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Today I have this lovely figma named Shizuno Izumi on review, the manufacturer is Max Factory who released her in November 2010, Izumi is one of the 6 figma action figures from the Se Kirara lineup, Se Kirara (se・きらら) is a free VN Game made by Native.


I haven’t found a satitisfying summary of the story but I I guess its like in every VN Game, the main male character gets in touch with different girls and their different personalities.
I haven’t played the game because the setup didn’t work, but I can provide some pictures.



I like figma action figures, but in general Im not very interested in owning them myself, because I don’t play around with them a lot. Well I envy the people who can put their figma action figures into nice and lively poses but I prefer normal scaled unmoveable PVC figures. I only owned the famous Drossel figma and the Konata Izumi figma so far.

First Impressions

For some reason I was head over heals as I discovered this figma of Shizuno Izumi, she has a mature and more adult appearance in comparison with other fgmas on the market. Izumi has a height of  15cm  what makes her one of the tallest figmas out there. I like the color combination of this Izumi figma a lot, the purple hair looks really good.

Izumi comes with following items: 2 spare faces, 12 hands, two plates, a pillow, a cake, a single piece of cake, a vacuum cleaner and the standard stand of course 😉 The hands have long fingers and the 3 faces are looking good my favorite is the one with one closed eye.




Moveability & Stability

The movement  of her limbs goes smooth and easy without much resistance in the joints.
Izumi can’t sit very well because her plastic skirt limits the movement of her upper legs.
The parts stay in place after being posed with the right amount of resistance, this figma is very well balanced I wasn’t in need to use the stand very often, the normal poses were possible to achieve without the stand. For the more complicated poses I’ve put some putty under one foot because I didn’t wanted to have the stand in the picture.






Sculpting and Paintjob

developed curvesare looking good.
The skirt with it’s wrinkles and the strands of her hair are very well sculpted as well.
On the insides of her arms there is a area where the texture is a bit rough.

The eyes have a cute expression and overall the face details are very well painted.
Izumis outfit has a nice color combination  I like the brown boots, the white
stockings and the dark blue skirt with the white line. On a close look the lines on the outfit are a bit rough so the paintjob isn’t perfect at all, but regarding her figma size it’s good enough.






I wasn’t able to make an outdoor shooting because it’s winter in germany and damn cold 😀
So I decided to make a room as setup for the shooting. I used a selfmade pattern  which I made in photoshop for the wallpaper and added a window and a photoboard on one wall. I printed out the two sheets and glued them onto a hard carton. The bed is from my props stuff pool unfortunately I couldn’t find the bedside table anymore 🙁



Final Words

Well I don’t have much experience with figmas and how they should be, but in my opinion
Shizuno Izumi is a well made figma which has a good posing ability.
I really like her attractive appearance, her height and body proportions distinguishs her from other figma action figures. The accessoires she comes with are very nice especially the vacuum cleaner with the flexible tube is very cool. The paintjob isn’t perfect, but considering her size and prize this Shizuno Izumi figma was a fairly good deal. The other figmas from the Se Kirara lineup look also very nice, maybe I’ll will consider to buy the Nozomi Akiyama as well.


Another good review can be found at Plastic Parfait, they have also made Reviews from most of the other Se Kirara figmas Akiyama Nozomi Kagura Aya and Kawamura Yuu

29 Responses

  1. Fabrice

    Hey! Great review and nice idea for the bg shooting. I myself was going to make a review on her but i cant be bothered and now that ive seen this post i post i dont have to =)
    (plus procrastination haha) and lol how come it didnt install? for me it worked and actually enjoyed playing it. fav character must be aya <3

    • wieselhead

      hi Fabrice thx for stopping by
      Im glad you like my review 😉
      I don’t know I tried different things but after 5 attempts I furiously hit the delete button XD

  2. Zai

    Helloo, thank you for the review. I really love reading Figma reviews. 😀
    I think you have taken such cute shots of her and the room you have made for her photo shoot is really cute and I’m jealous of that bed since it looks perfect for Figma scale! xD
    I haven’t played with Izumi very much but she’s currently hanging out with our SOS Brigade Figma, lol.
    Nozomi is my favourite in the line (along with Aya). She looks a little like a midget next to Izumi though!

    • wieselhead

      Hiho, thx for commenting ;D
      thx for your kind compliments.
      I bought the bed at an online store for doll accessoires nedoroids do also fit in very well 😉
      Yeah, she’s a cute little midget

  3. Luhren

    Yay, its here! Nice room setup, really like how you added the pictures above the bed, and I wish I had a bed prop like that. Cute shots, especially love the one of her looking under the bed

    • wieselhead

      Haha finally the holidays made me lazy ;D

      thank you Luhren
      I had the idea that girls would have pictures of their friends in her room, so I put these group pictures from the game she comes and put them at the wall.
      I like this shot as well when she looks after prey for her vacuum cleaner ;D

  4. duqs

    The backgrounds are nothing short of amazing.

    The accessories that comes with it looks awesomely nice, especially THAT CAKE!

    • wieselhead

      Hi duqs thx for stopping by again 😉
      thx for your praise
      the cake looks tasty ;D

  5. Aya

    Great Review as usual,haven’t Try se:kirara yet, anyway Nice House background where did you get this house ? 😀

    • wieselhead

      hi Aya thx a lot 😉
      Well I made it by myself and it was quite easy 🙂
      I chose the pattern for the wallpaper printed it on two A4 pages and glued them onto a carton for the stability,are you interested in the .psd file ?

  6. FlawlessEXA

    Very nice photoshoot. The lighting looks great as well. The poses are also full of character. ^ ^

    Oddly, you got Shizuno Izumi’s name in the correct order but everyone else is wrong. It’s Kawamura Yuu, Kagura Aya, Akiyama Nozomi, and the unmentioned last girl is Miyuki Mana.

    • wieselhead

      Hi FlawlessEXA thx for your visit and your nice comment, Im not very good at figma posing so Im glad that you like the poses 😉

      upps, well the name order in japanese always confused me, I just copied the order which was used in the links,thx for your correction ;D

  7. BioToxic

    Izumi has to be one of the most well endowed figma out there :lol:. I have to agree with you, her closed eyes face is the best of the 3 available. The picture with her looking under the bed is cute, it’s like she’s trying to coax a kitten out from under it.

    It’s a shame you couldn’t get the game to play. I usually have similar issues running JPN VN demos and just give up after a few tries.

    • wieselhead

      Yeah sexy 😀
      thx for your compliment.
      Im not so sad that it didn’t worked itwasn’t translated anyway, so I think I would have been too lazy to play it via translator XD

  8. Miette-chan

    Much like you I have no idea what the actual VN is about, but I do like how the girls look. In particular I like the accessories they come with.

    The set up for the pictures is really nice, I should think about copying you and get myself a “prop stuff pool” XP

  9. wieselhead

    Hi Miette
    I like their look as well
    Im glad you like it 😉

    Its nice to have some stuff to enrich the pictures, I like to think about a setting for every figure review/shooting which could fit to the figure. I have a whole set of backrounds fabrics and decoration stuff in my prop stuff pool.

  10. Nopy

    I thought the room used for the setting was professionally made until you said that you made it yourself. Shizuno does looks mature, but I prefer the cuter looking girls 🙂

    If you haven’t done it, you should try changing your system locale to Japanese to install the game. I find that you have to do this for most Japanese programs.

  11. wieselhead

    Oh thx for your praise, I did my best ;D
    Ah I see, I think I like both types

    I tried this with changing the system local, but it didn’t worked, maybe the data I loaded had an error somewhere

  12. Tier

    Awesome pictures and an awesome action figure, too. She’s really cute; schoolgirls aren’t always my thing but I really like how Izumi and the other se.Kirara girls look. Especially in the art; her Top Gear shirt and jeans are awesome. It’s too bad more anime girls don’t wear jeans. I wonder what’s supposed to be in the Native box?

    She looks so nice I’m thinking about picking her up. Hmm, now I have an idea if I also get the BRS Figma. Hmm …

    • wieselhead

      Oh thx a lot Tier, Im a bit surprised you like this Izumi figma, but yeah she’s cute =D
      you should get her if you want to.

      skirts are the majority in figure clothes I wouldn’t mind if some would wear nice trousers.
      The artwork of the game looks nice
      Im curious what Native will do with these Se.Kirara characters I hope they’ll be not as explicit as their Chie figure XD

  13. Visual Fanfare

    I just have to say, WOW! Nice job on that background (once again). I thought it was a real doll house. =P This is the kind of creativity I’ve come to appreciate with figure photo sites.

    I’m in the same boat as you, I like Figmas, but I really hate posing them. Well, I don’t hate it, I’m just too lazy to pose them. I like how they’re moveable and you can pose them for photos, but taking photos of static figures is much easier on my sanity. lol

    • wieselhead

      thx a lot, Im glad it turned out so well.
      I could support you with ideas if you want 🙂

      Yeah I don’t really like to pose them and sometimes the joints are a bit ugly in pictures, so I prefer static figures 😀

      • Visual Fanfare

        Hey, that’s a great idea. You supply me with the ideas and I’ll try to make it happen. LOL, help me with my feeble aging brain! hahaha

        Yeah, the joints can be a bit unsightly, but surprisingly I don’t really pay much attention to them when I look at Figmas.

        • wieselhead

          hehe just give me the name of the figure and I’ll try to come up with an idea ;D

  14. Dragonar Dude

    Im getting Ideas for that Vaccum with my GM Sniper, this is a definite preorder i have to make

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