Chitose ~Natsu no Kemono~ by Rocket Boy


Hi and welcome to a new review, a nsfw one. The figure today is the super sweet Chitose.



After a short delay she was released by the end of August 2016. The figure was sculpted by Supa Sendai, she is the first work of this artist actually. Chitose is scaled 1/6, she has a nice size, also because of her shapely body, the size also gives her a beautiful shelf presence.


Chitose comes with a round cozy floor base and a bridal veil, that she can wear on her head.

The figure was manufactured by Rocket Boy and Native, which acts as distributor for them.




I would consider myself on the vanilla side of erofigures, I like when they have pretty boobs and accentuate feminine curves, on the other hand too explicit stuff turns me off. Alphamax started to produce ero figures with fake cum as optional decoration. Their figures are nice, but it’s a really gross feature XD. Personally I like ero figures that are skin revealing, chubby in the right places, have a playful or cute pose and most importantly have a sweet expression.

The character of Chitose is based on a short ero manga story illustrated by Homunculus.


After I learned about the production of the figure and saw the attractive prototype at a previous Wonderfestival, I got extremely excited, she looked so lovely and enchanting.




Chitose has beautiful shoulder long hair, it’s styled into a cute side ponytail and decorated with some roses. It’s color is navy blue and there is a nice highlight color on her front hair.

The girl has an affectionate and gentle expression. She has beautifully painted eyes and prominent blush on her upper cheeks. Her lips look nicely made and complete the sweet expression, the mouth really improved compared to the prototype version.



The figures apparently is half nude, but still wears her wedding night outfit with no panties.


She has a sexy corsage around her waist and upper body, it has an overall cute design and an transparent effect was added, as cute detail the belly button is exposed.




The piece of clothes is placed in a low position and one breast is more revealed. She also wears thigh highs in shiny white, the subtle skin pink shading on them adds an illusion of transparency. The frilly rim on it looks extremely nice, also because of the blue ribbon.


Chitose has a truly wonderful body, the sculptor did a good job in giving the figure a nice bodyline and smooth look.  On first look I was amazed by the marvelously wide hips, the lovely meaty thighs and the in my opinion best figure butt of the universe!




The figure also has a nicely shaped ample boobs.Judging from her pose, she doesn’t look like a tall woman to me, nevertheless she has the perfect proportions. She is sculpted with anatomical features, but due to her pose most isn’t visible directly, I’m not complaining at all.




For me the best part is this expressive pose, the figure is reaching out to someone in an inviting way. Generally figures are posed in a situation where they are doing their thing, but Chitose tears down that boundary with pointing her attention to the person in front gently.











Final Words

Chitose is a wonderful figure, her gentle looking face is really enchanting and she has an extremely attractive, buxom body. The pose emits a romantic and sweet atmosphere. I’m really happy that the figure turned out so nice and that I’ve ordered this enchanting Chitose.

The sculptor Supa Sendai did a fantastic job, technically and in terms of giving the figure a lively and expressive appearance. I like the romantic yet also erotic direction of Chitose, altogether it makes her something special, who could say no to such a sweet girl (´ ▽`).♡.

Rocket Boy also delivered a very convincing final figure, I’m looking forward to their upcoming projects, like the Succubus-san the preorder period will begin on the 30th September 2016…


5 Responses

  1. Miette-chan

    Ah, at long last I can have the nice close look at this figure. It’s good to see that Rocket Boy has turned out a nice product, especially since I am interested in some of their future announced releases. I find that naughty figures such are these are a lot harder to pull off since they have obvious focus points that can be done badly. Luckily for us that was not the case and we get go enjoy looking at Chitose’s love hips and meaty bust. Girls with a nice bit of meat look quite nice. I do like a lot that she is not in a overly sexualized pose and instead manages to look so subtly inviting thanks to her posture. If I had one complaint would be that I think her nipples are bit too bright! Either way, looking at the whole package it is a very nice job and I do hope more of Homunculus inspired figures are made in the future.

    • wieselhead

      Yeah, as she arrived I couldn’t wait to take pictures of Chitose, she has everything I like ;D
      Rocket Boy apparently seems a very good job with their figures, oh a new one went on preorder today, Succubus san nearly looks as sweet as Chitose ♡. Sculpting erotic figures appears a bit more challenging, in most cases sculptors do a good job.
      Cast off options sometimes causes a few compromises to be made, fortunately Chitose is half nude from the start. Her curves are fantastic, such a pretty plastic girl ;D
      She is a great example for the kind of ero figures I like, Chitose is not showing everything openly even though the details are there.
      The nipples color is a bit strong maybe my postprocessing did increase it a bit, too.

  2. Aya

    Still not fond of her smile(or rather it missing the noticeable blush compared to the art) but yeah I guess you are right this the Best figure released this year XD

    • wieselhead

      Oh too bad, I’m still in love with her beautiful figure (´ ▽`).。o♡
      The blush is directly under her eyes, on other figures it is often on the cheeks ^^.

      Yeah, oh lol the year is pretty much over also in terms of figures, 4 more to receive

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