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This review is NSFW as it contains nudity and stimulating content

The 7 Deadly Sins have been a successful campaign for Hobby Japan, Orchid Seed and Amakuni. Now all figures of the first 1/8 scaled line up except Satan have been released, yet Orchid Seed and Amakuni are also working on more figures the majority in 1/7 scale.

I like this franchise, cute demon girls always have a place in my heart. Still I managed to only buy 2 figures from the 7 Sins first lineup. Leviathan which we reviewed in 2013 and Mammon.

Mammon - The Seven Deadly Sins - Orchid Seed - 001 (1)

Mammon is probably my most mature figure,  not in years but in appearance. Her figure was released in the end of December 2014, I had to pick her up between the holidays. Mammon was sculpted by Ishiyama Satoshi, the best person when it comes to such kinds of characters.

The figure of Mammon is scaled 1/8 and with around 24 cm rather big, she comes with a lot of stuff, like several decorations for her butt, cursed vegetables, a basket, english instructions and the typical for the 7 Deadly Sins line up two pieced podest base, measuring 8,5 cm.

Mammon - The Seven Deadly Sins - Orchid Seed - 001

Mammon - The Seven Deadly Sins - Orchid Seed - 002 (1)

Her backstory is a little amusing “Mammon is a single mum who was left by her husband and is now shouldering the huge debt he left behind, she mixes dangerous medicines and sells them off at a high price to feed her children.” She actually acts very friendly and ladylike.

The 7 Deadly Sins girls are supposed to be related to the 7 sins in mythology, the planned ova still wasn’t released so it’s somehow difficult to only show an image of a sin through looks. Mammon is supposed to be the image of greed, literally mammon means real estate.

Mammon - The Seven Deadly Sins - Orchid Seed - 003 (1)

Mammon - The Seven Deadly Sins - Orchid Seed - 004 (1)

Mammon - The Seven Deadly Sins - Orchid Seed - 005 (1)

Mammon is an adult demon lady in most shounen anime all grown up ladies have an impressive busom and other endowed things, Mammon’s appearance fits into this archetype. For myself I can say that I like certain busty anime characters, that doesn’t mean I don’t like others, there are things more important than that, like hips & thighs *lol*

Mammon - The Seven Deadly Sins - Orchid Seed - 003

Nevertheless, as I preordered Mammon I was a little wary about her large chest. During the time it took for the figure to be finalized I got more acceptable towards larger boobs in the anime related media. Be it illustrations or random anime where really busty heroines became accepted in the mainstream anime in recent times, like Medaka Kurokami or Isuzu Sento.
A few years ago you would only see such sizes in the naughtier subcategory of anime.

After taken pictures with her, I like Mammon more than I would have imagined.

Mammon - The Seven Deadly Sins - Orchid Seed - 008

Mammon has long blonde hair, the color is a natural tone, which looks very nice on her.
At each side she has pretty corksrew strands. As demon lady she has beast horns painted in very light purple, between her horns she also has a cute hairband that increases her feminine charm. Mammon is a truly beautiful lady, the dramatic make up with lipstick gives a lot of detail to her face, the added kindness of her expression is quite enchanting.
Would you actually believe me, that I mainly ordered her because of the pretty face? But it’s true.

Mammon - The Seven Deadly Sins - Orchid Seed - 005

Mammon - The Seven Deadly Sins - Orchid Seed - 006

The figure has an interesting, quite ornate dress. It’s painted in black with many fine golden details, she has fantastic thigh high stocking, the curved cutout accentuates the bare area of her thighs, the gradient effect and flower ornament pattern it creates an terrific look.

Mammon - The Seven Deadly Sins - Orchid Seed - 025

She must be very self conscious to walk around in fetish gear that reveals her whole butt.
The small heart shaped cutout at the front of her string panties is sweet and sexy as well.

Mammon - The Seven Deadly Sins - Orchid Seed - 017

Mammon - The Seven Deadly Sins - Orchid Seed - 016

Mammon features one of Orchid Seed’s good old strong points, different castoff stages.

As example, you have three pieces that change Mammon’s butt decoration, one piece is supposed to be a skirt. One piece you use when her corsage is still attached and another part when Mammon is “naked”. Part of the full outfit is a collar, scarf like thing, that covers her shoulders in a fancy way. although I rather like her appearance with bare shoulders.
The choker around her neck keeps the boob baskets in place, but could also be used solitary.

Mammon - The Seven Deadly Sins - Orchid Seed - 023

Mammon - The Seven Deadly Sins - Orchid Seed - 006

Mammon - The Seven Deadly Sins - Orchid Seed - 020

Mammon - The Seven Deadly Sins - Orchid Seed - 032

One thing I find remarkable is the pose or better said situation they adapted Mammon, carrying a basket around is a rather adorable way to present a figure. The basket is empty and can be loaded with cursed vegetables, they look very detailed and incredibly spooky.

Mammon - The Seven Deadly Sins - Orchid Seed - 014

I find Mammon damn attractive as a whole figure, she’s really nicely made for a 1/8 scaled figure, there are many nice parts to look at, dressed and undressed. A polarizing aspect are probably her massive boobs, obviously they are bigger than her head, but I really like their shape with the puffy nipples, the sculptor really knows how to make attractive boobs.

Mammon - The Seven Deadly Sins - Orchid Seed - 022

Mammon - The Seven Deadly Sins - Orchid Seed - 015

Well, Mammon has a phat ass, I can’t lie about that ;D she has a precious bubble butt with bawdy dimensions. The figure has a more sturdy body and because of that her greedy sized assets don’t look too silly. I love her wide hips and also to detailed back, the relatively narrow waist gives her an attractive appearance, she’s hot and very buxom but not fat.

Mammon - The Seven Deadly Sins - Orchid Seed - 018

Mammon - The Seven Deadly Sins - Orchid Seed - 021

Well, there is also the good old color stain issue, from the soft black parts, it’s not as bad as it sounds and these spots can be cleaned easily, but it’s annoying when it happens.

It also was difficult to get Mammon on the base, two metal pegs slide into her feet, but the last 5mm were nerve wrecking. As little advice separate the upper disk from the podest, then try to put the figures feet on the pegs, then press on her shoe tips and apply some pressure from below the base at the same time. attention is needed when putting her on base.

Mammon - The Seven Deadly Sins - Orchid Seed - 024

Final Words

Mammon convinces with her beautiful face and overall presentation of an attractive demon lady, the different display options are really pleasant. Qualitywise, Orchid Seed delivers a slightly better product than Amakuni did with Leviathan. The sculpting of Mammon’s clothes and body turned really nice and clean, showing an remarkable amount of details on a 1/8 scaled figure. If you aren’t afraid of her bigger body volume this can be a wonderful figure.

I hope you enjoyed the pictures…
Is Mammon a figure you would like, or do you have a The 7 Deadly Sins figure at home?

Mammon - The Seven Deadly Sins - Orchid Seed - 023

Mammon - The Seven Deadly Sins - Orchid Seed - 026

Mammon - The Seven Deadly Sins - Orchid Seed - 027

Mammon - The Seven Deadly Sins - Orchid Seed - 028

Mammon - The Seven Deadly Sins - Orchid Seed - 030

Mammon - The Seven Deadly Sins - Orchid Seed - 031

Mammon - The Seven Deadly Sins - Orchid Seed - 033

Mammon - The Seven Deadly Sins - Orchid Seed - 034

Mammon - The Seven Deadly Sins - Orchid Seed - 035

Mammon - The Seven Deadly Sins - Orchid Seed - 036

Mammon - The Seven Deadly Sins - Orchid Seed - 037

Mammon - The Seven Deadly Sins - Orchid Seed - 038

Mammon - The Seven Deadly Sins - Orchid Seed - 039

Mammon - The Seven Deadly Sins - Orchid Seed - 040

Mammon - The Seven Deadly Sins - Orchid Seed - 041

14 Responses

    • wieselhead

      Haha I was surprised by how big it really was, not in bad way actually XD
      I wanted to use PAWG in the review, wel but found no place for it except tags

  1. Cerberus

    her face is lovely but I am a little afraid of over sized boobs so didn’t get her for myself. It’s so funny Orchid Seed get her out first but Satan the wrath still does not have a final releasing date set yet. Looks like HJ limited stuff gets high priority.
    I’m a little bit more interested in the swimsuit version of her with glasses though.

    • wieselhead

      The face is indeed great. I understand that such sizes scare some people, but I think they somehow managed to avoid a silly appearance with her buxom body.
      Oh I didn’t know there still is no set release date, maybe this Satan isn’t that popular.
      Ha, but the swimsuit figure shows her with even bigger boobs ;P

  2. Tier

    I didn’t pick her up and now I kinda regret it. I was leery about her unusual body proportions too but they don’t actually look that bad, or at least not as problematic as I’ve seen on some other figures. It helps that she’s turned sideways, and it especially helps that she has such a sweet expression on her face. The contrast between her motherly look and her trashy clothing is pretty cool (and I like her bondage panties more than I thought I would). It’s pretty neat to see a working girl, too, though given how she’s dressed, I wonder if she’d do better if she took the more typical sort of job.

    • wieselhead

      Her boobs actually don’t look too scary when you see her in person, sure she has big knockers, but her body is sturdy.
      She has an incredibly sweet face, motherly is good description for it. Her clothes are really scandalous, the character designer must have been quite horny *lol*
      The heart cutout looks very cute on the actually hardcore SM clothes. Wait, you say my sweet Mammon should work as prostitute!? XD
      She should be rather dancing burlesque I think =)

  3. Aya

    Her face kinda MILF 😀 let’s say very pretty extravagant demon auntie next door 😛 , she really well endowed ^^ I like how her face done , I just think her “front heavy” as the usual common hentai fantasy 😛 , the stand the clothes, the coins and the stuff she carry looks very nice 😀

    It took years for them to release all of the 7 Girls, I believe the first pre-order start from from 2012(and even bother to release the variants earlier instead new girls) ^^ at least they will have complete releases this year 😀

    • wieselhead

      In the end I could not call her milf in the review but it’s true ;D
      A stunning auntie, yeah she’s quite hot and buxom.
      Actually the boobs appear less gigantic in person, but it might also be just my twisted tastes *lo*
      In an case she’s a beautiful figure all around (´ ▽`).。o♡

      At east it will be done. Now Orchid Seed can finally put more focus on their still unfinished prototypes.

  4. Hoshiko

    The evil looking vegetables steal the show! Haha.

    Anyway, I think perhaps it’s her pose, the way she bends that doesn’t make her boobs as big as they’re suppose to be in some photos. Okay, I know that sounds weird cuz I don’t know how to explain, lol. It’s also because of her black top, I guess.

    • wieselhead

      Thx for the comment, so it wasn’t that daunting XD
      Yeah these are a great part of this figure, so spooky ^o^
      I think as big as they are, the sculptor did a good job in creating her voluptuous body, so that it won’t look too unbalanced,
      I guess I really like my Mammon as she is. No problem, black makes people look thinner, the details on the top also hides the size a little, in the early prototype stage it looked heavier *lol*

  5. Bakayaro

    Eigentlich wollte ich sie nie haben aber das Gesicht und ehrlich gesagt auch ihr wunderschöner großer runder Po, haben mich überzeugt. Die Brüste haben mich eigentlich vorerst vom Kauf abgehalten aber am Ende konnte ich nicht widerstehen. Somit habe ich nun auch 6 von 7 der Sins zusammen, wo ich auch froh drüber bin! Satan folgt noch nächsten Monat dann ist die Sammlung komplett… vorerst… denn ich habe ja schon weitere vorbestellt.

    Freue mich ja schon mir deine Fotos gerade anzuschauen. Ich selbst habe erst Gestern angefangen die ersten Fotos von ihr zu machen. Du hast sie aber schon echt toll abgelichtet. Hattest du eigentlich auch Schwierigkeiten die ganzen Nahrungsmittel in ihren Korb zu bekommen? =D

    • wieselhead

      Die Brustgröße ist schon etwas speziell, ich mag zwar große Anime Brüste, aber sie sind bei Mammon eben so.
      Jetzt wo sie da ist mag ich ihre Proportionen ist auch gut ausbalanziert mit dem prallen Po.
      Gut, ich möchte jetzt nicht nur solche üppigen Figuren haben, aber der andere Milf Look ist auch mal schön.

      Eigentlich ist sie auch meine liebste 7 Sins Figur, Von der ersten Reihe, die angekündigten 1/7 scale Figuren sind interessant.
      6 von 7 ist schonmal sehr cool, ich habe nur 2, evtl werde ich auch mehr von den neuen besorgen.

      Danke, hat auch Spaß gemacht mit ihr Bilder zu machen, finde sie ziehmlich attraktiv, das Gesicht ist wunderschön und dann noch der Körper ( ̄▽+ ̄*)
      Naja, ich habe sie eigentlich nur “reingeschmissen” aber die Äpfel kullern immer raus XD Da der Korb auch etwas schräg hängt ist es zumindest ne fummelige Arbeit.

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