Anime Summer Season 2015 – Ending Songs!

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Ending Songs!

The current animes are near the end, so it’s time for a look at the Ending Songs of Anime Summer Season 2015, which in my opinion were extremely good this time. Sometimes the Songs in Anime are just there for the sake of having one, sometimes it’s a masterpiece

I’ll pass on the best Opening Songs, sine GANGSTA. with “Renegade” by Stereo Dive Foundation won. I also liked Gakkou Gurashi! arcade plastic pop performed by Mosaic.Wav.

I will list my favorite’s in random order, which of these Songs were your favorites?

“Yake Ochinai Tsubasa” (灼け落ちない翼) by Aoi Tada

My feelings for Charlotte as a whole are a bit ambivalent, especially since episode 11, but it has an awesome Soundtrack overall …ZHIEND!


“Yoru no Kuni” (夜の国) by Annabel

GANGSTA. is quite strong this season, the setting is very exciting and there are enigmatic characters. This lovely Song carries a lot of emotion. The animation focuses on the somewhat washed up main characters, together with the music this creates a strong atmosphere.


“Hello Hello Hello” (ハローハローハロー) by Good Morning America

I feel a little old for Dragonball, not as old as the voice actor of North Kayo, though. I still have fun watching Dragon Ball Super… The song is great!

“Mikazuki” (ミカヅキ) by Sayuri

I guess I hate the Ranpo Kitan anime more that I enjoy it with all bishoujo murdering psycho’s, but it has both good OP and ED. I like how Sayuri shouts it out, like a storm…


“Afterglow” (アフターグロウ) by Maon Kurosaki

In the further episodes of Gakkou Gurashi! this song starts to fit perfectly to the atmosphere of the show. It’s rather sad but carries a glimpse of hope for our girls. Please don’t die…!

“One Light” by Kalafina

Every Anime with an epic setting needs a Song from Kalafina, it seems. It’s not my favorite Song from them, but still good. Arslan Senki was best in the first half, but still very exciting.


To me this Durarara!!x2 Ten anime plot is all over the place now, but I still keep watching it to the end. It’s a very good Song.


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  1. Tier

    I really like the ending theme to Gangsta (which I didn’t know about so thanks for writing about it). The same singer did the intro theme to Love, Election, and Chocolate, which I also liked, but that was sort of an airy, upbeat, lightweight song while this one has a more serious tone to it. I didn’t care too much for the Charlotte anime but it did have very nice music (and good production values overall). I liked the opening theme a lot, though nothing is going to beat Shingeki no Bahamut for best opening theme song of recent times.

    • wieselhead

      Oh nice ^^ Haha yeah, sometimes I get in the mood to write such a random topic just because it is of interest to me.
      It’s familiar voice, although I only watched one episode of the show you’ve mentioned ^^
      Charlotte had really good songs, too bad the anime was strange and rushed.
      Bahamut was indeed awesome, also storywise, I love adventure animes a lot.

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