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Before the christmas holidays, I will review another Max Factory figure in 2015, it’s the all so cute Sairenji Haruna. She is from the fanservice heavy To LOVE RU anime/manga.

Max Factory adapted the design of a bride without actual wedding dress, but appealing lingerine and veil. After Momo Bella Deviluke and Kurosaki Mea, Sairenji Haruna is the third adapted figure from this official illustration, Kotegawa Yui would convince me as well ♡.

Sairenji Haruna – To LOVEru - Max Factory - 016

Sairenji Haruna – To LOVEru - Max Factory - 001

Momo, Mea and Haruna are scaled 1/6 and designed by sculptor Nakayama. I ordered Haruna’s figure for 9.230 Yen. She was released in the end of November 2015.


Sairenji is based on the art of Saki Hasemi and Kentarō Yabuki, actually she was created after the appearance of the authors wife. Haruna was my favorite character in the beginning of the To Love Ru anime, she totally reminds me of my first Highschool romance ^^.

Sairenji Haruna is a kind, understanding and patient character, she often is a victim of the main characters clumsyness, but never gets angry at him. In TLR she is an extremely likeable person. I was rooting for her, but thats rather useless in harem animes in general.

Sairenji Haruna – To LOVEru - Max Factory - 009

Some time later the authors wife turned crazy and demanded a divorce, in order to this she awarded the rights to the character and so Sairenji’s role was dramatically reduced.

Well, I still like Sairenji Haruna and I’m extremely happy that a figure has been made this year.

Sairenji Haruna – To LOVEru - Max Factory - 002

Sairenji Haruna – To LOVEru - Max Factory - 003

Sairenji Haruna – To LOVEru - Max Factory - 004

Sairenji Haruna – To LOVEru - Max Factory - 005




Face: – The 1/6 scale makes it possible to create a detailed expressive face, it’s probably the most remarkable thing about this figure adaption of Haruna. The characterdesign from the anime was adapted faithfully, the shape of her head and the exposed forehead are mayor attributes of her character. In this figure adaption, the girl looks rather coy, but also observing, her eyes are just beautiful, the small opened, chestnut shaped mouth underlines the subtle sweetness of her expression.

Sairenji Haruna – To LOVEru - Max Factory - 010

Outfit: – The lingerine dress of bride Haruna is appealing, wrinkles and partially an illusion of slightly transparent fabric adds an realistic touch. The shiny texture resembles a silky look, the contrast between smooth, matte skin and lingerine is very attractive. She wears a cute top decorated with frill and garters attached to it, that are connecting to her stockings. The triangle panties are detailed, the added see trough effect above her buttocks is quite lovely.

Sairenji Haruna – To LOVEru - Max Factory - 011

As pretty as Haruna’s outfit is, I noticed something that bothers me just a little. On closer inspection the shading has been applied in a bold manner, the not so precisely used airbrush slightly disturbs the appearance of the delicately sculpted dress, but it’s just a marginal note.

Sairenji Haruna – To LOVEru - Max Factory - 020

Body: – To Love Ru is ecchi comedy focusing on showing budding bishoujo teenagers in accidentially ecchi situations. As the first season was aired I was happy with it and the funny fanservice involving cute girls. Years later To Love ru Darkness aired there,  I came to the following conclusions. A: harem can be an annoying genre B: most of the female characters stayed too young in appearance, so my enjoyment of the fanservice turned out limited XD.

Sairenji Haruna – To LOVEru - Max Factory - 014

The figure of Sairenji Haruna also portrays the image of a budding teenager with a modest chest (ahaha now I’ve said it XD) Still, the petite appearance is appealing in other areas. Her upper body is so nicely sculpted, complimenting the girls smooth skin. The figures skin really has a smooth feel to it. I love her cute arms, the shoulders, the collarbones. what really makes me jawdrop though are the details of her upper back, just lovely (´・` )♡.

Exchangeable Parts: – You either have the choice between an appropriate bridal veil or Haruna’s trademark bangs. The veil, though being made of plastic is pretty, white roses and other flowers, I can’t clearly identity are placed on the front. The veil has a gradient from nearly clear to less transparent, the created movement creates a really nice look.
Both suits Haruna very well, although I like her trademark hairstyle the most actually.

Sairenji Haruna – To LOVEru - Max Factory - 006

Sairenji Haruna – To LOVEru - Max Factory - 015

Sairenji Haruna – To LOVEru - Max Factory - 013

Sairenji Haruna – To LOVEru - Max Factory - 007

Sairenji Haruna – To LOVEru - Max Factory - 008

Sairenji Haruna – To LOVEru - Max Factory - 017

Sairenji Haruna – To LOVEru - Max Factory - 018

Sairenji Haruna – To LOVEru - Max Factory - 023

Sairenji Haruna – To LOVEru - Max Factory - 024

Sairenji Haruna – To LOVEru - Max Factory - 025

Sairenji Haruna – To LOVEru - Max Factory - 027

Sairenji Haruna – To LOVEru - Max Factory - 029

Sairenji Haruna – To LOVEru - Max Factory - 022

Sairenji Haruna – To LOVEru - Max Factory - 021



Final Words

Sairenji Haruna – To LOVEru - Max Factory - 028

A few more words to wrap this up, teenage bride Sairenji Haruna is a beautifully made figure with a gorgeus looking face that has a convincing expression and also an nicely sculpted body.

The funny thing is that I’m not particularly keen on figures in wedding dresses. My main motivation was to receive an especially great looking figure of Haruna as kind of keepsake. This Haruna made by Max Factory could have worn any kind of outfit, I would’ve ordered it right away. They manufactured a really cute and visually appealing figure, even with her young girl proportions Haruna is quite attractive, the 1/6 scale is another big asset.

If you like Sairenji Haruna as character or simply cute, short hair figures, this is worth a thought. I’m sure that this wasn’t the last bride from Max Factory… Kotegawa Yui, please.

Do you have a favorite “bride” in To Love Ru?

8 Responses

  1. Hoshiko

    “she totally reminds me of my first Highschool romance” <- awwwww. that's sweet!

    I guess moral of the story for authors is not to create a character based on wife next time…

    By the way, the figure has one hell of a sexy bride outfit!

    • wieselhead

      Haha, at least one good thing happened in Highschool ♡^▽^♡
      Oh, yeah probably XD The Haruna characters personality appears to be based on someone else,
      when you learned the whole backstory you will be surprised about the wife *scary*
      Yes, with the outer shell not included it looks more like wedding night, still I think it is tasteful lingerine( ^◡^)っ

  2. Miette-chan

    Mikan is best girl, best bride, best everything!

    This figure makes me feel so nostalgic! If you rewind back about to a little over half a decade was rooting for Haruna over Lala. Back when there really wasn’t a harem, back when To Love Ru was about wacky aliens and the Rito, Lala, Haruna threesome. Nowadays though, I’m actually on Momo’s side and think the Harem plan is the best outcome for everyone involved.

    Out of the three lingerie brides that have been released Haruna is my favorite. Looking at that illustration Yui might be the best out of all the girls for me as I find Mikan’s lingerie color un appealing.

    I think Haruna’s pose is very alluring as if I had just walked in on her changing and makes my imagination go wild. All things considered Haruna never really had strong opposition to when such events happened with Rito after all.

    I like the lighting that you did for these photos, it’s very soft. It definitely reminds me of what nice silky lingerie feels like to the touch.

    Sigh… if only the wife wasn’t an thing…

    • wieselhead

      Mikan is better for boys who are not Rito ^^
      Actually with the later TLR seasons every girl in the anime appeared too young for me, also in terms of curves.
      I remember the time before with positive feelings, it was fun to watch scatterbrained Lala to create trouble for everyone.
      It’s always difficult for me, when Harem animes steadily increase their cast and only tease the audience with interrupted romantic situations.
      Harem Plan = Every mans dream… though for the author of TLR one ex wife is more than enough ahahaha XD

      I agree on that decision, although Momo looked amazingly pretty as bride figure (O_O),
      I just dislike her as character… It’s even worse with Mea *omg* ( ≖ิ‿≖ิ )
      Yeah, fortunately I love Yui, her figure looks slightly more like wedding legal age (⌒▽⌒ゞ.
      I’m looking forward to it. Poor Mikan bride, but yeah yellow, why yellow?

      Ah, that would be a plausible scenario, I would go gentle with Haruna ♡^▽^♡.
      lol, still Rito never used his opportunities to accomplish anything.

      Thank you, it’s a bit simple as setting, but the light is quite nice, nearly what I had in mind ;D

      Huh, this story is the craziest thing ever, on court he just should have said
      “Haruna never was such a cunning bitch!”

  3. Aya

    Since the Darkness series don’t give much attention on haruna i kinda surprised they made her XD very pretty wedding night lingerie

    • wieselhead

      Yeah, I also was surprised considering TLR Darkness barely paid attention to her.
      But I was more ovoverjoyed to hear about this figure than anything else (♥→o←♥).
      Yeah, a cute, sexy bride, … with parental consent a japanese bride can be 16!

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