Fujibayashi Kyou – Gym Storeroom version – Kotobukiya

This is the first post of 2020, since I have no new figures at the moment I will show you pictures from my last photosession, the figure is the Clannad heroine, Fujibayashi Kyou as gym storeroom version from Kotobukiya.

Kotobukiya adapted the figure from her popular storage room scene in the Clannad anime. She is a figure from the year 2010. I just got her recently from my friend at miettechan. We sometimes send figures to each other even when we live 10.000 of miles apart. And I took in Fujibayashi Kyou from Kotobukiya, I liked the figure and so I was happy.

I still remember Clannad to be a show that made me cry a lot, some events were quite melodramatic and overwhelming for my heart, but some things were also quite happy memories for me, I can’t say it was a bad experience to watch Clannad and Clannad After Story. One time I would probably like to rewatch it.

The figure is scaled 1/6, although the pose is rather compact the figure still looks big afterall she measures 12 cm in height. Another feature of the figure is a realistically sculpted vaulting box, I have put it somewhere, but could’t find it on the day of the shooting. Typically for Kotobukiya’s 4-Leaves label the figure also has a cushion base.

Kyou Fujibashi is an athletic person. In the VN her route is a big first love drama, but everything will be ok later.
Kyou is a strong, even rather bold character, but is a tsundere type who acts shy when romantic stuff is involved.
She is the older sister of Ryou, Kyou is very protective torwards the little sister and wishes her to find happiness in life.

My favorite girl from Clannad is actually Kotomi Ichinose, because she is a gentle soul with cute appearance.

The figures outfit is nicely sculpted with the wrinkles and folds on them. The bloomers look tight and stretchy, it’s supposed to look a little naughty. Her thigh highs also look nice and realistic. I also like her shoes quite a bit. The shading is done nicely, even when it’s done a bit roughly at some areas, I do really like the dynamic look it creates.

The outfit is nice highschool fanservice, the combination of short sleeved shirt, red bloomers and thigh highs doesn’t fail to appeal. I remember a volleyball tournament in our school, what a joy for the youngsters ahaha.

Her bodysculpting is great, everything looks smooth and pretty. The left thigh has a minor seamline, they could have made it smoother like the rest of the figure. I also think that she has nice arms and perfect looking hands. There could be a few finer details here and there, but it’s quite all right and I like the presentation of the figure as a whole.

The character design follows the beautiful Kyoto Animation style, her big purple eyes are very pretty and lively.
The old school blush effects also add a bit more to the pretty face. The violet hair looks smooth and pretty, not super fine as on figures nowadays, but clean and soft looking, also the hair ornament on the right side is there.

Her expression captures Kyou’s nervous and flustered from the hilarious storage room scene in Clannad very well.

Kyou’s pose is nicely articulated, the arched back doggy pose sets the focus on her backside which looks nice.

Final Words

This was all about Fujibayashi Kyou – Gym Storeroom version, I hope you liked the pictures and idea behind them.

It’s overall a nicely designed figure. The concept with the compact doggy pose is both sweet and sexy, as Kyou has a nice butt. The P.E. uniform looks very stylish and pretty. The figures expression is also quite good. For a figure from a decade ago it’s great and a nice memento of Clannad, who honestly did not receive many nice figures.

There should be more figures based on Kiyoto Animation characters, why is there no Violet Evergarden?

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  1. Otaking, the Statue Conqueror

    There are a number of anime that I really want merch of (especially figurines). Until now I have some from Madoka Magica, Steins;Gate, Angel Beats, Fate franchise, Re:Zero, Made in Abyss, Girls und Panzer, and from a few newer, smaller shows. I also preordered that new Super Peace Busters trio I linked in your Anohana article.

    But there are some older shows that probably won’t get any new products. Like Plastic Memories or Watamote. I saw some new ones of Gurren Lagann, Kill la Kill, Eva (no surprise lol), but I didn’t have the shekels for. But I did get these two (the eva one was super cheap, I think you can tell)

    I watched Kanon this Christmas. I love everything made by Key, but especially the 3 KyoAni works – Air, Kanon and Clannad. So I started wondering if you, or Miette, or Tier have anything from these on your websites. I didn’t have the time to go looking. And now you post this. Is this proof of telepathy? Maybe watching so much anime can do that to people lol.

    You know what I want? A trio figurine with Misuzu, Ayu and Nagisa, like the Super Peace Busters I mentioned above. It has been 20 years since the game Kanon first came out, so I wonder if they will make a special product for this anniversary.

    Hah, the vid you posted with the locker scene is so old, from a tiny channel with like 500 subs, but it has adds on it. That makes me laugh, so old yet still making money.

    About the figure. That seamline on the left leg, it’s pretty bad, I’m surprised they messed up so badly. I can also see one on her left hand, I think. Shit, it looks like the poor girl got some surgery, or was involved in a bad accident…Ugh *shrugs*. But the creases on the clothes and the socks (right above the sneakers) look really good. I think you figured out but I started collecting only recently, so I don’t have figures this old. I guess this is the technological level they had 10 years ago. Things have improved, except the prices, as you have said before. Damn chinise slaves, actually asking for good working conditions and good pay? Who do they think they are? Don’t they know they are the slaves of Winnie the Pooh? And America. And the E.U.. And Japan too (that last one is harsh lol). Enough political jokes for now.

    About your photo session now. I love it. I like the little sport balls you placed around, and the knitted mattress. I don’t understand how that room looks so small, and the window so low on the wall. I guess it’s a prop? Sorry, but I don’t know much about photography.

    About KyoAni statues, I know there have been some of Chunibyo…and I’m pretty sure some of Beyond the Boundary. It is surprising they didn’t make any of Violet Evergarden.

    Whelp, I wrote a lot. It’s enough. Sorry to flood like that.

    • wieselhead

      I had that phase too, but the shows that mean a lot to me get ignored by manufacturers and no figure is made.
      The shows you mentioned fortunately receive more attention and figures.
      Yes, after some years new figures based on an “old story” will rarely be made, except it’s Fate or Neon Genesis haha.

      Asuka is always nice and I like the pretty Holo figure I’ve honestly never saw before.

      I enjoyed playing the Little Busters VN. Also liked the anime and nearly everything Kiyoto Animation worked on.
      I yet have still to watch Air. One of the downsides of those beautiful works is that the sad moments hit so hard.

      Yes, when the figures were released they would have been reviewed back in the day.
      Tier, even reviewed this figure of the review, but it’s lewder lol.
      haha anime connects people, either that or they argue about it.

      I don’t know if there are any plans for a new Kanon figure, it certainly would be nice.

      I never watched anime on youtube, with low resolution and rough compression it’s not very appealing.
      But the scene is so cute and kind of makes me want to rewatch it, but the sad scenes are so destructive *cries*
      Nevertheless I checked the prices for the blu ray box sets.

      Yes, back in the days we weren’t that demanding buyers and lived with minor flaws like that.
      The manufacturing improved a lot in the last 10 years, oh well and the prices.

      Haha slaves, I’m fine with fair wages, but it seems like manufacturers became greedy and just demand more for the merchandise.

      Thank you, I’m always happy when people like the set. I tried following a store room design, they if at all have narrow windows
      and look slightly messy. I didn’t have time to test the set before so it’s a little makeshift.

      Their rules for having figures being made are just so random at KyonAni. Their characters are always beloved and cherished by the fans,
      but they are like “no need” Violet would have been a fantastic figure and the other girl Baudelaire Cattleya ,too.

      Oh, it’s not a problem when you feel like writing a lot, I will happily try to reply to it.

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