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Hi here is a new figure review of one of my latest purchases

This Hyper Nurse Painkiller Kotone-chan figure was an Hobby Japan magazine exclusive mailorder, which I’ve ordered via Tokyohunter, a proxy buyer service from japan. I placed my order on december the 2nd 2011, the official price tag was 8190 Yen, with proxy fee I paid 11500 Yen + 2600 Yen shipping, quite a lot but actually I didn’t care much about it.

Kotone chan is a new edition of the character made by Keumaya, who also made two other Kotone figures, one that looks similar to the new Kotone and a black version. The figure in this review is around 190 mm in height, no scale was mentioned but I would say it is something between 1/8 and 1/7 scale. This cute nurse figure was released in late june 2011.

Kotone chan made her first appearance in an old doujinshj manga. I really regret that I checked out this perverted crap in preperation for this review, honestly that was a quite disturbing experience, I wouldn’t recommend to read it, what has been seen can’t be unseen 🙁

The new Kotone appeared in a far more modest manga which was published in Hobby Japan magazine, she also takes part in the cool looking PSP Game Queens Gate Spiral Chaos.

Kotone-chan attacks ingame video link


While the two old figures had the appearance of a slender girl with a small chest, the new Kotone-chan appears more like a loli, she has short legs, her hips and the butt are smaller, she has a slightly bigger head and her face is a lot cuter than the one from the other Kotone’s.

Kotone 929

Kotone 930


Kotone 928

The base is a simple black disk, it’s diameter is quite big and not what I would call space saving. Unfortunately the right foot of Kotone doesn’t really fit on the peg, maybe I’ll try it again with more force. On the other hand this figure is balanced enough to be able to stand without base, which is always nice when you don’t want to have the black disk in the picture, but you shouldn’t place her on a shelf without the base, to prevent Kotone chan from falling on the ground.

Under her nurse cap Kotone has dark brown hair, she has a cute pigtail hairstyle with red beads around them, also the detailed strands and her bangs look very nice. In her pretty face she has beautiful grey and lively eyes, the dark colored open mouth is another nice part of her face.

Kotone 931
Kotone 950

Kotone 958

Kotone 955

Kotone 932

The outfit consist of a light grey shirt and a jacket with red accents, at her hip region she has just two belts. The outfit is a simplified version of the one from the older Kotone figures, even though many design elements have been reused on the new Kotone chan, like the silver crosses, the sleeves and the boots for example.

The colorsetting of the outfit isn’t very vivid the main colors that have been used are red, black and light grey. The flow and sculpting of her shirt and jacket looks nice but a few shading effects could have been added to polish the overall look. I really like the detailed high heel boots with the red collar and the big, heavy looking belt around Kotone chan’s hips looks very cool as well.
The paint on the lower parts of her legs should give the look of nylon stocking, but its hardly visible and not very well done, at first I thought that they’ve just messed up the shading *lol*.

Kotone-chan comes with many funny accesoiries like an injection shotgun, a creative designed bonesaw and a some kind of powerglove, bonesaw and shotgun can be placed into her hand and the holders of the belt, to put on the glove you have to pull off the hand and the wristcollar first.

Kotone 944

Kotone 933
Kotone 945

Kotone 959

Thx to round pegs the upper half of her arms and the hands can be rotated, which gives a bit posing variety, it is fun to play around with her that way, if only her head had a peg like this…

Hobby Link included no instruction manual for this figure, which really sucks. This figure has a cast off feature, from my point of view there was no way that the shirt would fit over her head, so I pulled at her head believing that there must be a peg hidden somewhere. Well there was no peg hidden, but the head came off anyway, I ripped off her head, what was her price tag again?

The NSFW part starts now, children cover your eyes!

After that accident casting off was very easy, pull out the lower part of both arms and the pull the shirt and the two belts over her stumps and you’re good to go, afterwards I glued her head back in place and took some pictures for putting her clothes back in place I had to rip off and glue her head again XD. Just to give you a short impression a picture of the headless Kotone chan.

Kotone 946

Kotone 947

Kotone 949
Kotone 952

Kotone 951

Under her jacket and shirt the petite body of Kotone comes to light, I ordered this figure without actually knowing how she would look underneath. Under her shirt she wears a combination of a bra and a weapon holster which leaves her chest area open. Kotone’s body looks rather un developed than appealing, but she has a cute belly button and a nice hip area, she looks more loli than expected and I felt a bit guilty for undressing her 😀 but she also looks cute without clothes.

Her body is very well sculpted and also from her back she shows very well made details as well, unfortunately at her left side there is an odd bend mark, which disturbs the positive impression a bit. In my opinion the pervs @ HobbyLink should have given her at least an optional bikini top for covering her nipples. I might sound a bit weird with my complaints, of course I was the one who bought her in the end, but I feel better to display a loli character like Kotone in my room without a bare chest. I will try to give her another set of clothes like in my dressing up figures post.

Kotone 953

Kotone 954
Kotone 960
In another review of her I also noticed that the black underwear thing which acts like the last bit of modesty can also be casted off. Hahaha well I guess the review was already indecent enough.

Final Words

Kotone chan is a very cute and interesting designed figure, her weapons are cool and creative. The sculpting of Kotone is very well done, aside from the strange bend mark at her left side.
The paintjob isn’t that well done in some aspects, there is a bit under and overpainting at parts of her outfit and inconsistent shading effects can also be found. At the end Kotone is a well done figure, nothing more and nothing less. So was this figure worth the 11500 Yen?

Not really I have to admit, the new edition of Kotone is nice, but overall it is not really what I would expect from an exclusive figure. It was my third exclusive figure and my experience is that the companies mainly want to make extra money instead of making a figure with really good quality. In the future I will be even more cautious before placing an order for exclusive stuff.
If I had seen her earlier I could have bought the black version of Kotone for less money but overall better quality, haha well the problem is that this figure is bundled with the loathly manga. Aside from som nag Im happy with my Kotone chan

Thanks for reading a new post should be up at the end of next week.

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38 Responses

  1. Sloth

    Oh my god…I really laughed out loud when I saw the “nice boat” picture.

    She’s not really my type of figure. I’m not fond of her design either. But I think the illustration at the top looks pretty cute and would have loved to see that unsure-embarrassed look translated to PVC instead.

    I totally agree with you on the expectations of exclusivity though. There really is no excuse to charge more and/or make something exclusive if it doesn’t stand out from the crowd. Which is probably why I don’t have many-if-at-all exclusive figures in my collection.

    • wieselhead

      Haha really? Well, it looks more funny that it actually was XD

      She is quite a niche character and also a niche figure, which probably was one of the reason that she was an exclusive run. I can’t really put it into word why I’ve bought her in the end.

  2. BioToxic

    The manga doesn’t sound very nice. While I was aware of the characters origins I haven’t actually seen the source material. Think I’ll avoid it.

    Oh that’s gruesome – beheading your figures there :P. I’m always wary when trying to disconnect parts of figures, you’re never 100% sure the part you’re trying to remove is done how you think it is. Queen’s Gate ones are especially awkward since you expect them to be cast-off but not all are.

    I’ve yet to use Kotone in QG:SC. There’s so many characters you end up never using a whole heap of them. Plus I’ve not had time to play it lately.

    I think I prefer the other Kotone figures in terms of outfit design, the black one in particular. But this one has the ability to cover-up Kotones’ chest which for me is a necessary option.

    All her accessories are awesome. A syringe shotgun, sounds like a junkies wet dream. Her arms make her look a bit crazy since it looks like she’s flailing around when she’s not holding something.

    Still overall I’d say she’s really cute. For me I wouldn’t get her because she’s exclusive. Maybe if she had a regular release and a non-destructive cast-off process I’d consider her.

    • wieselhead

      Lol it made me sad and sick, Im not what you would call prude, but I can’t stand it if girls are treated in such a mean way, please don’t read it 🙂

      I still curious if I could have prevented the damage castoff, but I couldn’t see a way how the jacket and shirt would fit over her head. I hate when no instructions are added to more complex figures.

      Oh you have the game, I loved the trailer of it.
      I was like “*damn* that must be the best game ever” XD

      The black Kotone is really nice it seems.

      It looks funny when her arms are like this and posing them around is also fun, so she appears like busy nurse who rushes through the hallway 😉

  3. tsurugiarashix

    Seeing this is just forcing me to finish Queen’s Blade Sprial Chaos (the first game in the series). Still need to clear the Dragon Route >_<

    As for the figure itself, its not bad, but not something I would purchase given the chance…well at least if the price decrease somewhat will I consider ^^

    • wieselhead

      I would like to play this game, it looks like a lot of fun 🙂

      Yeah this figure is quite a niche one, I can see that not many people would want to have her 😀

  4. Nopy

    Kotone’s outfit is interesting to say the least. If nurses actually wore uniforms like that, I’d be at the hospital every day (as long as they don’t use the bonesaw).

    There have been a few figures where I wasn’t sure whether you could take the head off or not. I usually try to find out what other owners have said before I try anything. I hope fixing her wasn’t too hard.

    • wieselhead

      Haha yeah that would be pretty nurses, even though their equipment doesn’t appear that friendly.

      Usually I don’t try these things by myself, but there weren’t enough other users who could give advice. This forced castoff mode is very uncomfortable, but anyway fixing was surprisingly easy and now it looks like she was never damaged before 🙂

  5. Chag

    Hmm, compared to the other Keumaya figures out there, Kotone chan certainly has a very different feel to her. With that said, I rather like the cutesy look over the mature look, and it’s good to see that the great body sculpt the Keumaya girls are known for aren’t compromised here.

    By the way, for a nurse, Kotone-chan’s got some very cool accessories. I wouldn’t ever want to be treated with any of those tolls (ESPECIALLY the saw), but they are spiffy as hell. Very cool figure and a very nice review. =)

    • wieselhead

      I always liked the design of the Hyper Nurse figures, but somehow they looked to sm for me. The cute look of the “new” Kotone was quite enchanting for me plus the weapons made her even more interesting ^^

      Oh thanks a lot for the kind word Chaq, I appreciate that 🙂

  6. Ashlotte

    Haha awww you don’t like the doujin?

    I wanted to get her but yea exclusive…Plus I wasn’t that fond of her pose.

    That said everything else on her looks great and I’d say the quality is far better then the original Keumaya figure of her that I own for sure. :p

    • wieselhead

      No,it was too horrible, well I like ecchi stuff and also a bit of pervy teasing, but violating a crying girl just makes me sick 🙁 I never want to see something like this again. shocked for life XD

      The leaned back show off pose is a bit strange, but I like and cherish the compact look of it a lot.

      What!? she has a better quality?, from my impressions the older one you own and Tier’s black version appeared better made to me.
      thats good to know 🙂

  7. tanoshimini

    A very nice figure, can’t believe you ripped off her head, evil man you are! jkz XD How does it look with the head glued on, any difference from it originally^^”?

    Lovely figure, the details seem great. Quite expensive for a figure but I guess it’s really worth that price

    The head picture looks scary XD I was shocked LOL

    once again, another lovely review with pictures that complement it well.

    • wieselhead

      It wasn’t really on purpose, just a misunderstanding XD
      thx to the small collar which remained on her body, the glued area isn’t noticeable.

      Not really worth 11500 yen but she’s well made and cute. thank you very much tano 🙂

  8. Tier

    OMG you didn’t like the doujinshi XD But it was about a fat guy who had a good time! And a little girl having a good time.

    Kotone-chan is really cute, and I’m happy to see Keumaya’s stuff become more popular. She’s got a particularly nice stomach and butt. And a nice chest for people who are into flat chests.

    I really like this figure and I would have bought it except she went up for order right around the same time Gotou Matabei did, and I went with the Samurai Girls figure instead. I probably should’ve just gotten both in retrospect.

    • wieselhead

      Haha a very strange happy end, the fact that she cried was terrible for me 😉

      I like her hips the most ^^
      yeah she has a very flat chest, which lets her appear very young. I actually expected that someone would call me lolicon after that review XD

      I can remember that you said that in answer to my comment in one of your preorder outlook posts. In my opinion Gotou was more worth the higher price, but I was so angry that made her exclusive that I passed on her ;D

  9. fabricerequin

    Why on earth is the base soooo plain. i cant understand why they just left it plain black :/

    knowing me, im kinda picky when it comes to base ^^ maybe having a nice diorama should suit more, but i guess more production cost…

    So are you going to display her normal or NSFW. come on wiselhead, honest answer XD

    • wieselhead

      Yeah it’s so simple, nearly ugly and on top of that oversized, its size bothers me the most to be honest.
      You could at least expect a better designed base at this price region. It lets Hobby Link appear very greedy ^^

      Im always honest 😀 Well I have Kotone chan displayed in her complete outfit, I don’t want to get even more strange questions when people are entering my rooms 😉

      Also my other castoffable figures are displayed with covered boobs. Maybe if I’ll live alone I would display a few naked.

  10. exilehero

    Haha, I read the old doujin you mentioned before. I didn’t find it all that abhorrent, probably because I think the author wasn’t being too serious with it. But that’s just me. I can see why you wouldn’t like it though.

    Oh god, you ripped her head off. I don’t know whether to laugh or cry for you. It’s a good thing it was an easy fix though

    I like girls with this type of body as well. Gotta have some variety in life ;). Though I can’t really see her as a loli with such sexy, curvy hips.

    • wieselhead

      Haha well at least now I know that thes kind of things aren’t my taste at all.

      Everything is fixed now don’t worry

      Ok, I see your point, maybe she’s just small and I got the wrong impression, after I took off her clothes I was like orz “GUILTY” someone might call the cops XD

  11. Miette-chan

    Yet another ecchi figure huh.

    I think she looks cute with and without clothes. Although I wonder what kind of nurse she is supposed to be. Those nice definitely look like they would hurt me more than anything else.

    I almost experience something like you did here. Although I been lucky enough that I haven’t broken anything thinking it was removable. In the end though you fixed it without problems so it wasn’t a waste.

    • wieselhead

      It cant be helped I Iike these kind of figures 🙂
      The next few figures will be a bit less ecchi than Kotone, even though she isn’t that ecchi in her full outfit ^^

      A murderous nurse, I guess XD

  12. Aya

    ah Queen’s gate kotone she looks cuter in this version 😀 I also read that kotone’s Doujinshi yeah just another soft rape H-manga, I was thinking about guro stuff when see her character design (the saw) or maybe it’s a non-H action doujinshi ^^

  13. GREW

    Ah that loli.

    I know this series for its nude girls.
    But I remember in a different package and that you have to put them together.

    Anyway, nice loli xD

    Tipp auf Deutsch:
    Falls mal was nicht so passen will, mit einem Föhn etwas warm machen. Klappt meistens. Zb bei Nendos oder Petits sehr gut.

    • wieselhead

      Yes they were also bigger and had a rounder butt ^^ In this version of the figure everything was already put together, except base and weapons.

      Danke für den Tipp hoffentlich schmilzt nix :p

  14. Luth

    I almost got this when she first came out but the pose bugged me a bit. It looks a lot better in your photos though and it’s cool they included so many accessories, especially that syringe gun. Great review!
    Question: did you glue together that tile floor yourself?

    • wieselhead

      the pose is actually really cool when Kotone is placed on the desk, like she is now here ^_^

      the preview pics were a bit bad I think, but Im glad that you like my pictures, for your praise.

      Yeah it is selfmade I used up all of my white mosaic tiles for that, I glued it on carton and for stabilty reasons I’ve glued tiles and carton on a solid picture frame.

      The edges of the tiles are sharp, be careful when you’ll try that on your own.

  15. Persocom

    Poor Kotone :'( What happened with her head though is something I always fear with figures that cast off. While I do like her I wouldn’t pay the hefty pricetag for this version, as I prefer the black version. I’m also not really interested in the manga, just that I love the look of the figure. Also it’s awesome being able to play her in Queen’s Gate Spiral Chaos 😀

    • wieselhead

      She’s lively again ^^ Haha I guess I was just too overeager to cast her off.
      Thats understandable, its quite expensive but I liked her enough somehow
      Good decision, just don’t read that disturbing crap ;D
      I guess the game is a lot of fun.

    • wieselhead

      Nein, nicht wirklich *lol*
      In wahrheit bin ich ganz brav und behandel meine Figuren gut.
      Ich hab Kotone sogar neue Kleidung gekauft ;p

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