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Asuna header

I recently got myself this lovely Asuna figure from Max Factory, she was too pretty not to buy.

[ No Asuna was harmed during this photoshooting ]

This figure was already released, when I noticed her appeal, this often happens after user pictures appear. Sometimes promo pictures don’t convey how a figure will look in person. Asuna was released in late October, and barely available after that, luckily I found a friendly local dealer who still had her in stock, I a little paid more, I got her without customs trouble and relatively short shipping time compared to the transit times of SAL, Airmail or EMS.

Asuna - Titania ver. - Max Factoriy - 015


Asuna is scaled 1/7, sitting on her legs she measures 13 cm. The figure was sculpted by Shining Wizard @ Sawachika. I don’t like all his works, but there are also figures on his list that are masterpieces, like Sansei Muramasa, Catherine or Psychic, who has yet to be released. Asuna is based on the popular Sword Art online, sometimes it’s rather bad, but it has it’s bright moments and can be fun to watch. In the arc this figure is based on she’s 17 years old.

Asuna - Titania ver. - Max Factoriy - 001
Asuna - Titania ver. - Max Factoriy - 021


After Sword Art online desintergraded Asuna is still in a comatose state. She is at the mercy of her would be future husband which was decided by her stupid parents. Still, villain – san won’t touch her real body until they are married. He made it so that Asuna was only conscious in the virtual world of another game called Alfheim online, the villain created her account, decided about her appearance and put her in a cage where no player can interact with her.

In the first half of Sword Art online, Asuna was an exceptionally skilled player on par with Kirito, but after she was put in the cage her role got reduced to damsel in distress and many fans got really upset about this development. I think the happy end as result was sweet, I’m actually someone who is always rooting for the first possible couple in anime, as result harem shows are hard for me to watch, but I didn’t really feel Asuna x Kirito, though.

Asuna - Titania ver. - Max Factoriy - 003

With all the freedom in character creation of a MMORPG, the villains choice of ingame appearance was a rather plain copy of the real Asuna with pointy ears. In his position I would given her more bust, it had turned the show into a comedy and there is only place for one buxom female character. In SAO most characters have a normal build without such features.

The figure comes in a round transparent box with a birdcage design and printed rods, it looks quite fancy and the figure could also be displayed inside her box, which looks also very nice.

Inside there also is a huge round base painted in light green, Max Factory also added around 70 cm of wire with brown rubber coating in case you want to do some light bondage play with her, I didn’t go all crazy with it, you could probably apply it in better ways  than I did.

Asuna - Titania ver. - Max Factoriy - 004

What I like about figures the most are expressive faces and this is one of the strong points of this Asuna figure. The sculptor toned down the cuteness of her anime appearance a little and made her face more sensual. The slightly closed eyes which are pointing to the left and concerned eyebrows create a convincing expression on her face. Asuna looks a little scared and defenseless, this vulnerable expression suits her quite well, she’s such a beautiful girl.

Asuna - Titania ver. - Max Factoriy - 012

Asuna - Titania ver. - Max Factoriy - 033

The figures orange hair is made of soft material, it’s very long and shows a lot of detail, several strands are which are hanging limply over her wings, on the backside she has two braids and a little veil. I really like the design of her bangs with the four major strands hanging down.

At the sides of her head are two pointy ears, as a friend of Elf ears I like this design a lot, the upper side of her ears show a metal like decoration.

Asuna - Titania ver. - Max Factoriy - 028

Asuna has fairy wings with small winglets on top, it gives her the appearance of a delta winged plane, I can’t shake off the imagination of her to lift off like a space rocket. The transparency make them look quite pretty with the strands of hair over them, it also makes her look wider.

Asuna’s outfit looks rather simple in white, decorated with a red ribbon and a faint shading all around, a mass of folds and wrinkles is used as her skirt, a white ribbon is placed over her private parts. Arms and legs are decorated with brown string, her legs also have bandages.

Asuna - Titania ver. - Max Factoriy - 005

Asuna - Titania ver. - Max Factoriy - 006

Asuna - Titania ver. - Max Factoriy - 007

The design of her top is quite simple, it could look a little thinner to create the illusion of cloth, but however. Her top is evenly torn, it’s a belly free top accentuating parts of her pretty body she has one hell of a pretty belly. It’s also sexy how her lower leg regions come forth under her skirt, the definition of her legs looks great. Every part of her body is nicely accentuated.

When flipping Asuna over she’s unexpectedly lewd, she is wearing a thong and it is badly off center, you can see her butt and also partially the outer parts of her genitals. It’s no necessary detail, maybe the sculptor wanted to show off like “Look what I do with your PG-13 heroine”.

Asuna - Titania ver. - Max Factoriy - 025

Asuna - Titania ver. - Max Factoriy - 011

Asuna - Titania ver. - Max Factoriy - 037

With the arms halfway raised above Asuna’s head and wrists close together she can be constrained with the included wire, when you are into bondage games or just want to adapt a certain scene. I found the wire length to be a little short, as I tried to connect it to something.

I was a bit joking around with Miette-chan about combing this figure with a Rehgar Earthfury figure, his pose was rather hilariously fitting, but I decided that it would have been too outrageous for my liking, soft bondage is the most I can do to this beautiful young  lady.

Asuna - Titania ver. - Max Factoriy - 008

Asuna - Titania ver. - Max Factoriy - 014

Asuna - Titania ver. - Max Factoriy - 022

Asuna - Titania ver. - Max Factoriy - 034

Asuna - Titania ver. - Max Factoriy - 023

Final Words

I can’t believe that I nearly missed to order this great figure, she’s without  much exaggeration, fantastic. The innocent white dress combined with the beautiful yet sorrowful expression is unique and make this figure special. The lewdness when flipping her over was surprising, but the sculptor followed his way of keeping attention to detail. The Asuna – Titania version has the nice slender body of a 17 old Elf eared girl (ok, that probably sounds really creepy).

She has a cute belly, also nice arms and legs, the best part for me still is her gorgeous face.
Max Factory did an excellent job and the concept of the figure turned out really nice.

I hope you enjoyed the pictures, I had a lot of fun taking them, Asuna has been a lovely model.
I took more pictures which are below this paragraph, I really couldn’t decide 😀

Asuna - Titania ver. - Max Factoriy - 002

Asuna - Titania ver. - Max Factoriy - 017

Asuna - Titania ver. - Max Factoriy - 016

Asuna - Titania ver. - Max Factoriy - 013

Asuna - Titania ver. - Max Factoriy - 010

Asuna - Titania ver. - Max Factoriy - 009

Asuna - Titania ver. - Max Factoriy - 004

Asuna - Titania ver. - Max Factoriy - 018

Asuna - Titania ver. - Max Factoriy - 031

Asuna - Titania ver. - Max Factoriy - 030

Asuna - Titania ver. - Max Factoriy - 029

Asuna - Titania ver. - Max Factoriy - 027

Asuna - Titania ver. - Max Factoriy - 026

Asuna - Titania ver. - Max Factoriy - 024

Asuna - Titania ver. - Max Factoriy - 020

Asuna - Titania ver. - Max Factoriy - 019

Asuna - Titania ver. - Max Factoriy - 032

Asuna - Titania ver. - Max Factoriy - 040

Asuna - Titania ver. - Max Factoriy - 039

Asuna - Titania ver. - Max Factoriy - 038

Asuna - Titania ver. - Max Factoriy - 036

Asuna - Titania ver. - Max Factoriy - 035


14 Responses

  1. Hoshiko

    Despite wearing such a sad expression, this Asuna figure is actually pretty gorgeous. It’s either it’s a wonderfully sculpted figure or your pictures made her look stunning. It probably sounds funny, but I like her back much better. Maybe it’s because her hair was flowing down with a few strands on her wings; that sort of made it looks lively.

    Sometimes, I’m glad I never watched SAO. I usually get mixed review regarding the anime so I’ve stalled as much as I had.

    • wieselhead

      A little sadness can also be quite appealing I guess, thy made a very nice figure of sad Asuna at least.
      Ah thank you very much, but I guess it was probably both :D.
      Her backside also looks interesting and elaborate, but I rather see her face ^^
      Yeah SAO is a strange show, while the first story had a great concept the things afterwards really show the shows shortcomings.
      I can imagine that you wouldn’t enjoy it, the second season started bad, but the new arc is promising.

  2. Aya

    She looks quite gorgeous, I wish more cruel thing happen to her than just this thought 😛 and wow didn’t expect that on her underwear/thong details , anyway I feel Her expression somehow give her more mature looks ^^

    • wieselhead

      Indeed she’s super pretty, one of my prettier figures in this year.
      Haha the pose leaves some room for creativity, no Asuna is a good girl, don’t hurt her 😛

      All for the sake of realism, I guess
      Asuna looks really more mature in this figure adaption, I like it.

  3. diesus

    God! The detail given under her skirt was unexpected! But truly a gorgeous figure. I really love her expression here.

    • wieselhead

      Yeah, it seems everyone in the figure manufacturer world is becoming a pervert XD
      Asuna is beautiful, I didn’t really expect her to be this pretty and expressive actually.

  4. Kai

    Yea, loving the expression, and the details on her skirt is amazing. Her wearing thong is a pleasant surprise – we sure as hell weren’t told such tidbits in the anime :p The fact you can actually mess around with the wire at will is great, lol.

    • wieselhead

      It’s lovely, right? I totally love my sad Asuna.
      Her loose thong was rather a shock for me first, they gave the sculptor some freedom it seems XD
      It’s indeed a funny feature, to be able to play figure bondage games.

  5. Duqs

    That underwear was a surprise, wondering now how it got ruffled up like that hahaha. Love how the sculptors made sure that the arms showed up depression on her skin to indicate how tight the rope bindings were. It’s those extra touches that make figures like this really worth it

  6. Miette-chan

    Yup Max Factory is definitely my favorite figure maker that I never buy figures from. I wonder why they tend to make really nice figures like this Asuna and a lot of my grails are from them.

    I’m not really a big fan of Titania Asuna, mostly because of what the show turned Asuna into during that arc. I didn’t really paid attention to figures of her because of that but I think that was mistake. This figure is super nice, I think my favorite part is the slight uncomfortable expression of hers. After that is that lovely navel of hers, that tummy looks mouth watering. 😀

    One thing that I also like that rarely gets attention was Asuna’s packaging, when I saw it at my friends place I loved the desgin of the cage. I prefer to display my figures outside the box by this might be one that I wouldn’t.

    • wieselhead

      Haha, you should definitely change that, most of their figures have something special.
      What is wrong with Asuna in a cage? You know I never really liked Asuna in the first SAO, I liked her rromance element in it, but I wasn’t very interested and so I ignored her figure material. What Max Factory did won me over in the end, Asuna or not. A face like that is just too good. It’s a beautiful figure all around. On a sidenote the last SAO II arc changed my opinion regarding Asuna, she had such a good role in it, I think I feel a bit in love with her XD She has a lovely “cake” box.

  7. kixkillradio

    This is really a nice figure with lots of details in it and you made it look more gorgeous with your pictures. Small white pebbles and flowers are a nice touch. These photos are taking me to the world of SAO.. as if I’m there seeing Asuna helpless and tied up..

    • wieselhead

      Yes, Asuna looks just beautiful, she made my pictures shine the most (。♥‿♥。)
      Of course we will rescue her immediately (‐^▽^‐)

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