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The first figure review of 2017 starts with a figure of demon girl Danua. Danua is a character from Granblue Fantasy, the popular smartphone RPG. Smartphones or also browser games are always good sources and inspirations for companies to create attractive figure concepts.

I’ve liked this Granblue Fantasy character already from several fan made illustrations, both normal and more fanservice related ones. I also liked this very figure on first sight, for a few reasons I’ve bought her shortly after the release in October 2016, but fortunately I did.

The figure was sculpted by Matsumoto Kouei, she is scaled 1/8 and is 18,5 cm in height.

Danua the cute and short demon girl surprised me with a quite sad background story, according to that, she is presented in a darker mood unusual for bishoujo figures, though Danua looks very cute in a melancholic way, which is also charming. She has a diorama base and 2 interesting monster dolls with sharp knives that accentuate the morbid atmosphere.

The figures outfit consists of something between a spaghetti strap summer dress and a nightgown with a elaborate corsage around her waist. She also wears fingerless gloves and has a half heartedly bandaged arm. The white dress shows nice wrinkles and shading, also the corsage also looks really good with the dark purple and metallic painted areas.

Danua has elaborately crafted dark hair, the strands are sharp and clean, I also like this reflection line at her deep hanging fringe. At the sides long horns with fancy decorations are coming out of her skull. The demon girl also has cute droopy elf like ears. The figure has a beautiful face, the face tilted downwards creates a unique presentation of a bishoujo figure.

A very appealing aspect of Danua is the variety of expressions she can show, just from changing the perspective, she can look cute, grumpy and also straight scornful.

Danua is a little sister type and speaks with a very cute voice, she appears a bit defenseless, but she is assisted and supported by her living dolls, Hansel and Gretel. They are intelligent and despite their tattered and scary appearance they are very kind and care a lot about Danua. The dolls are also part of this figure, they look really scary without knowing the game. Hansel is walking on the base and Gretel is hold up by Danua in a shy manner.


Danua is a short, petite girl, well partially she is not exactly petite, she has a very attractive body and well endowed boobs, that barely fit into her dress and create a luxuriant cleavage.

The base looks good, but could be a bit more detailed or of higher resolution. The figure can nevertheless also stand without her base, only supported by the train of her long dress.

Final Words

Danua is a great figure, Kotobukiya did a wonderful job with manufacturing her figure.

The figure follows the official game design by Hideo Minaba very closely. She is at the smaller end of the 1/8 scale, but nevertheless a great looking figure with lovely details. Danua is very appealing as figure and her expressive face is just too cute. The sculpting is is very detailed and overalll the figure is nicely colored.

She is still available at some shops, no need to hesitate ^^



8 Responses

  1. Aya

    Petite body 😛 slightly Meat and Boobs 😛 ….
    I like The theme of this one Demon Girl with grumphy face and two monster dolls, Okay I know Marionetting Hansel and gretel are her attack ahaha 😀 I would bet The Summer bikini version will be made soon XD

    • wieselhead

      Yeah, she has everything I like …and horns (^▽^).
      It’s cool to have also such figures around, though Danua still looks very cute ♡
      Ahahaha that will be a wonderful bikini figure I bet ♡〜٩( ˃́▿˂̀ )۶〜♡

  2. Miette-chan

    Ah, Granblue, someday I would like to play it but I can barely keep up with the two mobile games LLSIF and Starlight Stage as it is. Heck scratch that I can’t even keep up with only those two, without paying they are almost a full time job in order to get any of the cool cards. XD

    This figure is nice although her proportions make think she is midget. She reminds me of this one girl from highschool that under 5 feet and had a nice big bosom, although Danua is the cuter one. The look and feel of the figure actually reminds me of Tharja alot so I always imagined she had a someone dark personality but was probably a good girl at heart. Just with questionable methods. Your photos only serve to reinforce that seemingly mistaken perceptions with their nice dark look.

    One of the things I always liked about all these mobile games is that the characters in them tend to have detailed interesting designs and that turns into some very cool looking figures. Rage of Bahamut’s Olivia being a perfect example of that. Now it seems that Granblue is joining that gang. If more Granblue figures are made I would love an Uzuki or Ranko plz!

    • wieselhead

      The mobile games are all an invention of the devil (҂⌣̀_⌣́)
      But the character designs are often very nice.

      Danua is the general japanese demon girl, so probably a midget (*~▽~)
      Must have been a wonderful highschool life ♡^▽^♡.
      Well, after I’ve taken the pictures I found her gameplay route on youtube,
      this was very interesting, I didn’t really expect Danua to be extremely cute.

      I also hope that more busty, …eh beautiful Granblue figures will be made ;p
      haha more idols ^^

  3. Kai

    I don’t really follow Granblue that closely so I actually don’t know too much about the character myself. Great figure though, nice dress and the doll looks especially good. Love the grumpy face too.

    • wieselhead

      I also didn’t feel much urge to play the game, although the one video I haven been watching recently looked quite interesting and the fanart is hot:D
      But it’s good that the very appealing character design also gets adapted into figures. I like all cute demon girls .
      Yeah, Danua is so nice as figure, definitely a great concept for a figure.

  4. Tier

    I like her expression a lot; to me, she looks sad, like she isn’t able to finish wrapping up her arm so she’s asking you for help. Of course I have no idea what she’s like in Granblue Fantasy aside from how you described her so my opinion is strictly uninformed. These mobile games have some nice character designs but honestly, I’m kinda hoping figure manufacturers don’t go too crazy making figures based off them, I’m already pretty tired of Kantai Collection.

    • wieselhead

      Her expression is truly great ~ヾ(^∇^)
      I don’t mind that they follow every hype, when they make pretty figures I like I will probably buy them, if I don’t like them I save money.
      Fortunately, I’m not the biggest idol fan. Yeah, the avalanche of Kancolle figures will probably end soon, next wonfes it should play a big role anymore. Haha my favorite, Samidare never got a figure adaption *cries*.

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