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Welcome to another review, today it’s about the Takao – light armament version from Max Factory.

She was released at the end of January 2018. She was sculpted by Hiroshi and is scaled 1/8. There also was a WHS heavy armament version, to me it added not much to the figure, so I payed around 5k less for the pacifist version.

I seriously was [on] and [off] about this figure on the one hand i always wanted a figure of Takao on the other hand I wished for a different adaption than this. You should know, that I always was a fan of the elaborate Kantai Collection fanart on Pixiv, also the naughty ones ^^. The  Kantai Collection figures are all based on In Game design. Unfortunately, I would actually dare to say. In many cases I often wished for a different fanart adaption.

Nevertheless, even though I considered to cancel her a few times I’ve kept my preorder active.

Takao is a heavy cruiser, in Kantai Collection heavy cruiser literally means curvy character. She is a cool, soft spoken character and one of the older ship girls. In comparison to her bright and cheerful sister ship Atago, Takao is less flashy, she has a darker personality and is somehow more naughty.

The figure has pretty black hair, it’s nicely detailed and shows a number of separate strands and a nice dynamic flow. Takao’s face shows a puzzled expression with red eyes and cute raised eyebrows, maybe she noticed how short her skirt actually is. Joking aside the figure has a very lively and adorable expression.

The best aspect of this figure is the bright navy blue uniform, the design is really beautiful with the white edges, golden details and wrinkles. The sailor hat is so adorable. It’s actually quite amazing how tight fit this uniform is and how it’s even able to stretch around Takao’s ample boobs like this 😀 Her shirt cuffs and black gloves add a lot of elegance.

Of course a lady needs a bag, it resembles the smokestack and bridge of the real Takao ship. The outfit is overall very detailed with her stockings and garter belt she resembles a Pin up girl. On each of her stockings is a cute green planes. Her shiny red shoes are nice painted and the pointy fins look really cool.

This figure actually portrays Takao a bit too petite, she should have wider shoulders and a less narrow waist and more thighs volume. Oh I’m so demanding, but nevertheless the slender Takao with big boobs is also very attractive. She wears a tight and very short skirt, a good quarter of lower buttocks is exposed, a quite nice view if you ask me. Apparently Kantai Collection is a fanservice heavy game and all outfits are tight, except for the smaller destroyer girls.

Final Words

Even though, I had mixed feelings about this figure, during the photo session Takao showed what she is made of. I had a lot of fun with the post processing. It’s a nicely made figure with amazing details and a very dynamic pose. Her outfit together with the stunning body creates a cool and sexy combination. I don’t miss the guns of the heavy armament version, the light armament version is as good as the other one, the guns are just an distract from the pretty figure.

My next figure will be Kashima from Amakuni who will be released by tomorrow â™¥â™¥â™¥

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8 Responses

  1. Kai

    I’m not too invested in KanColle but this figure is good actually. Love her eyes and the lively expression. Also saw the heavy armament version and this one definitely looks better. As they say, “less is more”.

    • wieselhead

      Well, recently I did not play the game anime, it relied too much on coincidence.
      Still I can enjoy the pretty figures based on it (*^▽^)/.
      This Takao is quite appealing, they gave her lovely face.
      Yeah, indeed. It looks better this way, the beautiful figure needs no further decoration.

  2. Aya

    very nice 😀 i didn’t know the skirt is removable ahahaha
    I thought you also have atago ahaha ^^ it would be nice display them together

    • wieselhead

      Thank you(*^3^)
      It was a surprise, Atago doesn’t have this option afaik, quite unfortunate ~ヾ(^∇^)
      Unfortunately I didn’t like that figure that much, I really would prefer more naughty Kancolle figures.

  3. Tier

    I say the best aspect of this figure is the panties! I wonder why they did not show this when the figure went up for sale. Don’t they want to sell figures? I would have bought this figure if I knew she had some sexy underwear. Heck, if all that Kantai Collection girls had underwear like that, I’d probably be a gigantic KanColle fan, instead of being just enthusiastic about the US Navy characters.

    • wieselhead

      Ahahaha how rude 😀
      She has more nice aspects, but yeah garters and black panties look great.
      Lol yes, who had thought that there was a castoff option when Atago had none.
      I like Kancolle figures, if only they weren’t so game based and would show more fanart influence,
      which often looks more elaborate.

  4. Miette-chan

    Hahaha, the pacifist version, I like that! It’s good that you ended up getting her after all, she looks quite nice. Didn’t really realize how much emphasis there is on good ol’ T&A with this figure. Nor had I realized how ridiculously short that skirt is, I thought Prinz Eugen was the only one wearing a gloried belt in lieu of a skirt. I never expected Takao to wear such skimpy underwear, I thought she was the serious one!

    • wieselhead

      I thought that was a good way to call her, since she has no guns at all.
      Yes, I was unable to cancel somehow, she turned out nicer than expected.
      She only is a little small and out shined by the beautiful Kashima ♥(ˆ⌣ˆ).
      There is a lot of fanservice in her design, still I would prefer something based on pixiv illustrations and more curvy aside from T&A 😀
      In the one Kancolle episode she appears rather naughty and teased her sister.

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