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Today we will take a look at Kirito’s cousin, Kirigaya Suguha. She’s one of the heroines of Sword Art Online, she didn’t take part in this, but plays ALfheim Online with pleasure.

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After a number of delays ALTER released this figure in early May 2014, I review her quite late, but other things came up and Kirigaya Suguha ended at the end of my review queque.

Suguha is scaled 1/8 and is sitting on a veranda with some snacks next to her. A funny or better said interesting fact is her low price, back then I preordered her for 6.080 yen, nowadays you can pay 10.000 yen for such kind of figure. Yeah the good old times *cough*.

Suzuha Kirigaya- Sword Art Online - ALTER - 001

Suzuha Kirigaya- Sword Art Online - ALTER - 004

Suzuha Kirigaya- Sword Art Online - ALTER - 003
The shoulder long hair is very pretty and also quite distinctive with it’s style and the dark blue color, the seam line above her bangs feels a little misplaced, somehow. The figures head is round and has a smooth shape, sculptor Mumei gave Suguha a reclusive facial expression with big cute eyes and a slightly parted mouth she also seems to be daydreaming a little.

Suzuha Kirigaya- Sword Art Online - ALTER - 005

Suzuha Kirigaya- Sword Art Online - ALTER - 022

These sad eyes are lovely, unfortunately even if I try, I can’t make this figure smile.

Suzuha Kirigaya- Sword Art Online - ALTER - 006

The young lady is wearing her workout clothes, a red jersey with a black shirt underneath, below she is wearing very loose blue shorts, that expose some amount of skin. The choice of colors is quite nice and give the figure a sporty appearance. The small and big details on her outfit look very convincing and are very well done. The jersey with the high collar shows many wrinkles, but tightly stretches around her ample breasts, which looks quite nice.

Suzuha Kirigaya- Sword Art Online - ALTER - 007

Suzuha Kirigaya- Sword Art Online - ALTER - 008
With her foot it looks like she’s reaching out to somebody, while being concerned about covering her crotch with her hands. The bare feet create a natural atmosphere around her.

Suzuha Kirigaya- Sword Art Online - ALTER - 010

Suzuha Kirigaya- Sword Art Online - ALTER - 025

Suzuha Kirigaya- Sword Art Online - ALTER - 021

Her veranda base is an interesting accesory it has a realistic wooden surface, the figure only connects via magnet to it, the other parts are not glued together and can be placed wherever you want, you can also use them together with other figures.

Suzuha Kirigaya- Sword Art Online - ALTER - 015

Sword Art Online is an interesting anime, the first season, also the second one leaves many opportunities to trash talk about it, because of questionable decisions or cheesy turn of events, on the other hand it’s entertaining enough to keep the audience at the screen.



On his journey Kirito gets in touch with many cute girls, who develop romantic feelings for him,but in the end it’s always Asuna. Suguha also had no luck with winning Kirito’s heart.





She still has feelings for Kirito, but somehow to accept his relationship with Asuna and also befriend with her. As cute, busty girl she should have no problems with finding a decent boyfriend, but she’s quite shy outside the virtual world. Her friend is also no real option.

Suzuha Kirigaya- Sword Art Online - ALTER - 012

Suzuha Kirigaya- Sword Art Online - ALTER - 014
Suguha has an above average bust size, as her game alter ego Leafa it’s even more prominent, but this figure accentuates them in a really subtle and modest way, for my tastes it could have been more erotic, like a more pulled down zipper and some cleavage. The part where the figure shows some skin are her legs and the loose shorts that partially reveal her buttocks, The figures butt has been flattened, to make her balanced pose possible, I’m always not so happy about such solutions.

Suzuha Kirigaya- Sword Art Online - ALTER - 019

Suzuha Kirigaya- Sword Art Online - ALTER - 020

Suzuha Kirigaya- Sword Art Online - ALTER - 016

Suzuha Kirigaya- Sword Art Online - ALTER - 029

Suzuha Kirigaya- Sword Art Online - ALTER - 028

Final Words

ALTER’s Kirigaya Suguha is a nice figure overall, she has a cute face and appealing workout clothes. The craftsmanship is well done, but her sad expression also makes me a little sad, an alternative happy expression would have made her more appealing. Some might not like her expression, others she might not show enough fanservice, but she’s actually very pretty.

She is a compact figure you can carry her around when traveling for example without risking her to get damage, although her clouded expression will limit the kind of pictures you can take with her. Nevertheless I’m happy with her and don’t intend to sell her soon. In case this Suguha caught your attention, you can get her for around 4000 Yen on the aftermarket.

Suzuha Kirigaya- Sword Art Online - ALTER - 026

Suzuha Kirigaya- Sword Art Online - ALTER - 013

Suzuha Kirigaya- Sword Art Online - ALTER - 017

Suzuha Kirigaya- Sword Art Online - ALTER - 023

Suzuha Kirigaya- Sword Art Online - ALTER - 027

Suzuha Kirigaya- Sword Art Online - ALTER - 024

10 Responses

  1. feal87

    The figure itself is very good and I like the rendition of Suguha’s body, however it feels like there’s something missing on her face. I wonder why…

    • wieselhead

      Yeah I feel that as well, sure she’s quite pretty on the shelf, but something seems missing.
      Maybe because she looks so sad after Kirito broke her heart ;(

  2. Cerberus

    I did not watch most part of the anime, nope, don’t like the story. But I’m just after her. I just watched that one episode with her recent appearance in the second season. Don’t understand why so many doujinshi authors like Asuna. Alter should totally make another one of her blond avatar image. I’m not satisfied by any of those already released so far (Kotobukiya’s is OK but I don’t like the pose)

    • wieselhead

      Sometimes I wish that I hadn’t watched it either, but you know it’s not entirely bad. Quite a cheesy way of storytelling XD
      There are better girls in the story than Asuna, but she grow on me. Suguha/Leafa have certain qualities that I prefer, though ^^
      I liked Koto’s Leafa quite a bit since her face turned out lovely from what I saw, still would be nice to have that from ALTER.

  3. Aya

    I watched SAO just because everyone talk about it LOL but still not bother to spend money for merchandise yet, but yeah suguha is definitely my favorite compare to asuna or even sinon.
    This figure is very nice with casual clothes,You got her a very nice house background to accompany the veranda πŸ˜€ is that a printed paper ?
    in certain angle the face seems to be a little bit funny like this maybe or the cheeks are to chubby I am not sure what missing thought.
    Yeah like you mention it, now scaled figures price are very expensive πŸ™ even the 4k yen wave’s beach queen turn into 6k yen

    • wieselhead

      Oh that happened to mee with SAO II, thx people ^w^
      I can see figures separately from the anime, I really liked that they made cute Suguha.
      Haha yeah Sinon is not so awesome, I don’t understand why people go crazy about her flat butt ;p
      Thank yoo ^^ Ah you noticed it, but yeah it is printed paper glued on cardboard.

      That is true, not every angle works for her as good as the other, maybe her character design makes it difficult to transfer into 3D.
      scary prices these days, 10000 is ok for me everything above makes me want to wait till after release.

  4. Kai

    “With her foot it looks like she’s reaching out to somebody”
    Reaching out to somebody… with a foot? Sounds kinky :3

    And them legs. But yeah, a flattened butt would look pretty weird, I assume.

    • wieselhead

      Ahaha I actually imagined she was aiming at Kirito’s crotch, in my opinion she’s no innocent girl at all XD
      Good that only the contact surface is flattened though, when you look through the tubes of her shorts she has nice buttocks.

  5. Tier

    She is pretty cute. I didn’t know who she was or what company made her, but I was thinking to myself, “This looks like an Alter figure” and sure enough, it is (I also don’t read headlines, apparently). It’s a little curious how Alter sometimes makes a figure of one of the secondary characters from a series rather than the main girl (like Kazuno from Horizon in the Middle of Nowhere, or that one Steins Gate girl with the bike). Unfortunately, I still have this personal thing against Sword Art Online that I can’t quite explain but causes me to be biased against the characters. I’m not really sure why that is, being that I don’t really know much about the series (the only real familiarity I have with it is a peculiar short story in which Asuna engages in intercourse with someone, or something like that). Suguha is pretty cute, though. She looks sorta like a girl who doesn’t have a lot of friends, which makes her more interesting than some of the more common sorts of characters you see in anime these days.

    • wieselhead

      Ah yes she looks a lot like ALTER ^^
      It’s actually cool that a top tier company really cares about niche characters,
      unlke others who would sell their grandma for popularity reasons.
      There is a lot of stuff to dislike about SAO, but I really like Kirito and Asuna,
      well I started liking her really, really late in the show.

      When you say it like that I will feel quite sorry for her, maybe playing too much MMO
      makes people lonely. In the story she makes friends with the other girls, that could not win
      the main characters heart. Suguha is shy but actually rather cheerful around people she is used to.

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