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It’s probably hard to believe, but this actually is my last Super Sonico figure review for the time being, I have no more figures of her on Preorder. The only one I might consider to get in the future, at the moment is the attractive prototype from Kaitendoh.  What would be a better way to conclude this than with a big and cute figure of the now so popular anime culture Idol.

Orchid Seed did a great job with all their adaptions of the Sonico character, Wing, ALTER and Native put up a good competition in the past and recently, but I like their figures the most.

Orchid Seed also made this Super Sonico Cheer ★ Girl version, also known as Cheerleader version, it was released in early October 2014. The figure is scaled 1/6 with an overall height of 30 cm (with pompoms included) with her big head and buxom body, she looks quite big.

Super Sonico – Cheer ★ Girl - Orchid Seed - 002

The figure was made by Tanaka Masanori  a rather active sculptor of Orchid Seed figures.
The Cheer ★ Girl is based on an illustration from Tsuji Santa, actually one of my favorite Super Sonico illustrations when it comes to amount of details and a cute facial expression.

There are several parts included, optional hands and soft loose socks parts and also a cast off option, so you have different ways to display her. The top opens at the backside, the skirt opens at the side.You can take off the head, but the figure doesn’t separate at the waist.

Super Sonico – Cheer ★ Girl - Orchid Seed - 001

Super Sonico – Cheer ★ Girl - Orchid Seed - 003

Super Sonico – Cheer ★ Girl - Orchid Seed - 004
Sonico always has the same headphones, but Orchid Seed did a good job in letting it look detailed and convincing, she also has her usual shoulder long hairstyle. On this figure though, there are few changes, small strands flowing around her main hair part like tentacles, the different sizes and movements make her hair really interesting, the fringe is hanging deeply over eyes that gives Sonico a rather wild touch.

This Sonico figure has a cute face with really big, lively eyes, her eyes actually aren’t pink, they remind me more of a thin layer balsamic vinegar. At such a size it is to be expected that the facial details get more attention, nevertheless the details like eyelashes look great on her. Sonico has little pointy nose and a deeply engraved mouth with upper front teeth line.

Super Sonico – Cheer ★ Girl - Orchid Seed - 005
The happy expressions gives her a youthful and cheerful appeal, I really love how she looks.

Super Sonico – Cheer ★ Girl - Orchid Seed - 006

Super Sonico – Cheer ★ Girl - Orchid Seed - 007

Super Sonico – Cheer ★ Girl - Orchid Seed - 008
Her outfit is the classic cheerleader costume known through American sports. Her outfit is a skimpy type of shirt which consist of blue and white colors, her collar has a nice, thin red stripe. The shirt is closed with a big knot, it keeps Sonico’s treasures in place, when she jumps around like that. Her navy blue and white skirt has a very pretty design and good details.

Super Sonico – Cheer ★ Girl - Orchid Seed - 009

Super Sonico – Cheer ★ Girl - Orchid Seed - 010

Super Sonico – Cheer ★ Girl - Orchid Seed - 011

Super Sonico – Cheer ★ Girl - Orchid Seed - 012

Super Sonico – Cheer ★ Girl - Orchid Seed - 013

Super Sonico – Cheer ★ Girl - Orchid Seed - 014

For another sporty option, you can choose to display Sonico with hands or with pompoms. The yellow things look good and give the figure a color boost. The hands have  detailed fingers with painted nails, the detaching points are hidden by the wrist decorations of each hand.

Super Sonico – Cheer ★ Girl - Orchid Seed - 015

Super Sonico – Cheer ★ Girl - Orchid Seed - 016

Super Sonico – Cheer ★ Girl - Orchid Seed - 017
With Sonico making a jump into midair the figure is a really dynamic one, flowing strands, flowing pompoms and bouncing boobs, make her look very energetic and cheerful.

Sonico is a beautiful cheerleader girl, her nice long legs have muscular thighs and also her stomach looks very well trained. She’s not as chubby as recent figures of her. It makes sense, since you can’t be a Cheerleader without physical fitness and stamina, during her workout  Sonico lost a few of her cute pounds. Still Sonico shows an overall excellent sculpted body.

Super Sonico – Cheer ★ Girl - Orchid Seed - 018

The girl is wearing fancy pantsu with several lines of detailed frills and lovely laces at the outside, it a really cute design. She also has nice looking white sport shoes, you can either display her with her socks or use the soft loose socks, which are simple to de- and attach.

Super Sonico – Cheer ★ Girl - Orchid Seed - 019

Super Sonico – Cheer ★ Girl - Orchid Seed - 020

The pose portrays the figure during the ending phase of a little jump, her skirt and the pompoms are lifted up and face upwards. It is really sweet and funny how Sonico’s boobs are bouncing around in midair. Even without her top they still look convincing in shape and size.

The figure has a nice pair of breasts with slightly elevated rosebuds, which are painted slightly darker, I really like the color that has been used. While a few figures of her show her with larger breast, this Cheer Girl version is true to her size as she was introduced as character.

Super Sonico – Cheer ★ Girl - Orchid Seed - 021

Super Sonico – Cheer ★ Girl - Orchid Seed - 022

Super Sonico – Cheer ★ Girl - Orchid Seed - 023

Super Sonico – Cheer ★ Girl - Orchid Seed - 024

Super Sonico – Cheer ★ Girl - Orchid Seed - 025

Super Sonico – Cheer ★ Girl - Orchid Seed - 026

Super Sonico – Cheer ★ Girl - Orchid Seed - 027

Super Sonico – Cheer ★ Girl - Orchid Seed - 028

Super Sonico – Cheer ★ Girl - Orchid Seed - 029

Super Sonico – Cheer ★ Girl - Orchid Seed - 030

Super Sonico – Cheer ★ Girl - Orchid Seed - 031

Super Sonico – Cheer ★ Girl - Orchid Seed - 032

Super Sonico – Cheer ★ Girl - Orchid Seed - 033

Final Words

Orchid Seed managed to create another high quality big scale figure of the Super Sonico character. there were already a number of great Sonico figures made by them. There was Super Sonico as flustered Rockstar, dilligent nurse and contemplative bikini model.

In this adaption Sonico was portrayed as sporty, buxom cheerleader with a dynamic pose and a super happy smile. It is a really cute figure with a lively atmosphere. The 1/6 scale suits her nicely, her body looks fantastic with all the details of her sculpt and she has beautiful boobs.

The final figure shows a commendable quality, everything is smooth with no edges or obvious seam lines with two metal pegs and reinforced base she stands pretty solid on one leg.

I hope you liked the pictures of the happy figure and maybe the review was informative.

15 Responses

  1. Cerberus

    OH I don’t know the loose socks can be taken off and I don’t like them so did not order her. Triple laced panties are definitely strategic arms and look really cute on her. and it looks like they did the camel toe? Oh Orchid Seed you are so evil.

    • wieselhead

      Too bad, she is really great actually together with ALTERs version, I would say they are the best Sonico adaptions this year, you could also add the Rock ‘n’ Roll Valentine Sonico to the list.
      I really like my Cheer Girl Sonico, she’s just adorable ^^ Well, she has just an innocent tiny cameltoe, like you would expect from her ;D

  2. Aya

    Removeable socks that’s interesting 😀 ,I really like the eyes on this Sonico and it got open mouth with teeth at least ^^

    • wieselhead

      Yeah, a nice idea, they could have actually made of real fibre, but taking them off would have been more difficult.
      Her ees are indeed really pretty, she looks really sweet with her open mouth.

  3. Tier

    She is really cute, though I would’ve liked it if they had gone with more sporty-looking panties instead of the frilly underpants; I have this thing for sportswear and unfortunately it doesn’t seem to show up much in anime. Even the gym bloomers don’t seem to appear often on figures. It’s great to see Orchid Seed making a figure that is both large and high-quality; they can make really good figures but I would say that of the figures in my collection that didn’t meet my expectations, quite a few of them are Orchid Seed products.

    • wieselhead

      Mhhh I see, whats your image of sporty underwear? runner shorts, bloomers or just something with a less romantic appearance.
      It’s at least fitting for Sonico I think, I actually don’t know what cheerleaders wear underneath XD
      Somehow everyone forgot about bloomers, seems that anime culture has forgotten about it.
      Orchid Seed sometimes has a few flaws on their figures, I’m glad that I’ve mainly bought the right ones so far.
      I can forgive certain flaws anyway, only a “strange” skintexture on the final product would make me damn mad haha.

      • Tier

        Something like what you might see at a track event or similar; something that looks like it’s meant for business, instead of having lace or ruffles or frilly parts. You’re right that it does seem appropriate for Sonico. I didn’t watch much of the anime or anything but I have the feeling that she doesn’t have a ton of common sense, at least judging by how she wears her headphones into the bathtub.

        • wieselhead

          Ah, ok sure that would look more sporty on her.
          Yeah I think it’s true, she’s also quite gullible, if her environment weren’t so nice, she would find herself in distress very soon. Still she was quite adorable ^^
          Maybe Sonico was cursed to have headphones instead of ears, the illustrators are very persistent about the headphone look, I’m pretty sure people would still recognize her without them.

  4. Fabrice

    Another Sonico figure! and lol having her just posed with her underwear XD
    The only nag is that those big socks just looks weird.. better just keep her with normal ones!

    Like Tier said maybe different underwear for this pose and outfit as well it doesnt really fit? ^^

  5. Bakayaro

    Ich hab meine ja (leider) gecancelt gehabt. Im Endeffekt war ich nicht zufrieden genug mit ihrem Gesicht. D= Von hinten sieht sie super aus! Besonders gut gefällt mir das Pantsu, welches durch den hochfliegenden Rock zum Vorschein kommt. Generell mag ich das Szenario sehr. Mal keine normale Stand-Pose, kein Bikini, alles ein wenig anders. =) Aber da ich schon genug Sonicos habe kann ich das verkraften. Wie gesagt stört mich irgendwas an ihrem Gesicht. Es wirkt für mich ein wenig zu platt. Aber immerhin kann ich bei dir schöne Fotos von ihr anschauen, auch wenn ich sie gerne selbst fotografieren würde. ^^

    • wieselhead

      Kurz nachdem ich die Vorbestellung damals gesetzt habe, fühlte ich auch das ihr Gesicht etwas doof aussieht.
      Irgendwie wurde wohl noch etwas dran optimiert, jedenfalls wenn ich sie jetzt so auf dem Regal anschaue sieht sie fantastisch, das Regal ist etwas höher wirkt aus der Perspektive wohl besser als auf dem Schreibtisch.

      Ja, die Pose ist toll, damals war ich schon von der bloßen Ankündigung der Figur enzückt ^^
      Bin jetzt auch ziehmlich glücklich mit meiner “letzten” Sonico.
      Dankeschön bei dem Wunderkerzen Bild, hätte ich beinahe mein Bett abgebrannt XD

  6. Dave

    I broken her stupid tight ass-bra after unboxing her the first time!
    How to cast-off her bra without breaking it! because I sure did by accident! Here’s my story below:
    i just received the cheer girl a few days ago, and it looks great! however it was so retarded that you have to cast off her plastic bra to remove the plastic wrapper! You have to stretch the bra a little to put it on or removing it, that’s when the stupid plastic ribbon got broken! it has wrapper tuck under all over the place! I was major pissed off that I broke the bra piece because of her ridiculous bust size, and plus the bra was super small and tight! I’m trying to find a video of someone that manage to remove the bra without actually breaking it!
    The first sonico was broken easily too, the headset wires were super flimsy! 
    PS. so far you’re the only person review this figure on youtube, please HELP!

    • wieselhead

      Hi Dave,
      ah that sucks man, but sometimes damages happen in this hobby, no matter how expensive the figure was.
      The front ribbon of my figure is also a little ripped, but not that badly and it’s not that noticeable.
      How damaged is your plastic bra piece? is it still in one piece with only the ribbon ripped or fallen off?

      You can expect no help from the manufacturer, unfortunately.

      Depending on the damage, clear epoxy glue is your friend, it can fix broken plastic parts, but use it carefully and only a little bit.

      The wrapping stuff sometimes suck when you don’t intend to undress the figure.
      I haven’t heard of more people with this problem, normally you would first take the head off (carefully)
      and open the bra at the backside, then you slowly push the top in the direction her boobs are pointing and a little upwards.

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