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The possibility of me getting this Super Sonico figure were not that high at first. I’m a big Sonico fan, but I’m also a bit picky with the figures I purchase. My first thought after seeing the painted figure was that her boobs are too big (//∇//).

Nevertheless after seeing pictures of the final figure, I decided that I need the Sonico – Clumsy Office Lady figure, too

This Sonico – Clumsy Office Lady version was manufactured by Native as part of their Character’s Selection, as 1/6 scaled figure. She was released in mid december of 2017. The illustrator for this scene with Sonico was Tsuji Santa,
who do take a lot of liberty with her proportions sometimes. This figure was the first work Yamaki Chihiro as sculptor.

The figure came in a totally oversized box, even when considering the number of parts inside, it’s a chunky box.

Let me list the parts for you, there are two file folders, a file folder container, a notebook, a pen, a wired telephone, a green teddy bear, a desk plate and of course the figure itself. This Sonico is figure is quite heavy and sturdy.

The figures head is decorated with the trademark headphones of this certain character. Sonico wears her usual hairstyle, but the sculptor added more detail to it, the well defined strands are pretty and the pastel pink is sweet.

Sonico’s cute head is nicely sculpted and the face is very pretty, her detailed eyes are not just glossy, they are shiny with a glass like texture. The cute open mouth shows her upper and lower front teeth line. Her appalled expression leaves several ways for interpretation, either she suddenly noticed how entangled she is in the telephone cord or she just doesn’t like the angry voice at the other side of the line.

The pose looks interesting and sexy, but I would not say its a natural situation, I mean, who would lie on the desk with a telephone cord wrapped around one leg while wearing a nervous expression on the face. Whatever the reason it is a nicely articulated pose and the figure is super detailed, especially when you pay attention to the hands for a second.

Before the release it wasn’t clear if this figure would be partially castoff able, but the figure includes an alternative vest part to display Sonico with exposed boobs, the skirt won’t come off and so we can’t admire her beautiful butt without a layer of cloth. This figure looks best fully dressed, the alternative option, while not really necessary is good to have.

In a normal situation Sonico’s office dress would actually look cute and appealing, the short sleeved white blouse and pink colored vest, together with the ribbon around the collar look really cute. The clothes for the lower body have a more seductive character, for example the black pencil skirt that tightly stretches around her well endowed hips.

Also these partially see through thigh highs with a darker rim are wonderfully made and super sexy. At her feet she is wearing rather neutral black high heels. Sonico would nearly pass as diligent office lady if her clothes weren’t really tight and her body sexy dynamite. She has a shapely womanly appearance, those button bursting voluptuous boobs and really wide hips, I like the narrow waist a lot and all together the proportions create a stunning hourglass shape.

Her buxom thighs are quite emphasized in this pose, the soft looking, cone shaped thighs are a real eye catcher.

In the alternative display option Sonico’s boobs have popped out of her blouse from the center with the upper and lower buttons still closed. Her boobs look nice and have pretty, pale pink nipples. The way the phone cord is wrapped around and between her legs is quite naughty befitting for a Native figure and getting the cable(s) in place was no easy task, either (⊙.☉)7.

Final Words

While I wasn’t really convinced by this Sonico figure at first, after I have taken a closer look, I would claim that she is among the best ones, first she is a big 1/6 scale figure, secondly she has a beautiful face and hair, thirdly she wears a cute office outfit wrapped around an amazingly sexy body and those thighs ♥ . Additionally to this the figure includes lots of convincing office paraphernalia. It’s an elaborately designed figure with an interesting pose and great quality.   

6 Responses

  1. Aya

    the cord can be removed 😀 didn’t expect that, very nice set up XD
    The only thing bother me is you can’t put on the glasses XD that will give her alternative looks

    • wieselhead

      lol yes, you literally plug it in her backside (⁄ ⁄^⁄ᗨ⁄^⁄ ⁄). Thank you 🙂 I borrowed the glasses from another figure, Eriri unfortunately there was no way to get them on Sonico’s head

  2. Tier

    I don’t remember seeing this figure at all, but Sonico looks cute as always. She might be less clumsy if she took off her headphones, maybe. It’s a little surprising that only her breasts can be exposed but I guess Nitro+ is trying to keep Sonico slightly less than R-18.

    • wieselhead

      With the number of figures every month, some figures are easily overseen. GSC is so stupid with all their branches!
      But fortunately I kept her on my list and ordered her after release.
      It’s a great Sonico. Her hips and thighs are stunning ♡ she also has a really good size and appearance.
      Ah yes, I would have liked to see her butt exposed, but it is not really a naughty figure haha.
      Nevertheless, soon I will receive my Sonico bride and she has a more exposed butt of the same league (*^▽^)/

  3. Miette-chan

    How does Sonico even ends up in that situation? Even more so with the version with the exposed breasts?! Never the less I was always confused by this figure, a Native figure that didn’t have any naughty bits? I do wonder why the listing on their stores didn’t show that it had an alternate display option, they could have sold more!

    • wieselhead

      Yes, it looks a bit scripted, but the pose on desk looks incredibly sexy (⁄ ⁄^⁄ᗨ⁄^⁄ ⁄)♥
      The figures thighs look quite stunning in this position. I think the exposed breasts were not really necessary, I would have preferred her skirt to be castoffable actually ;p. Nevertheless, she is one of my favorite Sonico figures.

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