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Let’s be honest, the best season of the year is summer 😀 And what is related to summer? Correct, bikini figures are. Those always were a favorite on this blog and I will never get bored of them as it seems. Not only because of the amount of exposed skin. To me these figures are also the embodiment of a happy time in summer. Feeling the warmth from the sun and having the stunning scenery of blue skies with cozy clouds, white beaches and the sparkling ocean.

If I would plan a trip to Japan, I would probably chose Okinawa before Tokyo. Bikini figure photoshootings are always a good excuse for me to play with sand XD I really like to prepare those indoor beach settings.

Today’s figure of choice is Gotou Jun from the Tenshi no 3P! anime. From what I heard it’s quite loliconic, so far I haven’t watched it. Maybe I should be glad about it. Anyway I don’t have to know the origin of the character, to purchase a figure of my liking. PLUM manufactured this enchanting figure of a young girl, I actually noticed that
PLUM makes all the cute and innocent loli figures on the market. It’s cool that they found their niche in that category.

Fortunately my sexual orientation is not pointing in any harmful direction lol. I think it’s ok to like loli characters for being cute and adorable like this. In general I prefer ordering figures of attractive Onee sans, but when I saw it, I really had to order this little angel with the sunflower in the hair.

The Gotou Jun – Summer Bikini version was released in March 2018. She is scaled 1/7 and measures 21,5 cm.

The figure has the typical appearance and proportions of a young anime character, a big head placed on a petite frame body. Gotou looks especially nice with the pastel tones of purple and the bare skin. She also has really pretty hair, too. A deep hanging fringe and cute long separate strands all around from the back you will notice how asymmetrical and unique her hairstyle actually is. The hair shows nicely decorations as well, like the semi transparent ribbon with jagged edges, it shows a nice dynamic movement, the added color in the element of the sunflower is also a quite nice detail.

Gotou portrays the image of a cheerful girl very well, her big purple eyes are very lively and the strong blush is a welcome feature, she also has this perfectly sculpted mouth with upper front teeth, to complete her adorable look.

The figure wears a short bolero jacket over her bikini, it’s frilly sleeves cover her wrists in a very cute way. It’s a cute bikini design, a bit skimpy, but not naughty at all, the frills here and there underline the figures cute direction. Around her left leg she wears a matching garter with a sweetly looking ribbon. The tiny feet are equipped with shoes for the beach, PLUM could have just made her go bare foot, but I’m glad that it was decided to give Gotou these shoes.

The figure has a rather simple standing pose although  the upper body involves more movement. The sculpting of her body looks very good, most of the focus has been set to her upper body and cute belly, the thin legs aren’t very interesting on their own, but together with the shading color that highlights certain areas, the figure is very appealing and pretty. It’s also really enchanting how she is standing there with the angled arms and fists tilted backwards.

Final Words

Alltogether I’m really happy about this purchase, I received a very cute bikini figure. She has a lovely face and her outfit with the bolero jacket looks great. PLUM manufactured the figure of Gotou Jun as enchanting and nice as the prototype already implied. Her probably shameless origin aside this little angel with her adorable pose puts a smile on my face.

10 Responses

  1. Miette-chan

    I looked up the show, seems interesting enough, into my never ending backlog it goes!

    I really like this set of photos, the beach looks really, I will probably study it for when I eventually do a swimsuit photo shoot in the future. I specially like how soft and airy the photos look, just like the pure smooth and supple features of a young girl.

    • wieselhead

      Ahaha, it’s nice actually, without the few lolicon gags it is a sweet show (⁄ ⁄^⁄ᗨ⁄^⁄ ⁄).
      Thanks Miette-chan, I always love the creation of beach settings for figures.
      Yes, Goutou is really adorable, I have no second thoughts here I swear.
      PLUM makes the best cheerful lolis

  2. Tier

    There’s certainly nothing wrong with admiring a fictional loli character; I guess it would be hard to be an anime fan these days if one had a problem with sexy lolis. The simple style and happy expression are really appealing, and her outfit is really cute (for some reason I really like the flower in her hair). It seems like light purple is a popular color for younger characters; I’m reminded of Ruri from Nadesico and Unicorn from Azur Lane.

    • wieselhead

      Yeah, I guess it’s no problem ^^ I just see them as cute characters for everything else I prefer the older ones.
      Jun is great, the figure is a really adorable adaption of her. I like how she is all cheerful and lifts up her arms.
      The light purple color is quite the eyecatcher

  3. Otaking, the Statue Conqueror

    I saw a different version of this statue a few months ago – with black and white clothes. I never heard of this anime, but I decided to watch it soon after. I guessed beforehand it’s for lolicons, but I found it really sweet and endearing. I would even call it wholesome if it weren’t for the actual pedo stuff. The drama in this show was strong. I’ll remember some of the themes and some of the moments, especially the first ark, but also the one with the island. The show is nothing special or new, but I still enjoyed.

    I didn’t buy the figurine though. I see it still is for sale…but I don’t want it. Not enough money for every figure that comes out…you know.
    BTW if you read this, tell me if you can open the second link. Just curious.

    • wieselhead

      Ah a color variation, although honestly speaking I prefer my version 😀
      Lol indeed it was one of these loll shows but I think it wasn’t very ecci as some of the others from this genre.
      Yeah, unfortunately I also can’t buy everything I like, I got used to accept that better than when I started collecting figures.
      Yes, I can open the link 🙂

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