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Sena Kashiwazaki is one of the heroines from the light novel and anime adaptions Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai, where sociable awkward teenagers try to find out about the definition of friendship. It’s a great show with it’s different approach on the harem genre and the portrayal of difficult things about making friends. The kids meet in the after school club “Neighbors Club”  where they either do what they like or plan activities friends would do.

Sena Kashiwazaki - swimsuit ver. - Gift - 001

Sena is popular with the boys, with the girls not so much obviously. She can be considered as beautiful girl, with her buxom body, Sena is a teenage boys dream in the flesh. Ok, not everyone prefers blonde (wieselhead raises his arm) Yeah, it’s ok dude to each their own.

Aside from being Yozora’s masochistic bullying victim and a hilarious comedy relief, she is a nicely fleshed out character with personality. To hide uneasiness she often tries to put on the arrogant rich girl act, what always seem to backfire at her during club activities. She is not dumb, though  and has perfect grades in school, but she is rather clumsy and gullible when dealing with other persons of her age, especially Yozora. Sena enjoys to play visual novels and  likes cute loli’s, so she’s partially the living otaku prejudice in the body of a buxom girl.

Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai - 10-3

Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai - 10-4

Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai - 10-2
Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai - 10-0

In terms of personal character ranking Yozora (gloomy girls are one of my weak spots) and Rika (her dirty mind) come before Sena, but she  is a character I also like quite a bit.

After several figures from Sena, Gift released their adaption of Sena in the end of July. The figure is scaled 1/4 which is quite the impact in the size department 37 cm are damn huge. She was sculpted by Kondou Takayuki who was in charge of many other big scale figures.
The sculptor stayed very close to Sena’s official character design, which was not always the case with figures based on Sena’s character. For some reason she often wears a swimsuit.

Sena Kashiwazaki - swimsuit ver. - Gift - 027

Swimsuit figures only make sense when they have a detailed body and an articulated, pretty pose. Sena has it all, her bodyssulpting is very clean and accentuates the image of soft skin.

She has a sexy bendover pose with entwined arms she is pushing her boobs up and her hips are pushed to the side. With her sideways tilted head she looks friendly and inviting.

Sena Kashiwazaki - swimsuit ver. - Gift - 002

Sena Kashiwazaki - swimsuit ver. - Gift - 034

Blonde characters are often portrayed with strong yellow hair, Sena has bright mustard colored blonde hair with very dynamic shading. The sculpting of her hair turned out really satisfying, detailed strands on front and backside and surprisingly also right on top. Her hair has curly tips at the end which looks really pretty. As decoration she has her trademark butterfly clip, it has a clean shape, but I would have preferred a transparency effect instead of solid colors. The figure also has some cute wrist accessories.

The face is very important for such large scale figures, I had some little doubts about the final figure, but Gift passed with waving flags. Sena fires a cheerful innocent smile at you and it works way too good with her lively eyes and rosy cheeks she looks just adorable. Her opened mouth shows a upper front teeth line and a cute fang both of it gives Sena a big, playful smile.

Sena Kashiwazaki - swimsuit ver. - Gift - 033

Sena Kashiwazaki - swimsuit ver. - Gift - 032

Yozora once gave Sena the actually mean nickname “meat” (), but it’s probably true in a positive sense. The figure is quite curvy, as Sena has a bit more sturdy body by nature, she’s not actually chubby though. The figure has wide hips, a soft belly and rather meaty legs.

Sena Kashiwazaki - swimsuit ver. - Gift - 031

Not only has Sena fairly sized boobs, she’s well balanced on front and backside. Girls with big boobs rarely have a memorable butt, this also applies in the opposite way. As I unpacked Sena, I was positively surprised by her stunning backside, like one of these girls from a rap video *lol*. Her butt is big and has a nice round shape, she also have lovely dimples above her butt. With her pose Sena puts her boobies into focus, but not that ecchi, unfortunately no traces of nipples are visible under her bikini, just vertical wrinkles from below.

Sena Kashiwazaki - swimsuit ver. - Gift - 030

Sena Kashiwazaki - swimsuit ver. - Gift - 029

Sena Kashiwazaki - swimsuit ver. - Gift - 028

Sena is wearing her standard turquoise colored bikini with yellow outlines and ribbons, her top is gently hugging her boobs and forms a great cleavage, there is no cut in effect at the front, at the backside her bottom part is more tight fit and can’t cover a lot of her buttocks,
it has realistic wrinkles and the brighter area recreate the illusion of stretched bikini cloth.

Sena Kashiwazaki - swimsuit ver. - Gift - 026

Sena Kashiwazaki - swimsuit ver. - Gift - 025

Sena Kashiwazaki - swimsuit ver. - Gift - 024

Sena Kashiwazaki - swimsuit ver. - Gift - 023

Sena Kashiwazaki - swimsuit ver. - Gift - 022

Sena Kashiwazaki - swimsuit ver. - Gift - 021

Sena Kashiwazaki - swimsuit ver. - Gift - 020

Sena Kashiwazaki - swimsuit ver. - Gift - 019

Sena Kashiwazaki - swimsuit ver. - Gift - 018

Sena Kashiwazaki - swimsuit ver. - Gift - 017

Sena Kashiwazaki - swimsuit ver. - Gift - 016

Sena Kashiwazaki - swimsuit ver. - Gift - 015

Sena Kashiwazaki - swimsuit ver. - Gift - 014

The girl has a rather extreme idea about a fashionable beach outfit, just look at these shoes.

Sena Kashiwazaki - swimsuit ver. - Gift - 013

Sena Kashiwazaki - swimsuit ver. - Gift - 012

Sena Kashiwazaki - swimsuit ver. - Gift - 011

Sena Kashiwazaki - swimsuit ver. - Gift - 010

Sena Kashiwazaki - swimsuit ver. - Gift - 009

Sena Kashiwazaki - swimsuit ver. - Gift - 008

Sena Kashiwazaki - swimsuit ver. - Gift - 007

Taking pictures of such a big beauty is kinda difficult at first, I mean with the 1/4 scaled
Fate Testarossa I had no problems. With Sena I was swapping lenses like crazy. With her big size there is no need for macro lenses, the wide angle exposed the narrow background too much, in the end the Tamron 17 – 50 zoom turned out as the best choice for my setup.
The topic for this shooting was sunset at the beach. The 120 cm reflector with the flash and orange film turned out quite satisfying for that, the fake sequin ocean could probably be improved, in the background it did a decent job.

Sena Kashiwazaki - swimsuit ver. - Gift - 006

Sena Kashiwazaki - swimsuit ver. - Gift - 005

Sena Kashiwazaki - swimsuit ver. - Gift - 004

Sena Kashiwazaki - swimsuit ver. - Gift - 003


Final Words

Gift made a very pretty big scale figure of Sena Kashiwazaki, the first great thing about her is the detailed facial expression, I like her cheerful smile a lot, her hair turned out nice and convincing. Another good thing is the detailed sculpting of her womanly body, Sena looks beautiful all around. The pose works best from full frontal and of course the backside, it depends on you if you want to admire her adorable smile or her glorious butt.

I got her for 10.580 Yen and considering the amount of PVC, large size and details this was quite a good price. There are not much things to complain about, the colors and shading have been carefully applied, she has no rough areas or seamlines. Only from a nitpicky perspective you could find 1 or 2 small imperfections on the figure, but it’s barely worth mentioning them.

On final summary Sena is a fantastic figure with a lovely smile and a beautiful, curvy body.

You can check out reviews of other Sena figures, most figures show her in swimsuits *lol*

Kashiwazaki Sena – Cow Swimsuit ver by Alphamax
reviewed by the diligent Bakayaro

Kashiwazaki Sena – Swimsuit ver by Alphamax
reviewed by the Bakayaro as well

Kashiwazaki Sena – school uniform by GSC
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20 Responses

  1. Bakayaro

    She is so beautiful! Mine arrived yesterday and I’m so happy about her. Not just the size but also the details and of course the curves. :3 By the way I really like your photos. Your lightning puts some nice contrast and shadow effects on her face and skin. Keep up the good work! After seeing your photos I can’t wait to shoot mine this weekend.

    • wieselhead

      It’s cool that you’ve also ordered her, I liked her since the painted prototype, she actually turned out better than expected.
      It’s surprisingly detailed for such a big figure, often these figures appear less detailed, Im glad that it was not the case with Sena. Thank you very much, I really didn’t know how to photograph the big lady at first, but it’s not that different compared to working with smaller figures. Yes, have fun with Sena ^_^

  2. Aya

    I always thought Huge figure rarely looks good, but I think this giant Sena looks quite pretty unlike most she have really good details too,the only thing i feel missing is blush mark on her cheeks, I think she have it already but I barely see it..

    • wieselhead

      Yeah 1/4 figures were long infamous for a lack of detail, it becomes more obvious in the big scale when details are missing. I guess the artificial light sources and adding some contrast, made the blush really weak. But trust me, they are more prominent in reality.

  3. Duqs

    I love how her bikini sticks to her butt lol. Great work there, The way her hair falls down really resembles sticky sea water on a girls hair, so plus points to that too! 😀

    Maaaan, I love this character but i still haven’t gotten to buying a single figure of her hahaha

    • wieselhead

      Yeah and I love her butt XD No, just kidding everything looks really good on her.
      I often have the “problem” that I don’t buy figures from my favorite anime characters, most of time I’m not satisfied with the figure. Gift did a very good job in making this figure look like Sena ^^. Still, I would have also liked to see a figure of her in casual clothes, the same goes for Yozora. Well, this swimsuit figure is probably the best figure of Sena we have seen so far.

  4. Hoshiko

    I can’t tell how big she is from these photos though. She does look bigger from your other figure photos.

    The best part I like about this figure is the strand of her block locks from behind. Detailed!

    • wieselhead

      I missed the chance to do a compare picture of her and a smaller figure, but she is really tall, it’s kinda scary that Mirai will be een bigeer.
      I guess that will be a real shock at first. Yeah they made her hair really pretty, lovely details.

  5. Kai

    1/4? That’s a lot of *meat*. I like how the hair strands seem to give the illusion that they are wet :p

    • wieselhead

      Gift made a huge, physically appealing figure of her.
      The hair is nicely detailed, I was surprised that it turned out really pretty.

  6. Halbred

    “Giant Sena,” as I call her, is very high on my wishlist. I missed the pre-order, so I’m waiting for a sale on MFC. There’s already one that might still be up, but with three pricy figures coming in September, I’m trying to balance out the rest of the year. I’ve always preferred 1/4 scale, but so often you see 1/4 scale figures sitting down, kneeling, or generally NOT standing up. Sena IS standing up, so the full height of the 1/4 scale is demonstrated, and I really want that on my shelf. Thanks for the wonderful photography. If I had any doubts before, I don’t anymore.

    • wieselhead

      Yeah she definitely worth to get, her facial details are just great even better when you are already a fan of this scale.
      Oh three in September, that sounds nice to me, as things are now I will receive six ;(
      But the good thing is that there is nothing in my pre-order list, Freedom!
      She’s not fully straight, but it is nice to have her standing on her legs presenting her curves and the lovely smile 😉
      Oh thank you very much for the kind words, it’s cool when I can convince people that way (。⌒∇⌒)。

  7. Miette-chan

    Ah, poor Sena I can’t stop thinking how much Yozora broke her as person makes a bit disturbed. Remember say no to bullying!

    I mentioned it to you before but I’m so happy you bought this giant meat, I was hoping someone I knew would buy her ever since I saw her in Wonfes. She is one of those figures that I find really attractive but for some reason don’t feel the need to buy it.

    Nice job with the photos, I really love how the lighting came out for the “sunset” photos. I’m feeling a bit lacking now with my photos. Perhaps I should try to be more ambitious and do fancy stuff like you.

    • wieselhead

      Yozora is a foul mouthed molester, the beach scene was quite disturbing when I rewatched it.
      Still, she can’t be broken that easily I think and look her figure looks quite happy ^^
      Yeah, sometimes it is good to that there are other reviewers who took other figures than you.
      Nobody can buy everything that catches the interest, so such reviews are very welcome.

      I was happy that it worked that way, I never tried it like this, first I wanted to do something with sand,
      but Sena is just too big, I would have needed a lot of sand XD Yeah getting all creative with the lighting can be quite educative sometimes.

  8. Tier

    I always talk about how much I love 1/4 scale figures but it’s hard to convey why until someone sees a full-sized 1/4 scale figure in person. I’m a little surprised that they picked Sena since she usually comes with Yozora, at least in terms of figures, but I do not expect them to make a Yozora figure as well. She looks really great, as a lot of Gift’s 1/4 scale stuff does. Hopefully they keep making figures of that size. I still have Sena in her packing box (you know your collection has gotten out of hand when you don’t even take the figure boxes out of the shipping boxes) but I guess I’ll have to clear out some space next to the Tamaki figure from the same sculptor.

    • wieselhead

      Well, people are concerned about their precious shelf space, but with standing figures it’s actually not relevant ^^
      Yozora’s swimsuit was a bit eccentric and honestly speaking it’s been about time that a great Sena figure appeared.
      It’s sometimes funny when there are many figures of a character but most fail to capture the character properly.
      Oh Tier that is a pretty grim situation when that happens, I’m sure there are a number of figures you can part with.
      In order to deal with space problems I became heartless with figures I lost interest in, what I won’t miss badly, will get sold.
      Sometimes I even feel better when I have sold a bunch of figures 😉

  9. Pinkcheeks

    Hahaha I knew that girl from a rap video LOL ^^, heck, Sena is waaaayyy more kawaii! Even her butt is prettier, she has dimples on her butt forgodssake XD I also kinda noticed the shift of lenses you use, most shots have their focus on Sena’s big boobies, but then I like the tone of the photos, the orange filter made her skin look creamy, plumpy and oh so nice to touch~ ^^

    • wieselhead

      Yeah I guess she is, I really like her smile (。⌒∇⌒)。 I was surprised to see a figure with such a nice big butt.
      Ah you noticed it. Hey, I was focusing on her face most of the time (・`ヘ´・) really!
      Thank you, Pinkcheeks

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