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Kagami Beach

Hallo boys and girls, today I will review this cute Kagami Hiiragi, it’s another figure from Wave’s Beach Queens.
She is a 1/10 scaled figue manufactured by Wave and has a height of  120cm.

Her origin is the famous anime Lucky Star, a funny slice of life comedy. I have a amusing memory , as my dad bumped into my room during the crazy opening. I don’t wanna know what he was thinking at that time but it was very funny. Kagami is my favorite Character from Lucky Star I always liked her more feminine and tsundere side a lot. Kagami is sculpted after this illustration. Wave also made a Beach Queen figure of Konata which is nearly as cute as Kagami, but I didn’t ordered her. They look very good together and can be placed like in the illustration.


Kagami Beach

Kagami comes with a lot of accesories, she has two interchangeable hairstyles, you can choose between the more common Twintail and the cute Knots. Kagami also comes with a popcycle ice which she can hold in her hand and a  swimring which you can hang over one of her arms.

Kagami Beach

Kagami Beach

Kagami Beach

Kagami Beach
Kagami Beach


WAVE is none of my favorite figure manufacturs, but I ordered Kagami because the official shots looked very promising. As I opened the box this figure surprised me a bit, she isn’t just totally cute, shes also very well sculpted and painted. The nice hat from Azone isn’t included in the box.

Kagami Beach


Kagami Beach

Kagami Beach
Kagami Beach

Typical for Lucky Star characters are big heads, so despite from her small size Kagami’s face has enough place for details she has detailed eyes with blush marks and an open mouth.
The main feature of the Beach Queen’s is the “H-Neck”, a ball joint at her head which allows you to change the direction and angle of her head. Its a nice feature for playing around, don’t do it too roughly or you have her head in your hand. But even when that happens you can easily put it back into place.

Kagami Beach
Kagami Beach
Kagami Beach

I like the texture and the shading of her hair it looks very nice and resembles the pastel look from the anime quite well. The bikni top has some nice little stars printed on it, the wrinkles on the top let the sculpt appear more lively and give it a more realistic look.

Kagami Beach
Kagami Beach

For the shooting I’ve used a printed out picture of a beach scenery as background, a 1/35 scaled palm tree which I’ve build beforehand and 2 kg of sand for the proper floor. I considered to do an outdoor shooting, but I had no beach nearby and the weather sucked as well.

Kagami Beach

Kagami Beach

Final words

Kagami is a cute and small figure, which is nice and clean sculpted, the pose is also very nice and her body has some petite proportions. The hair also looks very good, the interchangeable hairstyles are a nice extra. Her twintails are nice, but I prefer the hair knots which are supporting Kagami’s cuteness more. One minor critique point is the swimring, I’d prefered it if the swimring would be made of soft plastic instead of hard plastice. So far I’ve sold every figure after some time from WAVE I bought, but I will keep Kagami for sure.

Kagami Beach

Kagami Beach
Good job Wave ^^

You can find two nice reviews of Kagami and also Konata at thebanzaieffect and shadonia.com

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  1. softz

    I must admit that Wave has a number of pretty cute figures in their Beach Queen Series. I’m very delighted to see this props setup of yours. It’s very nice and definitely perfect for Kagami. The palm tree is kinda cute, where did you get it? It didn’t come with the figure right? And of course, those are darn lovely photos! Great job there.

    Have you picked some and uploaded to myfigurecollection.net? They are sure worthy to be showcased.

  2. wieselhead

    thx tabetaiii ,yes she is a cutie

    thx for your compliment about the set up
    the sand was very fine and worked well with the sunlight.
    I was surprised that the printed out background worked so well
    the palm tree is from ebay I bought it for 9$

    Yeah I’ve uploaded 4 pics but not much feedback so farXD

  3. Nopy

    I didn’t know she came with accessories or that you could move her head. She looks really well sculpted and the paint job is nice.

    Making your own beach for Kagami makes your pictures really stand out, they look so good.

  4. softz


    Oh man, I just added to favorite. I guess I’m late by a day. (Hasn’t been logging on to myfigurecollection.net. That photo is certainly fantastic. I’ve to stress it again. Good prop, nice bokeh, and great lighting. 🙂

    I guess the feedback depends on many factors, number of people uploaded their photos, number of people online and seeing the photos, etc.

  5. Persocom

    Those are awesome pictures, and a great review. I also have no real beach nearby, though I’ve been lucky up to this point that I haven’t bough any swimsuit figures. I have considered buying this Kagami though… and now I have to keep her in my wishlist for possible buying in the future. :3

  6. wieselhead

    no problem and thx again 😀

    Hi Persocom thx for your visit
    also thx for your compliment Im glad you like my pictures and the review 🙂
    you should get her when you have the chance she’s really nice

  7. Sloth


    You’ve heard this enough times but I love what you do with your shots. You put so much thought and effort in to the setting for your figure reviews and they all turn out nicely.

    My favorite has to be the ones where her face is planted in the ground. Very funny.

    I hope you come visit me often 🙂 I look forward to your next figure review!

  8. wieselhead

    Hi Sloth and thx a lot for your visit.
    Im always happy about positive Feedback;D
    thx for your nice words =)
    I’ll visit you again I promise

  9. super rats

    Kagami isn’t just one of my favorite Lucky Star characters, she’s one of my favorite characters from anywhere. Yet, the only Kagami figure I have is a nedroid cosplay one. For shame! I guess I just didn’t have faith in Wave, but you make her look good here. The number of accessories she comes with definitely makes it seem more appealing.

  10. wieselhead

    @super rats:
    Hi super rats
    Yeah Kagamii is adorable but I have only this figure of her..

    thx for your compliment 😉
    Im not so convinced of Wave either, but I have to say that they did a really good job with this Kagami.

  11. Aya

    Considering their price and scale ,I really curious with Wave’s Painjob quality ??any idea ?? since you say already sold all your previous wave’s figures.

  12. wieselhead

    in general Wave has no problems to make a decent or even good paintjob.
    In Kagami’s case the details and lines at her bikini are really clean.
    As well as the shading at the body and the hair.

    I had their http://myfigurecollection.net/figure/12158_kannagi_itsuki and their http://myfigurecollection.net/figure/7308_fujibayashi_kyou
    I think their paintjon was quite good
    the problem with Kyo was the sculpting of her face and the butt ,it really bothered me after some time so I sold her.
    with Kannagi I had no real problem but after some time I felt that her figure didn’t really fit into my collection.

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  14. Otaking, the Statue Conqueror

    It says 14 comments but I see none. Aaaand most of the links are dead. But try going to thebanzaieffect haha.

    I think you meant 12 cm…120 would have been huge. This fits under a screen so it’s 12


    I noticed in your older articles you used to describe how you prepare the sets and the backdrop items. Like here you described the palm tree you made. You should start doing that again, it’s very interesting. So it’s basically arts and crafts.

    • wieselhead

      Ah I guess those comments are lost , maybe I played around in wordpress too much or deinstalled a wrong plugin :(.
      Yeah, of course 12 cm sometimes I am a little unfocused lol. These are cute Lucky Star figures, the big ones look so cool.
      Ah good, maybe I will implement this again in the process, thank you for the feedback.

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