimes its nice to break free from your usual routine and do something else, in my case nothing. to my excuse I thought about doing a post, about my holidays, […]

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iDOLM@STER Cinderella Girls is basically an online game that can be played on your mobile, the player takes the role of producer san. You collect Idols, train them and enhance their stats. I haven’t played it so far, but we will take a look at the figure from Good Smile Company. In terms of figures […]

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Figure review time, today my guest will be a pretty, young lady, Araragi Tsukihi, the sister of my highly admired hero from the Bakemonogatari universe. To be precisely, her origin is Nisemonogatari, where on arc was dedicated to her. GSC’s Bakemonogatari line has been a story of success, they made distinctive and elaborate figures,  based […]

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  • "Okay, so Orchid Seed's been doing multiple colorways of their EXISTING figures, but can't even paint their NEW ones for WonFes?"
  • @Parfait_Zai Oh thank you (*^▽^)/
  • @tanoshimini You ever made something with pandan? it tastes well... interesting ^^ thx matty
  • @Parfait_Luth thank you ^-^
  • @tanoshimini Yeah some celebration with family and friends. I baked a pandan chiffon cake and another one ^^
  • I wanna complain about the quality of some of the first Wonfes pictures , better do it myself next time.