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new po 29

It really has been a while since the last “New Preorders” post, I forgot to update it to be honest. The prices for the precious figures we all love have been on the rise this year.

Nevertheless, we will take a look on the latest figures that appeared at the shops recently.


Ordered Items

figures I’ve ordered recently …

Lala Satalin Deviluke – Swimsuit version

I was really surprised as ALTER announced this wonderful bombshell, named Lala. She is big and just looks amazingly detailed. Her clothes are quite skimpy and I love it. The figure has pretty hair and her head wears  a cute, subtle expression and just look at these green eyes.


Lala b
manufacturer: ALTER release date: February 2016 scale: 1/6 price: 10.926 Y


Sorceress – Wonderful Hobby Selection

The wonderful hobby is less wonderful, when the figure cost 18.000 yen, I really tried to pass on this expensive figure, but I just had to get the great adaption of the Sorceress character, she’s just such an attractive witch lady. I love her flirty face and buxom body.


Sorceress b
manufacturer: Max Factory release date: May 2016 scale: 1/7 price: 16.667 Y


Yazawa Nico – Love Live! School Idol Festival

Is your favorite Idol called Nico? Hell yeah! Nico is the little devil I need! I… just melt when looking at her super bright smile. …the petite body, the fancy christmas related outfit, I approve of everything. ALTER made me so happy with this cheerful and petite figure.

Yazawa Niko

Yazawa Niko b
manufacturer: ALTER release date: April 2016 scale: 1/7 price: 15.800 Y


Mammon –Maou Mokushiroku – Juushii Western Mizugi no Setsu

Ahem…! I really the 1/7 scaled 7 Deadly Sins lineup, they are all so sexy and sinful. I actually have a weak spot for demon girls ;D Mammon is the most mature looking 7 sins character, as you can see she’s extremely voluptuos, she is cuddly and curvy ^^ I gave it a lot of thought if I really wanted such large boobs in my collection, yes I want that Mammon ( ̄▽+ ̄*)

When I decide to buy such kinds of figures, the face is a major factor for me and Mammon has a lovely face with optional glasses!


mammon b

Interesting figures

I haven’t ordered these figures, but at least I find them overly interesting and like to list them. Tell me which one you like or which not, or which figure you would like to see in a review ;)

Mio Naruse

It might not be a first class figure, but Pulchra has announced a quite charming Mio figure. I love her friendly smile with the expressive eyes and the happy oppai pose. I really would like to order her figure, too.

Mio Naruse
manufacturer: Pulchra release date: May 2016 scale: 1/8 price: 12.800 Y


Nadeko Sengoku Medusa

We already have seen so many Monogatari figures from GSC, but the franchises appeal is still strong, time for Araragi Koyomi I would say ^^.  Nadeko as villain was rather despiseful, but one can’t deny her cuteness, fluttery summer dress, a psycho smile and snake hair… every man’s dream XD The figure looks great, also with her minimalistic diorama base.

Nadeko Sengoku Medusa

manufacturer: GSC release date: June 2016 scale: 1/8 price: 12.800 Y


Fuyuka Yukishiro

I was sure that ALTER worked on this Sword & Wizards -Haken no Koutei to Shichisei no Himekishi figure, but its a Kotobukiya figure!? Whatever I really like her pose and expression… and the marvelous ass ahaha. The base can be extended, be sure to have enough space to display.

Fuyuka Yukishiro

manufacturer: Kotobukiya release date: May 2016 scale: 1/8 price: 17.064 Y



I wonder why ecchi figures have to get  more ecchi when decorating them with “slime”. Fortunately it’s only optional here, since I actually like the figure and her base crowded with items. The figure looks really good when dressed, I still consider about preordering.


manufacturer: Skytube release date: May 2016 scale: 1/6 price: 15.984 Y


Sana Chitose

I already was interested in this cute loli figure, when she only was still an unpainted ptototype. She turned out especially cute, only her price prevented a instant preorder. There also is another version with alternative face and armparts, but only available rthrough the Broccoli online shop. Somehow I don’t want to use a proxy buyer service for such a simple figure.

Sana Chitose

manufacturer: Broccoli release date: May 2016 scale: 1/8 price: 12.420 Y


Shiho Kujo

This buxom lady is quite hot, she has three display options with different levels of nudity. The womanly body underneath is sculpted in a truly terrific way. I don’t mind the outfit, but would rather see her smile than looking desperately horny, but some might appreciate this more.

Kohane Koishikawa

manufacturer: Daiki Kogyo release date: April 2016 scale: 1/6 price: 14.080 Y


Was there a certain figure you ordered recently or still debate about?

As nice as receiving new figures is, next year I will also try to order less and just focus on my core favorites from the Wonder Festival. Nevertheless here in my “Preorder Roadmap” you can always see my latest figure orders and when they should arrive.

6 Responses

  1. Hoshiko

    I’d think Nadeko Sengoku Medusa would be a great addition to your collection simply because her nicest looking figure yet. GSC does it again with the base. So far, it manage to get creative with its figures base. Most of the time when I see a figure I like from GSC, it’s usually because the base is so, so cool!

    • wieselhead

      Nadeko looks quite nice in this adaption, also when I didn’t like her as evil girl, she was still very cute ^▽^.
      It has more atmosphere when there is an elaborate base under the figure, GSC puts efffort into it, most often on the figures that are based on popular animes ^^ Thx for your comment on the rather naughty list ;D

  2. Kai

    I saw that Nico figure before in twitter, but yeah, she looks great! I would actually buy had I more spaces to spare here. The Mio figure looks awesome too but don’t know why, her eyes look kinda weird there.

    • wieselhead

      Nico is wonderful (*´▽`*), totally love how she looks as funky Idol.
      Space is always a problem, I will have to sell a few more figures this year 🙁
      Yeah, Mio looks good in many ways, I tried to ignore it, but her eyes really look a little off ;D
      I already have some doubts about the final figure. I guess I’ll rather wait and see how she turns out 😉

  3. Miette-chan

    I am surprised! You are ordering sensible figures again! 😛

    Everytime I see that Lala man, might as well have done a nude figure of her.

    Yes, Nico is my favorite idol… although I skipped on Alter’s version, to visually busy for me.

    You should buy Mio and Nadeko those two look great! My issues with Nadeko as a character prevent me from buying but I’m sure you would take amazing photos of her!

    • wieselhead

      Ah yes, people already expect me to order such things, I buy some of these with pleasure.
      You won’t see a single exposed… oh wait I guess there was one… ah whatever XD
      Lala really isn’t wearing much, I have to agree, but isn’t she just beautiful.
      They actually could have added pubic hair in these open hotpants ;D

      Haha I love her crazy christmas outfit, but her smile is my most important thing and look how petite she is there ♡,
      lol Nico is my regular “preference for curvy girls breaker”.

      Ah yes, I should get both ahahaha, Nadeko left the bakemonogatari cast in a bad way,
      but you dislike Nadeko for the wrong reasons XD

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