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Mirai X Rio - DDS -SmartDoll Intro - header

Yo dear readers!

Apparently I really have too much fun with the fashion doll hobby, it’s just too exciting ;D
I actually did not consider to buy another BJD after Mirai, but one thing lead to another… Everything started some months ago, when I found a post at Orchid Dolls about of a face up commission. I always liked custom Dollfie Dream heads, it’s nice to have a personalized Doll.

After several months of deciding what I actually wanted Mirai’s “little sister” to look like,
I asked Clockwork_Angel from Flickr, if she would have time and interest for my idea…

Mirai already was given a name in the factory, but of course a custom Doll needs a proper name, too. I decided to name her Satosakura, Rio 里桜川 千  (village cherry blossom), it’s a name often used in animes of the 90’s, I always liked that name, it’s short and has a very nice ring to it.

Mirai X Rio - DDS -SmartDoll Intro - 002

Mirai X Rio - DDS -SmartDoll Intro - 003

She was very friendly, gave me some advice and took me by the hand, since I was very new to this. I gave her my requirements and also some artistic freedom, since I like her style a lot, for example the use of eyelashes. I decided to have a cute head with some dramatic make up, in the end I chose a little open mouth with upper front teeth line, I know it’s a bit brave with using a less neutral expression, but I really wanted something cheerful and hyper for Riō.

Mirai X Rio - DDS -SmartDoll Intro - 004

I know the face looks similar to Sonico, but please refer to her as Riō ^^ Actually I wanted her head to look very similar to the Super Sonico design. I’m very happy with how this commission turned out, Clockwork_Angel did a wonderful job. Riō is  a DDH – 06 with 24 mm eyes, the big eyes give her a young and very cute appearance, like I had in mind with this commission. The eyes were made by KK WORKSHOP coincidentially are based on a Super Sonico illustration.

Mirai X Rio - DDS -SmartDoll Intro - 006

At first I thought I could just put the head on Mirai’s SmartDoll body, but after I gave it some more thought, I scrapped this idea as too cruel torwards Mirai, to me it’s more than a “pretty clothes rack”. So the new head gets an own body, I ordered it in parts from to my surprise everything was in Stock to assemble a Dollfie Dream Sister in semi white skincolor.

Semi white skin is just beautiful (*´▽`*)

I decided for DDS size, since I like shorter legs in general and although not “blood related” I wanted Riō to be a kind of younger sister for Mirai. Here a list of the parts, except head.

DDS-A-01-SW / Arms / Semi-White
DDS-BW-L-SW / One-Piece Torso L Bust / Semi-White
DDS-HL-01-SW / Thighs / Semi-White
DDS-LL-01-SW / Shins / Semi-White
DDS-FO-01-SW / Feet / Semi-White

DDII-H-05-SW / Rock/Fisted Hands / Semi-White
DDII-H-01-SW / Basic Hands / Semi-White

I actually waited for Volks to release their One-Piece Torso, to complete my DDS project. It’s a very pretty part without upper body gap at the Doll it creates a more aesthetic look. It’s also quite flexible and the outer skin is surprisingly soft. I fortunately could acquire one piece, there was a high demand for it, actually I had to wake up at 05:00 in the morning to place my order *orz*.

To reinforce her arm and leg sockets, I also equipped the body with a DD Fortified Aluminium Alloy Sheath Set.

The wig I intended to use turned out as too small, some time ago Miette gave me a pink wig, I cutted it in a desired shape. In the future, I consider to give her blond hair or a crazier pink.

Mirai X Rio - DDS -SmartDoll Intro - 005

So far Mirai has been a spoiled only child, I guess she won’t be happy to share her clothes with another Doll, but hopefully they will get along. I wanted to create a little picture story with Mirai meeting Riō. Don’t mind certain plotholes or awkward moments ;D!

Mirai X Rio - DDS -SmartDoll Intro - 009

Mirai X Rio - DDS -SmartDoll Intro - 012

“Oh indeed she’s very cute, apparently she’s quite exited… can I play with her?”

“Wahhh! … so close…. who are you, anyway?”

And so this chaotic introduction finally ended

Mirai X Rio - DDS -SmartDoll Intro - 010

“Ehh Fabian please don’t dress Rio in such questionable clothes, she feels embarassed”

Mirai X Rio - DDS -SmartDoll Intro - 016Mirai X Rio - DDS -SmartDoll Intro - 025


“Go Fabian, take a picture of your two beautiful ladies…fufu”

Mirai X Rio - DDS -SmartDoll Intro - 022

Nevertheless posing with two Dolls is a lot of fun. I really like Mirai and the new girl Rio is super cute. I’m very happy about the face up and also the Dollfie Dream Sister body is very pretty and flexible. I’m looking forward to take more pictures of them in the future…

Mirai X Rio - DDS -SmartDoll Intro - 027


15 Responses

  1. Aya

    didin’t expect you to bother censors those nipples ahahaha XD Rio really turn great those teeth also adorable XD by the way i feel the arms not totally inserted to the body frame ? the reinforcement make it hard to insert ?
    ps : “ nothing will change between us, don’t worry” <– Seeing how Rio's turn out, I totally doubt about this XD

    • wieselhead

      Hahaha, my first draft had nipples, but I wasn’t brave enough this time ;(
      Oh, thx. I also love the face now, she’s super sweet in pictures (´ ▽`).。o♡
      Yeah, I also noticed that later, maybe I should have pushed the arm pegs harder, I don’t think the reinforcement was at fault.
      Lol, I mustn’t make Mirai sad XD Well, most Dollfie owners also have more than one darling ^^

      • Aya

        so what this new girl role would be XD ? little sister for mirai , mirai’s girlfriend LOL or maybe Fabian’s mini girlfriend XD

  2. Miette-chan

    Yup, just like I mentioned earlier you are really brave! I don’t think I could insert myself into my own stories lol.

    It’s nice to see the complete product, looks like you ended up being quite happy. A nice change from all the second thoughts on Rio’s head. 😛

    Welcome to the world of owning more than two dolls, now you get to spend twice the amount!

    • wieselhead

      Haha brave = silly? Yeah, well I take care of them, so I thought it was only natural to give me a role.
      Ahh don’t remind me of that XD But the picture I received first really didn’t show her full appeal.
      More than two? maybe I’m hiding a DDdy somewhere… ;p Twice, I seriously hope not.

  3. Jonathan

    LOL love the story, That’s the beginning of a lot of troubles like every harem anime. Welcome to the world of making silly stories hahaha. One thing capture especially my attention, that you have to wake up 4 am in the morning to participate in the after event O.o, now I think I’m lucky, for me is always 9pm on fridays ^^, world certainly is a sphere haha. In that event I couldn’t resist to grab two torsos, have not take pictures of them yet but been enjoying them alot. Sadly I wasn’t fast enough to get the one I wanted.
    I’m glad your family grow, I’m sure you’ll be able to give them both the attention they need ^^

    • wieselhead

      Hi 😉 Thank you, I still feel a bit silly for parts of the story, but actually it was fun.
      Haha yes waking up early is not my favorite activity, but I wanted that part badly XD
      I could put everything in the shopping cart, I planned to buy two, but I only bought one,
      unfortunately you can only buy the shapely torso when you pay with credit card.
      Oh, which size did you get? and which did you want to buy actually?
      I guess I wouldn’t mind a third doll around next year lol

      • Jonathan

        Hi sorry for the late reply. I got the L semi white one piece torso but wanted the normal skin because only Miku can wear this one, also got the L normal skin but for DDS, so only Melty can use it. It’s very tempting to have them naked all the day long tho LOL. Glad to hear your planning on a third, you’re in the right path… to be poor like me XD

        • wieselhead

          Everything is fine, I was away anyway ^^ Ah, I also bought L ;D
          Too bad it is not your desired color, but semi white is pretty.
          Haha, I love the belly button, nipples turned out rather big what surprised me a little ;D
          I might want to paint them a little I have the idea at least.
          Ah yeah, a trio sounds cute around next year I would like another one.

          • Jonathan

            Well, I’m really happy with the torso anyway and yeah nipples are huge! they are more pointy and difficult to hide than the normal L busts haha. Looking forward if you paint them lol

  4. Kai

    She looks good! Love the pink hair and the expression. How much did you spent altogether to make your own custom doll? :p

    • wieselhead

      Oh, thank you, I’m quite happy to hear that, she’s so cute ^^
      Oh you wanna know the shocking truth XD
      At first I bought the unpainted head for 68$, you can also get a head for 4,104yen , but I could not wait for the restock.
      Then I bought eyes for around 20$. Then I found a faceup artists to paint the head, faceup was $75 + open mouth mod $35.
      Then I bought body parts arms for 7,560yen, hands for 2,160yen, torso for 10,800yen, legs for 12,960 yen.
      The hair was given me for free 😉

  5. Hoshiko

    She definitely have that younger sister vibe! So adorable! And the pink hair makes that much cuter. I think it softens her image even more.

    But the second picture where Mirai is carrying her head…that’s a little creepy! It reminded me of the anime Mouryou no Hako!

    • wieselhead

      yeah, she’s a few cm shorter than Mirai, for me the shorter legs are extremely cute, her face too, obviously (♥→o←♥).
      I’m planning to give her different hair, too. I’m curious about the new look.
      Haha I can imagine, the body parts came in weeks later, it couldn’t be helped ^^

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