Natsukusa ~ Suzunari Flower Garden Project

This lovely figure was manufactured by Daiki Kougyou, based on the art of Manakakkowarai, the whole thing is named Suzufuwa – Suzunari Flower Garden Project – Natsukusa, that bulky name is odd so I don’t know if I should call her Natsukusa or Suzufuwa. For the rest of the review she will be referred to as Natsukusa.

The figures release was in July 2019. She was sculpted by Shunzou. Natsukusa is scaled 1/6 and is 27 cm tall.

I was looking forward to receive the figure, although the first thing I noticed about it was the troublesome castoff feature, when she arrived at home her dress was already popped open the panties didn’t fit into place. So the first impression of this figure was a mayor letdown, honestly. I ordered this figure because of her enchanting appearance in dressed state. For the review I skipped the castoff feature, since the dress and stuff is too much trouble to deal with.

Natsukusa greets us with a wide and very sweet smile. Her aquamarine colored eyes are very clear and crisp, it’s nice how her eyes are aiming to the side. The figures face reminds me a little of Tony Taka just a bit more lively ^^.

The figure has nice brown hair with cleanly sculpted and carved strands, the parted bangs create an interesting look. One odd thing is that the left strand of hair is attached to the shoulder via 2 block shaped pegs, in my opinion a totally unnecessary thing. Surely the arm must come off, to take off the dress, but what has the hair to do with that.

Natsukusa apparently is a beautiful girl from the countryside, her body is very pretty and shows the figures nice womanly curves. Generally she has a sturdy build frame with nice bare legs, an ample bosom and wide hips.

The innocent summer dress doesn’t look especially innocent on her, though. Its a nicely sculpted summerly dress with a pretty lacy seamline, it looks light and thin and all the folds create a realistic outfit. The dotted ribbon around her waist is a nice additional detail. Around her left arm and right leg are thin white ribbons attached. I also love the huge straw hat of the figure, optionally you can also place a sunflower in the figures cleavage.

Pulling and tugging at her summer dress makes everything look a bit teasing and flirty without being too bold overall.

The pose and body language of the figure are great , I really like the tilted head in combination with the position of her eyes.

Final Words

Natsukusa overall is an enchanting anime figure with a wonderful holiday atmosphere, her overall appearance is great, although there are a few problems with her outfit, like I really can’t use her panties, what a shame XD
The character nevertheless has a really good looking face and a dynamite body.

I believe that without castoff option the figures dress would fit much better, here and there it hangs around a bit loose. The dress material on the other hand is very hard and allows not much movement and I would not recommend to put it on and off too often. Anyway the positive things outshine the bad things, Natsukusa is a wonderful figure barefoot and with straw hat.

2 Responses

  1. Miette-chan

    A shame about the cast off feature, when that is your selling point how can you get it wrong? Never the less you are correct and it is a charming figure. I have always been a fan of the young women in the white summer dress, even if it seems to be something that happens only in fiction apparently. In this case though it is a bit more skimpy that I would normally expect but it sure makes for some nice eye candy for sure!

    • wieselhead

      I guess I could have stripped her butt naked, but I was afraid of not getting the dress on her again, really bad.
      At least she looks nice enough to keep for the time being 😀 Lol the fictional summer dress, I like that a lot, too.
      Maybe real girls think that it’s too plain ahahaha

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