Wonder Festival 2014 – summer event #2

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wonfes 2014 summe IIr

Are you up for some more Wonder Festival 2014 material, in this second part we will take a look at the coverage from some more figure manufacturers which took part in the event.

It’s always a strange phenomenon at Wonder Festival, the less popular companies seldom get the attention from photographers as for example GSC, therefore we people in front of the screen must be happy with less quality pictures. Well, I guess it’s still better than nothing,




KaguraGintama – G.E.M. – China version

I already finished 3 seasons of Gintama, it is fun. Kagura is the cutest character in Gintama with her childish voice and bold language she is always fun. Here is a new version from MegaHouse, called “China”. The figure has a pretty dress and comes with traditional umbrella and a funny second face expression. Oh, obviously you can order her starting from today.



Haramura NodokaSaki Zenkoku-hen – Sekai Seifuku Sakusen

For some reason this Saki will only be made in 1/10 scale, still she looks very pretty as a whole in her classic sailor uniform. You can also preorder her since a few days.

Haramura Nodoka – Saki Zenkoku-hen – Sekai Seifuku Sakusen



Himemiya AnthyShoujo Kakumei Utena – ChuChu

Megane! Megane! I think this figure prototype looks quite appealing in her vulnarable pose. I’m not that familiar with Shoujo Kakumei Utena, but this girl is supposed to have a darker skincolor, I like that and I’m quite curious how she will look with some color.

Himemiya Anthy – Shoujo Kakumei Utena – ChuChu

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Mori Yuki – Uchuu Senkan Yamato 2199 – Pilot Suit Version 2

I recently finished the OVA series and I liked quite bit, with a great visual presentation and a overworked storyline compared to the old (also great ) anime. MegaHouse made a number of characters of it. I got the nurse  recently and love it. There already was a figure of her, but here is a little more dynamic version of Yuki in a sexy pilot suit and a great facial expression.

Mori Yuki - Uchuu Senkan Yamato 2199 - Pilot Suit Version 2




Ishikei –  Original Character – C77 Guide Book Illustration

I was pleased to see that Wing got this adorable figure painted for the event, she turned out really nice and close to her illustration. Her face is cute and she is big, I will probably order her.




SaberFate/Stay Night – Last Episode

Saber is so popular all the time and she constantly appears in different outfits, this one is especially pretty and shows her in a peaceful manner. I always like to see Saber in alternative outfits that seem to be out of character. I love this friendly and positive appearance. I think it’s great how she stretches her open hand torwards the viewer, you just have to like her, awww.

Saber FateStay Night Last Episode

Saber FateStay Night Last Episode i


Konjiki no Yami – To LOVEru Darkness – Childhood version

Yami-chan was still kinda happy and cheerful as a child, this figure shows little Yami in quite cheerful manner with a big smile. She is also a big scale figure.

Konjiki no Yami - To LOVEru Darkness - Childhood ver.



I guess this is Alphamax first appearance at Wonfes, they gained a solid fanbase within a short time with their steady and increasing quality they can be considered as a promising manufacturer of sexy or hentai figures.

Himekawa Hayuru – Masou Gakuen HxH

This is just illustration status, but I like this project, the tsundere cat girls looks really nice here, I hope they can turn this into a convincing 3D figure.

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Tony Taka – Original Character

Tony Taka is on close terms with Alphamax and his artworks are often used in their lineup, here is a cute christmas related cat eared girl with a very short skirt. The design is very cute.

Tony Taka - Original Character B Tony Taka - Original Character C
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Jack the RipperFate/Apocrypha

I’m happy that Phat could show their painted prototype of this Garage Kit adaption, the small person with the big thighs was one of the figure related things I was looking forward to since some time. She turned out really pretty overall.



Ques Q

Ques Q has a lot of Kancolle stuff planned, like Destroyers like Hibiko or heavy cruiser  Atago, everything based on official ingame artwork, yu can expect a lot of figures from them.


TenryuuKantai Collection

This is a 1:1 adaption of the official in game artworks of Kancolle and the prototype looks already great with all the details, Tenryuu is one of the tougher girls in the game, not really ladylike but she is really cool.

Tenryuu - Kantai Collection


Kitakami Kai – Kantai Collection

I don’t know why they adapted Kitakami after all, but the promising prototype  doesn’t look too bad, actually it’s the opposite. She is a torpedo cruiser therefore she is equipped with lots of torpedo tubes.

Kitakami Kai - Kantai Collection


TutankhamunEiyuu Senki Gold

I like this one a lot, the design is quite adorable, the petite girl has an ancient Egyptian design and tanned skin, I will keep an close eye on this figure.

Tutankhamun – Eiyuu Senki Gold i



Super SonicoNitro Super Sonic

Actually, that was the only Sonico figure from this Wonfes that caught my attention, the prototype sculpt looks really good. She is big, curvy and the under bikini top grab is quite erotic. Hopefully the paintjob will bring out her full potential in the end.

Super Sonico – Nitro Super Sonic

Super Sonico – Nitro Super Sonic i


Yagyu JubeiHyakka Ryouran: Samurai Bride – Maid version

I loved the maid outfits in Hyakka Ryouran: Samurai Bride, they were really pretty, it’s nice to finally see a figure, the dress and body look very nice, but they should work on the face before the release.

Yagyu Jubei – Hyakka Ryouran Samurai Bride – Maid ver.




Shinonono Houki – Infinite Stratos 2 – Miko version

FREEing put a lot of work ininto their big IS girls line up, I already feared that Houki would be left out, but now she’s will be made, I’m happy because she wears my favorite outfit from this certain episode, the painted prototype looks great.

Shinonono Houki - Infinite Stratos 2 - Miko ver


Hoshii MikiThe Idolmaster (TV Animation)

FREEing showed a lot of prototype figures of popular characters dressed in Yukata’s, Railgun, Idolm@ster and so on. I will look forward  to see them painted.

Hoshii Miki – The Idolmaster (TV Animation)
penguin parade

Penguin Parade seems to have improved since their first figures, I really liked how the faces of their Wonfes lineup figures turned out.

Ryuuzouji AkaneWalkure Romanze

Akane looks just beautiful and sweet with her facial expression, the bikini is mixed with samurai armor, what I like much more than the heavy European armor bikini mix from other Walkure Romanze figures.

Ryuuzouji Akane



Rias Gremory – High School DxD NEW

Most Rias Gremory figures so far turned out with rather unsatisfying results, for whatever reason. I am very impressed by the lovely, expressive face of this one, her little smile is awesome, I don’t mind the slutty dress that much even though she could wear more clothes ^. Oh, I really love her face.
Rias Gremory - High School DxD NEW


Asuna & YuiSword Art Online

This was hard to find I thought, that there has been no progress on this prototype, but look it has been painted, the whole bedroom scene looks quite lovely and Asuna together with her “digital” daughter are a sweet set of characters placed together.


Asuna & Yui - Sword Art Online


Dragon Toy


Tony Taka – Original Character

This is one of Taka’s more daring illustrations, that was used to create this quite “exciting” prototype ^^. Dragon Toy is a good company for figures of such kind, it will probably turn out quite nice after the paintjob has been applied.

Tony Taka – Original Character

Tony Taka - Original Character

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Benifuji YuriaSakigake ⇒ Generation! – QueenTe

Another illustration status announcement, the character design is cute with the big eyes and striped bikni, the slimy liquid is a bit too bold in my opinion, but lets wait for a more advanced prototype.

Benifuji Yuria – Sakigake ⇒ Generation! – QueenTe

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Ok , that was all of my little Wonder festival 2014 summer coverage, in part 2 I wanted to show that also the smaller figure manufacturing companies were showing interesting content and figures at their booths. Also from this list I have figures I’d probably like to add to my collection.


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  1. Miette-chan

    Lol what? You were not done?

    You actually just reminded me about Wing, I need to check out their new stuff. With Purple Heart they have gotten themselves a new fan.

    I was interested in that Yui and Asuna combo, now that I see it painted something looks off with Asuna. Quite a shame since I found it an interesting concept.

    • wieselhead

      No, no of course not.
      Did you expect I would finish Wonfes in such an half assed way XD?
      Yeah Wing is on fire recently, I will also buy one of their figures, hopefully soon ^^
      I also like a two character combination, Yui looks lovely maybe it is just bad lighting on Asuna.
      It’s actually sad that this was their only picture from Wonfes :/

  2. Hoshko

    “therefore we people in front of the screen must be happy with less quality pictures” <- It's time to make a visit to visit WonFes event in person!

    Wow, they're selling the Asuna & Yui figure as one? Wouldn't that be pricey?

    And finally, Sonico-chan makes her appearance on your list =).

    • wieselhead

      Yeah, thats right ;D
      Well, I would probably try to steal some prototype figures *lol*
      I guess it won’t be cheap, butt the prices for figures are high anyway .
      At least one, I approve of.

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