Rio’s little excursion

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Today we follow Rio’s little excursion in 22 pictures I took within 10 days of my vacation.

Yeah, this became a doll content focused blog, figures don’t give me anything these days. Haha ok it was actually a joke, I will probably receive new figures to review next week ^^.

I went on a short vacation at the Northern Sea, just an advice if you will ever take a trip there, don’t do it in October, it’s chilly with the sea breeze. Luckily I had a few sunny days.

Rio excursion - DDS002

I took Riō with me and Mirai stayed at home, I fortunately was able to got my hands on a VOLKS carrying bag beforehand, which makes big Doll transportation a lot easier.

Rio excursion - 001

When the wind blows strong, take a hat along XD

I now I had the opportunity to make Riō wear her “ugly” jacket, it looks more according to season now, I’m more used to dress them sexy, but the casual fashion coordinate is also nice.

Rio excursion - DDS004

Rio excursion - DDS005

Rio excursion - DDS008

Rio excursion - DDS007

I had a few nearly fatal disasters as I was taking pictures in the super windy environment aw!.

Rio excursion - 001b

After this picture I noticed that taking outdoor pictures can be quite dangerous and nerve wrecking , I feared Rio would fall in the salty mud, it totally happened before my imaginary eye. I quickly put her back in the safe bag, I should refrain from doing such high place stunts

Rio excursion - DDS009

Rio excursion - DDS010

“Damn! The wind ruins my hairstyle!”

Rio excursion - DDS012

I decided to put Riō not in more dangerous places and focused on ground and indoor pics.

some resting on the rented house furniture after the beach, which apparently was too cold.

Rio excursion - DDS013

Rio excursion - DDS015

Rio still wanted to wash the sand out of her hair before going to sleep.

Rio excursion - DDS020

Rio excursion - DDS021


Rio excursion - DDS019

The next day Riō got rather lively and bold with half wet hair she looks marvelously attractive.

Nyahh! Nyahh!

Rio excursion - DDS022

Lol, I must say that she looks extremely cute, I don’t regret the faceup commission at all.

Rio excursion - DDS023

Rio excursion - DDS026

Rio excursion - DDS033

Rio excursion - DDS029

Don’t mind the rosebuds XD Yeah, I’m liking the slightly ecchi route so what, white nipples look a bit awkward so I added some photoshop color, I might paint them for real next time ^^.

Rio excursion - DDS031

Rio excursion - DDS032

Taking Riō along was fun, I might have liked taking more pictures, but the weather was rather unstable and my travel companions often had different plans *meh*

Rio excursion - DDS017

Put your clothes on, we’re driving home in 10 minutes.


6 Responses

  1. Miette-chan

    Huh?! That’s it only 22 photos? I think you slacked off on your vacation!

    Remember those photos I took fo Nanoha a few years back with her pretty white dress? I took those on a windy day, my friends and me learned the hardway windy days are horrible for doll photos outdoors.

    They are nice photos, I think you are getting better at it!

    • wieselhead

      What are you saying? Of course I took more, but not everything landed in my Post ;D
      Of course I remember, you are partially at fault with awakening my Doll interest with that lol.
      The Dollfie community is so picky when it comes to single flying strands, this is normal outdoor and normal girls also never have perfect hair.
      Your otdoor pictures were wonderful, nothing less.

      Thanks, I also start feeling more confident these days. Indoor its still a challenge with lighting …
      I hope to manage that next time ^^

  2. Aya

    She looks really great especially in last part (with shirt). quite funny seeing her traveling with open mouth all day XD

    • wieselhead

      Oh, thank you very much ^^ Well Riō has never been outdoors before, everything was exciting and new for her XD
      Although other Dollfie heads also have the same fix expression, neutral is a little different than happily excited,
      but I like it. When I saved up more money I consider a Riō version two with closed mouth 😉

  3. Hoshiko

    I like those photos with her face close-up. She’s photogenic I guess.

    One thing that I always thought of whenever I see these doll photos is how these dolls are good fashion models. It could be their well-painted face, nicely brushed hair and poses. They good to practice with for whoever that wants to be a fashion photographer, lol.

    • wieselhead

      Yeah, I also like these closeups ^^
      Hehe they are indeed really good models, you have to take care for the outfit and the hair to look nice.
      This assumption would make sense, most doll photographers though never make this step, I at least heard of none.

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