a look at the seductive nurse figure from Native Kangoshi Momoi (Simple Version)

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Kangoshi Momoi - header

Hello my dear readership, in this post I will review a NSFW figure. It’s Kangoshi Momoi.

The seductively sexy nurse figure from manufacturer Native. Kangoshi Momoi is an Original Character and part of the Creator’s Collection. She is based on the art of Saito Masatsugu and sculpted by Kawanishi Ken. The figure is scaled 1/7 and was released in January 2016.

Kangoshi Momoi - Original Character -  Native  - 03b

The figure was sold in two version, a Standard Version with and elaborate designed and moveable gynecological chair and as Simple Version with a white bean bag to be placed on.

Kangoshi Momoi - Original Character - Native - 02

I bought the simple version for several reasons, first it was less kinky, second it was less expensive and third I only wanted the “naked” figure, pun intended. For some the (chair) probably was the convincing feature, to me it’s mainly an expendable accessory I don’t need.

Kangoshi Momoi - Original Character - Native - 27
Kangoshi Momoi - Original Character -  Native  - 05


The Simple Version has a height of 15 cm, the Standard Version measures 18,5 cm.

Kangoshi Momoi - Original Character - Native - 10

The Kangoshi Momoi figure in both versions is nevertheless the same, both have a magnetic maid cap, a removable stethoscope and the thermometer is fix in position (unfortunately ^^).

Kangoshi Momoi - Original Character - Native - 12b

I love seductively playful expressions and so I was easily convinced to get Kangoshi Momoi. Her face and the expression turned out marvelous, details on eyes, nose and mouth create a beautiful and seductive expression, it’s nice how the sinful Momoi still shows a little anime cuteness. Her pretty, dark purple hair underlines her seductress appeal even more.

Kangoshi Momoi - Original Character - Native - 11

The figure halfway lies on her back while licking licking on the fever thermometer. With her pink nurse uniform mainly unbuttoned and boobs exposed. With one hand she pulls up her shirt to expose her lower belly. Momoi appears to be more of a cosplaying nurse, instead of a shameless employee. In any case the figure is teasing the viewer in a rather intimate way.

Kangoshi Momoi - Original Character - Native - 07

Native makes very ecchi figures in general, bare boobs are the usual thing, to expect, but often they give the customer the option, to display the figure completely 18+ or not. In this case it means that you can take her panties off or keeping them in place “You naughty boy”

Kangoshi Momoi - Original Character - Native - 17

I like taking pictures of bare boobed ladies and putting them online. but an exposed vagina is something I rather would not show. I decided to go lewd, but don’t expect closeups (⁄ ⁄^⁄ᗨ⁄^⁄ ⁄)

Kangoshi Momoi - Original Character - Native - 26

The hot nurse archetype is just a stereotype fantasy, whoever entered a hospital these days will be utterly dissapointed. So Momoi wears a classical pink nurse uniform with garters and stockings. The uniform has short sleeves, but with wristband with red cross enblem. One could say why the bother of having an outfit when the character is nearly nude, but you know erotic works best with clothes, even when the crucial parts are exposed.

Kangoshi Momoi - Original Character - Native - 18

Kangoshi Momoi - Original Character - Native - 25

The figure has nicely shaped boobs with shiny nipples, the gravitational effect of her halfway lying pose was considered, it’s an inviting view for sure. Further below Momoi has every outer feature of a female , her vagina looks aestethically sculpted, but also relatively small.

Kangoshi Momoi - Original Character - Native - 29

Kangoshi Momoi - Original Character - Native - 23

When I placed my order for the Simple Version I didn’t expect that her base was a real beanbag filled with platic pellets, I admit that the chair of the other version is more fancy, nevertheless the “poor collector” version is also useful.

Kangoshi Momoi - Original Character - Native - 09

Final Words

Kangoshi Momoi leaves a very good impression, even with her simple base version, she looks great. With her pose she is one of the more bold figures from this manufacturer. I mainly bought her for the beautiful face and I really love the seductive playful atmosphere it creates.

The figure is nicely painted and has a pretty pink color sheme. As to be expected from Native the attractive nurse shows very nice body sculpting. The figure has good quality and clean appearance. I got the Limited + Exclusive figure for 14.490 Yen before shipping.

Kangoshi Momoi - Original Character - Native - 15

Kangoshi Momoi - Original Character - Native - 04

Kangoshi Momoi - Original Character - Native - 08  Kangoshi Momoi - Original Character - Native - 14
Kangoshi Momoi - Original Character - Native - 16
Kangoshi Momoi - Original Character - Native - 20

Kangoshi Momoi - Original Character - Native - 24

Kangoshi Momoi - Original Character - Native - 30

12 Responses

  1. Fabrice

    Woa okay so we are supposed to do the check up on her and not her to us lol.
    Sorry but I’m you mentioned “her vagina looks aestethically sculpted, but also relatively small”
    Just not used talking about figures like that. She does look quite good quality.
    Fabian be prepared for the “you have to take responsibility” as she is holding the pregnancy test! But yeah good built I guess the face looks good and you can tell they put enough in the details as with the line on the stomach or how ever you call that.

    • wieselhead

      That might be the case, if you are a good “naughty” boy ^^
      haha it isn’t there on many figures, as “dilligent” reviewer I really had to mention it. For me writing about that aspect of this figure was slightly embarrassing ヾ(〃゚ー゚〃), but all rightI tried to write it in a no lewd way XD
      But… but I didn’t do anything ;D Anyway, she’s indeed very appealing (*´▽`*) I guess it’s called midriff.

  2. Anime Shutterbug

    Damn that is a hot figure! Really nice photos too, whered you get the little white couch?

    I have not purchased any 18+ figures yet because I would be a little weary on how to display them but I am sure it will eventually happen lol. I really want that Leviathan figure that you reviewed too. Stop tempting my wallet my dollfies need more outfits lol

    • wieselhead

      Yes, she is a very hot lady, oh thank you ^^
      On ebay I searched with the tag “jewelery box sofa”.

      Some 18+ figures are really hardcore, I honestly prefer borderline ecchi.
      Slightly lewd posed figures are ok, as long as I can cover the spot between the legs.
      I like castoff options, but I display my only with the clothes on, if possible ;p
      Well, but Levi is an really adorable figure ♡^▽^♡.

      I know, balancing both hobbies is rather difficult, the Dolls helped me with limiting figure purchases… or forced *lol*

  3. Miette-chan

    Yeah man, should have full lewd with the chair! It’s elevates the lewdness to another level. That aside, I can agree with you, adding the chair added a lot more to the cost than what I think was worth. In end though it’s all about the figure and Native delivered in that regard. That alluring expression, almost as if she is inviting for some naughty doctor play, those soft delicate looking breasts. Yes, good job Native!

    Too bad real life nurses are not like this huh.

    • wieselhead

      Ahahaha yes it would actually be really lewd material with a funny chair. Though the figure is not kinky as one would expect. You see, the thermometer is glued in her hand it can’t be put anywhere else, this actually would have been a hilarious feature XD
      It’s also one of those figures I rather don’t want to be highlighted further by the base lol. I’m satisfied with the simpler version, the nurse looks hot and wears the seductive expression that convinced me to order. Ahahaha too bad real nurses aren’t like in anime fantasy XD

  4. Hoshiko

    I was going to ask you why you didn’t get the one with the chair but your reasons are well explained. You only want the naked figure. Totally understand >.<.

  5. Aya

    So damn erotic XD too much H fantasy i would say seeing this lol better not type them at all XP I am sure Tier will do them anyway if he come to review this ahaha

    • wieselhead

      Haha my parents were also surprised by the “slutty” nurse. Exposed breasts by default is a little embarrasing, though I already have one like this I should have done more outrageous pictures? XD

  6. Tier

    She looks great! Of course. The only thing I can think of to improve her was something that was commented on another website, that a little 1/7 scale speculum be provided that could go into her. Strange to think, if this were a SkyTube figure, I bet they would have included something like that.

    • wieselhead

      Haha yeah she is a great one! Oh with a speculum I would never ever had bought the figure XD
      My interest in the female anatomy is not so “deep” that I want to see everything.

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