Merry Christmas and happy holidays

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I hope you all already had a nice Christmas Eve, and will have a few additional holidays.

For a perfect Christmas I need snow, the whole family, roast goose, croquettes and “Home Alone” to be aired a few days before Christmas. Sadly the croquettes aside not everything of that will come true in 2016, I miss you grandma, actually more than I expected.

I gathered all my remaining motivation and took a few seasonal Dollfie pictures with Rio, Chiyoda, Kirseki, Rin and Rinko. All weren’t introduced yet, I will do that next year, I guess.

Mirai is still on vacâtion, but that aside everyone was dressed casually festive with warm sweaters and generally more modest than usual. The MDD is a little overdressed, but Kiseki is so cute in this dress, which is actually is a boob window sweater for her bigger friends.

Aw the weeks before christmas are always exciting and stressful. Of course for children this time before christmas is filled with excitemenz, anticipation and chocolate in many shapes.


Here everyone of the 5 girls is nicely dressed.



I was mainly aiming to get a decent group picture, but since everyone was clad in pretty outfits I took much more pictures with them. The non group shots turned out a bit better. I should try to improve with group pictures in 2017.

Do you know what I want for christmas?
Huh, tell your big friend about it
You know I want the world to become a better place… I wish for world peace.
My, my, aren’t you are kind little girl. But you should think of something more simple
Mhhh… new clothes, toys, … another sister? ….
There! There! I saw something, wasn’t it Santa san?
Oh! what I want for christmas? … I guess I like bears
Oh wow it’s really a cute teddybear! …thank you

Thank you for the attention, have a nice last day of christmas and nice remaining holidays.

4 Responses

  1. Aya

    Merry Christmas 😀 Finally Kiseki and Rin Appear XD
    Didn’t expect the turtleneck sweater to fit MDD
    ps : So Yearly Spending post soon 😛

    • wieselhead

      Merry Xmasu ~ヾ(^∇^)
      yeah, I’m not as fast as I want to be, but in a group “family” picture Kiseki and Rinko must be included (≡^∇^≡)
      I also was surprised, must be very stretchy material.

      I guess I will be able to calculate everything before 2017 begins lol

  2. Miette-chan

    The weeks before Christmas are expensive that’s what they are! You have such pretty decorations, they make for nice props in your photos. Nice job on the group photo and those individual photos with those cring… lovely captions. ;D

    • wieselhead

      Isn’t it nice to get presents for and from your family (= ̄∇ ̄) *cough*?
      Haha, mum generally does a good job with the seasonal decorations.
      Thank you (*^▽^), though next year I will take these pictures a month before.
      Yeah, somehow I imagine that the dolls would say something in these pictures, sometimes I get carried away, I think.
      Still it’s fun for me.

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