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Hi, today we have Good Smile Companies Nendoroid No. 118, Amano Tooko in the house.
Her origin is the Light Novel ““ where she is the president of the literature club.

She is a very kindhearted and lively person, she likes literature to the extent that she happens to eat what she reads. I only learned about her origin after I watched the Bungaku Shoujo: Kyou no Oyatsu – Hatsukoi sidestory. I  haven’t read the light novel, but I really enjoyed the OVA’s of this franchise, called Bungaku Shoujo Memoire which I watched after Kyou no Oyatsu – Hatsukoi.

In the OVA it is said that she can’t feel the taste of food, but she can feel the taste of literature, she hides that secret, only people who are close to her know of that secret. She and her clubmate Konoha are in the literature club, where Konoha has to write “tasty” stories for her .

I also recently watched the movie Bungaku Shoujo but I didn’t enjoy it as much as the OVA’s
because they added a stupid yandere girl to the main characters cast, what a bitch ;D.

I bought two big Nendoroids so far, in the past I accidently broke their bases after only a few minutes of posing, well I was able fix them but not in a satisfying way, that made me that angry that I nearly gave up on buying more Nendoroids… Well, in the end I’ve bought anotherone, I really liked the look of this Amano Tooko Nendoroid with the sitting pose option, as well as the monster option, which gives her a different and crazy look so I couldn’t resist her *damn GSC*.

Amano Tooko

Amano Tooko

Amano Tooko

Amano Tooko

Amano Tooko

Now I will start to tell you my opinion and thoughts about this Nendoroid.

in general Nendoroids (not the standard bases ^^) from gsc have a very good quality. Tooko is no exception, she has clean and accurate painted parts. The blue colortones of her are looking really good together with her white shirt, also the shading of the hair is very well done. The faces and their expressions are painted clean and accurate as well. Overall the parts are fitting very good together, I noticed that the tips of her braids fell off some times, but the other parts like the arms, the hands, the legs and the heads were fitting accurately and were easy to handle.

Amano Tooko

Amano Tooko

Amano Tooko

Tooko has three different options for the main posing.

My favorite option is the one where Tookou can sit on her chair. It looks very cute in combination with her paper chewing face. But I miss a second hip part, it is a bit uncomfortable to make the sitting pose, you have take off the standing legs as well as the joint balls out of the hip part and put the sitting legs into the free holes.

Amano Tooko

Amano Tooko

In the second option Tookou can stand.

Unfortunately her braids aren’t enough to support her stand alone so you have to use the base.
As mentioned before I had bad memories with these bases, so I haven’t use it in my review.

Amano Tooko

Here is the last and third option, where Tooko is a monster in a Surströmming tin.

Surströmming is a Swedish fish delicacy, which is preserved by acidification, I heard it should smell intense and foul. Bon appetit XD This option looks crazy and hilarious,there are Stickers of a bat and a bull skull, which you can use as decorations for monster Tooko. You can use these stickers a few times they are still sticky even after some usage.

Amano Tooko

Amano Tooko
Amano Tooko
Amano Tooko

Here is all the stuff  which was included in the box.

As you can see it is a lot there are a few hands, a few books, stickers, 2 spare heads, a spare skirt, a chair and so on.

Amano Tooko

Time for the Final Words
Im not very good at posing but I tried my best to show the good sides of this Tooko Nendoroid. Tooko Amano is a nice and cute figure with a very good quality. Taking pictures of her was a lot of fun especially in her monster option XD If you are wondering about the school room in the background it is the Culture Festival Set A from Phat Company. When you are a Nendoroid fan you shouldn’t miss to get this cutie.

16 Responses

  1. Zai

    Was so close to ordering this nendo! Mostly because of the fish monster pose but after seeing your photos, I think I prefer the sitting pose now! The shots you took of Tooko in the classroom eating her book are my favourite photos. You have made me want that playset. xD

    And the OVA sounds interesting, maybe I will check it out when I’m looking for something new to watch!

  2. softz

    Beautiful photos. I didn’t buy this. I tend to lose interest in nendoroid recently. Also, thank you for clarifying what she is eating. When I saw the promo photos. I was wondering what is that white piece of thing near the edge of her mouth. So, it’s a paper huh… interesting. When did you get the play house? It does seem tempting to get one play house for my k-on members too. Three are still in the box anyway. 🙂 Many … including figmas are in the box. Phew…

  3. wieselhead

    haha the playset is popular, it seems

    hi and thank you for the compliment 😉
    Yeah the sitting pose is too cute
    The playsets are nice and not that expensive, too bad the “older” ones are sold out.


    Thank you softz
    mhh when looking at my pictures on the pc, the white stickers looked more like drool than paper: XD
    I bought the playhouse only for using it as background for my upcoming reviews. I wanted to get the School Life Set A because it had nice stuff like a table and a baseball bat included but unfortunately it was sold out everywhere 🙁
    boxed figmas are cruel they have no oxygen, you know 😀

  4. wieselhead

    hi YI and thx for your visit =)
    yeah her monster head is very cute and funny
    Im glad you like it :

  5. GREW

    Nice review.

    Exactly because of the stand I stopped collecting Nendos.

    When they will learn it one time…? -_-

  6. Aya

    that’s a lot of accessories included, I already lose interested on Nendoroid , But i do want Western Playset hahaha.

    I haven’t watch the OVA or the movie yet just read the manga,gonna watch the movie wonder if it really bad hahaha.

  7. wieselhead

    thx GREW 😉
    I’m actually scared about using the baseholder
    I think I’ll only use the sitting pose ;D


    No it isn’t so bad bad but I hate yandere girls with passion XD

  8. fabricerequin

    Great pictures of her!
    I dont need to make a review since this one is fantastic! good job with the pictures =)
    What i like about her is that she has different variety of poses and cute ones!
    my favorite of course is sitting on a chair eating book ^^

  9. wieselhead

    thank you very much fabrice ;D
    Im glad you liked it, since it was my first nendoroid review.
    My fav is the sitting pose, too

  10. Nopy

    She looks good, now I’m really looking forward to opening mine. I wish I had a piano to pose with her too.

  11. wieselhead

    Yeah its a very good nendoroid, the piano was included in the playset.

    Im also more a fan of pvc figures but sometimes these nendoroids are just too cute =D

    The original art looks beautiful even though Bungaku Shoujo has no chibi characters in it, the nendoroidisation matches the look of the origin very well.

  12. tabetaiii

    I love your photos man~
    nice review as usual,

    I haven’t seen the other two OVAS of bungaku shoujo but I did enjoy the movie. I really do enjoy a heartfelt dramatic movie from time to time. I liked the yandereXD

    I was going to get this nendoroid after the movie but decided not to><

    I believe puchis annoy me more than nendoroids! I broke the ball joint where you plug it in the back of the nendoroid

  13. wieselhead

    thx for your praise, tabetaii
    I see well tastes are different ;p
    Oh im sorry to hear that
    Imalso good at breaking Nendoroid bases
    Which one did you broke?

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