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Hachikuji Mayoi figma

Hi there Im here again after 18 days of abstinence, september was an empty month in terms of figures. Today I will present you one of my rare figma reviews. It’s old news that Im no big figma collector, but when I really like a certain figma, I won’t hesitate to buy it. So here we have figma number 105, Hachikuji Mayoi from the ultra cool Bakemonogatari universe. I aways liked her funny, lively and cute character in this anime and I already bought a scaled figure of her.
This figma was made by Max Factory, as elementary schoolgirl she only measures 12cm ^-^

Hachikuji Mayoi figma
sitting on my new 70mm lens – isn’t she lovely

Hachikuji Mayoi has many accessoires in her box, aside from the obligatory three faces, the set of hands and the figma base, there are also parts included like the backpack, an closed umbrella, an open umbrella and a second lower body called “shiftbody” which puts her into a cower pose.


Hachikuji wears her normal school uniform, sculpting and painting on it are very accurate, it resembles the look from the anime very well, especially the friendly face with the open eyes is great. Honestly, the face with it’s deep eyes, the lovely blushmarks as well the typical for Max Factory black lined mouth give Hachikuji Mayoi a nicely detailed and lively appearance.

Hachikuji Mayoi figma
Hachikuji Mayoi figma
Hachikuji Mayoi figma
Hachikuji Mayoi figma
Hachikuji Mayoi figma

Also other details like the hairband, the green ribbons, the bracelet, the cherry on her skirt, the band aid and even the snail pattern under her shoes are accurately based on her character. The backpack also has all the details we know from the show, there a small straps where Hachikuji can put her arms through, at the inside is a moveable peg who fits into the back of the figma.

Hachikuji Mayoi figma

The posing ability is very good, the joints stay in place after being put into position. Because of the small size, the joints don’t stick out too much. A funny part are the ball jointed twintails^^. Everything is very tiny, I was a bit scared of breaking something, please handle her with care.

You can display Hachikuji with or without the backpack, it is quite heavy and so you need to use the base, or the figma will fall over. There are two holes where the figma base can be put into.

Hachikuji Mayoi figma

Hachikuji Mayoi figma


Hachikuji Mayoi figma
uaaah! my bag


Hachikuji Mayoi figma
muhaha now I steal your homework


Hachikuji Mayoi figma
Not so fast! I’ll teach you a lesson!


Hachikuji Mayoi figma
F*** Im screwed TT


Hachikuji Mayoi figma
Hachikuji says “Who fights can lose. Who does not fight has already lost”


Hachikuji Mayoi figma
cheap FX

You can have a lot of fun with the Hachikuji Mayoi figma, the different kinds of accessoires gives you a lot of stuff to play around with, the open umbrella for example is a beautiful item, it looks so adorable when she is holding it, you can also use it with other figmas like Shizuno Izumi.

Hachikuji Mayoi figma
Hachikuji Mayoi figma
Hachikuji Mayoi figma

Hachikuji Mayoi figma

Hachikuji Mayoi figma
Hachikuji Mayoi figma
Hachikuji Mayoi figma
Hachikuji Mayoi figma

Final Words

Max Factory delivered another great figma, in my eyes it’s one of the best ones :D. The level of detail at such a tiny 12cm figma are remarkable. The posing works well like with most other figmas, but the small size increases the cuteness of this one. The included accessories will give you a lot of display possibilities, the umbrella and the “shiftbody” parts are my personal favorites.

If you like figma and Hachikuji Mayoi you should get your copy, even if you are not into figma I would recommend to get her, you don’t have to play with her, just put her into a cute pose and let her be. The only understandable reason not to buy her would be in case you dislike Hachikuji.

thx for reading, this time it was shorter than usual, I hope you don’t mind.
next time I will give you my impression about the shows of anime summer season 2011.

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  1. Miette-chan

    This Mayoi figma is so cute, many possibilities to do some cutesome poses and pictures. I look forward to when I get a chance to take pictures of her.

    Just like always I love that Max Factory included all the little details and nuances fo the character design, I might own over 60 figmas but I still find it amazing.

    I really liked pictures 1 and 24 so cute.

    • wieselhead

      Yeah her level of cuteness is impressive.

      They did a good job on her face, especially the eyes look beautiful and all the other detail.

      thank you ^-^

  2. Nopy

    I’m not a big fan of figmas either, but Mayoi does look very detailed. I would like to have that umbrella to pose with some of my figures.

    Your pictures are amazing as always. I really liked the ones with Mayoi on the swings, it actually looks like she’s griping the rope.

    • wieselhead

      She’s very detailed for a figma and the joints are better hidden because everything is tiny.
      I guess it might be a nice item for some figures

      Oh thank you very much, Im glad you like them.
      I had no fitting ropes and used fibre cover wire instead, but they easier to hand like that, I guess

  3. exilehero

    Lolicon! hahaha I’m kidding :p.

    I’m getting her too BTW!

    Love the photos, very elementary-school-ish.

    You know I hand’t realized before this but she’s quite tiny when compared to a regular sized Figma. I guess I’ll make her hang out with Kuroneko and they can be midgets together.

    Those ponytails do look quite fragile. I have a past experience with Figmas with twin tails that makes me a little worried about her.

    She looks so cute, can’t wait!

    • wieselhead

      buhahaha, well honestly I like cute girls, but not this way 😀

      Yeah you said this in one of your comments, you probably won’t regret it, looking forward to your figma picture storys ^^.

      Haha yeah quite childish, but I thought it was fitting

      I have no other figma of that Bakemonogatari lineup so she must play with Izumi and Drossel.
      Maybe I should get Araragi as well.

      Do you have other Bakemonogatari already?
      Ah so Kuroneko is also on the smaller side.

      they can take a little pressure I think ^^

  4. Zai

    Yeah, I was looking forward to this review!

    I’d been excited about her arrival for awhile and I’m not even a Mayoi fan, there is just something about her Figma that is incredibly adorable.. probably that umbrella coupled with the squatting pose.

    Only complaint I have about her is that her backpack is a little heavy and she tips over easily.

    Izumi is such a giant compared to Mayoi, haha.

    Absolutely gorgeous photography, the ones of her one the swing are my favourite as well as your shot of her on your new lens. 😀

    • wieselhead

      Haha I had a few obstacles to overcome until it was finished, broken lens in the middle of shooting, the other lens was also not usable for such a small figure and in the end I ordered a new one.
      The broken one is still in the workshop. Haha these parts are cool, but I also liked her very detailed standard face, so pretty ^-^

      Its very heavy unfortunately, but its good that this thing isn’t fixed to Hachikuji.
      She is now her big One-sama hehe, I love the realistic size difference.

      Thank you very much I hope I could show what a great figma she is

  5. anonymous_object

    Wow, she really is quite smaller than normal Figma. Nice to see MF kept her scale correct.
    I also see her pink pantsu is accurately represented as well ^^;;

    And new lens, huh? It’s that a 70mm prime? 😉

    • wieselhead

      Thats a very nice and important detail of this figma, Hachikuji looks so cute next to other figmas.
      haha lol thats attention to details XD

      Yeah a Sigma 70mm Macro lens, I needed something that could create a stronger depth of field and as the old lens died at the beginning of the shooting, it was time to buy this one.
      But I also send the broken one to the workshop, Im curious when they’ll send her back save and sound ^^

  6. IshokuOsero

    I really love how they’ve been giving figmas optional body parts lately – like the Kirino crossed arms, the legs here, the optional awakened/non-awakened arm parts for the Miku Append… Of course, at the same time, it makes me want all these figmas just for the parts!

    Mayoi really is adorable though. I passed on her pre-order, but I’m almost positive I’ll end up with her at some point, just kinda thrown into a Mandarake order for extra padding.

    Wonderful review~ I rather like the two pictures of her on the swing and the very first one on the lens the most. =3

    • wieselhead

      The parts lets them appear closer to figures I would say, there are no joints and all looks more smooth that way.
      Maybe thats also nice for the people who don’t like to play with their figmas that much and just want to have them on their shelf in an fixed pose.
      Yeah she is , you should get her, since she doesn’t take much space, only a little bit =)

      Thanks a lot, these were the most creative ones I guess

      • IshokuOsero

        Yeah, true. I tend to change the poses on my figmas once in a blue moon… I don’t like the thought of breaking them and I get super frustrated sometimes when I can’t seem to get them put back on their stands. That’s true that she wouldn’t take much space. It’s definitely a plus, haha. xD Even when people were complaining about the difference between the special version and regular version of that Love is War Miku, I happily pre-ordered the regular going ‘space, space… that base takes too much of it!’ xD

        • wieselhead

          Haha the same like me, well for reviews I play with them ^^

          Yeah with a growing collection, space gets more important, I agree. At first the big Love is War Miku “Diorama” is very appealing, but who has so much free space, maybe a starting collector,

  7. tanoshimini

    lovely review and pictures as usual. Love that you make the figma and background work well together.

    I wasn’t a fan of mayoi, more of a hitagi fanboy and nadeko of course XD

    It seems the quality of figmas these days are getting better and better. I’ve never been a figma person^^” only got FSN figmas

    • wieselhead

      Thx Matt, Im glad that you say that, I thought it would be a fitting combination.
      Yeah, yeah I know, I guess I liked the more weird ones like Kanbaru, Hachikuji and Araragi of course.
      Araragi is one of best male anime character for me, he’s hot XD

      Yeah its quite a difference between the older ones, my oldest one Konata looks quite chunky in comparison.
      I try not to buy figmas, but sometimes they are just too nice.

  8. Nightmare

    While no fan of figmas I do appreciate when people make good use of their playfulness in various environments. Like many others I am a Bakemonogatari fan and I’m glad we keep seeing both good scales, figmas and nendos from the series.

    Really digging the swing shots at the end, a very good job overall.

    • wieselhead

      Hi, thx for stopping by.

      Oh thank you very much.
      I didn’t thought of myself as making good use of their playfulness, so I really appreciate your compliment ^_^

      Yeah Bakemonogatari is great, and there were great figures made so far. Im looking forward to the Shinobu figure from GSC
      Thx again

  9. BioToxic

    It’s been a while since I last thought about getting a figma myself. Unfortunately I’m not much of a Mayoi or Bakemonogatari fan so I’ve not been tempted here :P. I’m trying to cut back on little figures now, but it can be difficult at times.

    Having the swappable body parts is cool. I’ve not got any figma that let you easily swap out whole limbs. It makes her squatting pose look a lot better than if you tried it with the ball jointed legs.

    She looks really small especially next to Izumi, but then she is to scale which is nice.

    Haha, I think if a Drossel wanted to steal my homework I’d let it. I think that’s up there with ‘the dog ate my homework’ for believable excuses.

    I like your last photo the best. It looks like she’s actually swinging on the swing.

    • wieselhead

      Ah I see, well I rarely buy figmas, because I rather have shelf space for my big girls, but this one was way too adorable to resist.

      Oh too bad, I think this anime was awesome 😀

      *Lol* damn you’re right, I guess Mayoi wants to be an honor pupil XD

      thank you

  10. Fabrice

    Beautiful review, I had to miss out on her because i missed the deadline to pay since i was in china D:

    but anyway lucky because im broke but still would have loved to have added her in my bakemonogatari collection.

    Your first shop with mayoi on the lens is absolutely adorable, not only shes cute, but her facial expression wants me to like pinch her cheecks lol plus the pantsu shot…. so works out both ways haha

    i loved what you did with the rain effect, i have no idea how on earth you did it but kuddos.

    • wieselhead

      Oh no that’s really bad luck, she’s such a nice figma 🙁 maybe there will be re-release.
      Nadeko also turned out so cute in the preview pics, will you try to get her?

      Yeah she has a very cute face and is so damn cute 😉 lol that wasn’t on purpose, really XD

      Haha thank you very much I’ll explain it in short:
      I made an rain pattern in photoshop on a new layer, erased the “drops” which were too much. then I blurred it once, used the wind filter two times and finally lowered the opacity.

  11. Xine

    Nice figma! I especially like her accessories. She’s super cute!

    I don’t have any Bakemonogatari figmas. I was planning to get Arararagi-kun but I wasn’t able to PO. But then if I PO’d Araragi then I would have added Senjou as well. And Hachikuji would be really nice too… Lol.

    Great photos, I really enjoyed looking at this set. ^^ Thanks for sharing.

    • wieselhead

      she definetely is =)
      I considered to get Arararagi-kun figma as well, but Im not a big figma collector and so I’ve passed for once.
      Nadeko figma is also very tempting, she’s nearly as cute as Hachikuji ^_^
      thank you very much xine, glad you like it.

  12. Aya

    it`s just me or I feel the bag looks smaller than what it should be ?
    ah the 2 last pictures are so cute 😀

    • wieselhead

      I guess you’re right, it looks smaller than in the anime somehow.
      Ah, thank you ^^

  13. Yi

    Only 12 cm. That’s tiny! Is that the usual size for these figmas?

    Anyway, love her accessories, especially her backpack. Gorgeous photos as always. I really love the swing ones. ^ ^

    • wieselhead

      That’s the usual scale for figmas, since this character is a child she’s aroun 3 or 4 cm smaller than older characters from the figma lineup.
      thank you very much, Yi 🙂

  14. Duqs

    Despite being a smaller, mostly because of our character’s height, the figma is surprisingly well-detailed from her bandages and skirt prints to even the bag. Amazing. As much as I like the series, I havent gotten any of the figures from it yet D=

    Your photos and posing are well done as usual.

    • wieselhead

      They did a great job with this figma, the faces have very good details.
      I only have one scale figure of Hachikuji, a figma of her and petite Nendoroids of Hanekawa, Senjougahara and Araragi.
      The other scale figures so far weren’t appealing enough for m3 to make me want to buy them, maybe Shinobu.

      thx a lot I appreciate this 🙂

  15. zzzzzy

    You impressed me with the creativity you used to make a slideshow of her bag getting stolen =) And I love your swing!
    What’s that “house in pic 008 and 009?

    Anyway, everyone seem to love your photoshooting of this figma! -Wieselhead
    Gotta show this post to my blog partner! ^^ Good job!

    • wieselhead

      Hi thx for stopping by
      Oh really, Im glad to hear that, since I don’t feel that confident with posing figma 🙂
      Its a house for small hamsters from a pet shop, the size was perfect for the small Mayoi.
      Thank yo very much ^^

  16. TAKET0MB0

    Such a great figma, gotta get my hands on this one myself, the fact that she can crouch down alone gives so many different photo possibilities!

  17. Pinkcheeks

    Oh wow! You have reviewed Mayoi! This is awesome! I stumbled across this post when I was searching for a Mayoi-related pictures! Now I realized it more that I’m such a late bloomer hahaha it was only last year when I get to know her! 😀

    • wieselhead

      Yeah, ahaha she’s been around for some time. It made me a bit curious why she was so popular recently.
      She’s a wonderful figma, your pics are a lot better I think ^^

      But damn, I haven’t converted the review for my current theme

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