Azusa Nakano’s holiday adventures

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Azusa Adventures

Time for a short filler post. I have Azone’s Azusa Nakano doll since some time now, but I still haven’t reviewed her and mastered doll photography not as much as I would like to. Buying clothes is plenty of fun though, you could say when grown up guys buy clothes for loli dolls it ends in a disaster ^o^. But I try my best to spoil the little lady from time to time.

Earlier this year in June I went on vacation to Le Castellet located in southern France, the area is the best when you desire a hot, not rainy holiday, the opposite to Germany this year.

As on every vacation I took some figures with me, Sonico PKG, Sonico Figma and little Azusa with a small set of clothes, I forgot some parts, which lead to some improvisations later on.

This post is focused on Azusa and her small adventures, it’s nothing spectacular, but since I already took the pictures, I should actually show them. Azusa went swimming, even though she can’t even float, tree climbing in questionable wardrobe and buying bread in the sticks.

Azone's Azusa adventures  - 001

Azusa is a 1/6 scale PureNeemo Doll manufactured by Azone.  This version was sold through TBS ishop, she is the exclusive Birthday Memorial version. the second Azusa Nakano from Azone. She came with a bunch off clothes for the cold season. Since  I love to modify things Azusa received all kinds of clothes over the time. only limited by her very petite body.

Azone's Azusa adventures  - 003

I think stockings go well with swimsuits, unfortunately this is no trend in real live, Azusa is ahead of her time. I found it quite hilarious when the bikini top fell down all the time, like in some slapstick anime, her XS body is not that curvy, well her main selling point is being cute.

Still she manages to look a little bit sexy, I totally love her messy, wet strands in this picture.

Azone's Azusa adventures  - 004

Azone's Azusa adventures  - 002

I should consider to equip her with an M body, I’m not into lolis since some time now. The bodies are surprisingly cheap, well since they have very simple joints, but they do the job.

Azone's Azusa adventures  - 006

Azone's Azusa adventures  - 007

Azone's Azusa adventures  - 008

In the area around were some great looking old olive trees, very fitting for the idea of hiking. I noticed that I have forgotten her hotpants at home, it would have probably looked more appropriate in other clothes than her bikini. Ah look her jacket is cool.

Azone's Azusa adventures  - 013

Azone's Azusa adventures  - 012

Azone's Azusa adventures  - 011

Azone's Azusa adventures  - 010

Azone's Azusa adventures  - 009

For the last pictures I’ve put Azusa in a vintage european dress with lap trousers and a cute hat. I’ve planned to use bread sticks that look similar to baguette for Azusa to  carry.

Azone's Azusa adventures  - 015

Azone's Azusa adventures  - 016

unfortunately my holiday company had already depleted them and only left the sesame flavored ones. Well, at least she could carry the bread home to “Oni-chan”.

Azone's Azusa adventures  - 014

Afterwards some  casual posing at the fence, I would have liked it, if the sunset had been stronger this day, lets see what Photoshop could do for us.

Azone's Azusa adventures  - 017

Azone's Azusa adventures  - 018

Azone's Azusa adventures  - 020

Azone's Azusa adventures  - 021

Azone's Azusa adventures  - 024

Azone's Azusa adventures  - 023

On the bottom line I suck at posing, but still managed to have some fun with Azusa.

Azone's Azusa adventures  - 022


14 Responses

  1. Aya

    You could make these cute pictures with her, can’t wait seeing you do it with bigger doll 😀

    • wieselhead

      Oh thank you Aya, I’m happy you called them cute (⌒▽⌒)
      Yeah and the doll looks curvier, Im looking forward to have her soon.

  2. Kai

    “unfortunately my holiday company had already depleted them and only left the sesame flavored ones. Well, at least she could carry the bread home to “Oni-chan”
    Who, me? :3

    Loving all these photos^^ Although dolls are something I probably would never get into, it does seem fun, with so many customizations available. Your Azusa seems just somehow shorter than the anime one though, and it kinda shows when she’s wearing the European dress, lol.

    • wieselhead

      Sure, Azusa can’t have enough Oni chan’s

      Thank you very much ^^
      Haha tell me about it XD You know the first time I saw anime character dolls I found them creepy, really creepy. Over the time I noticed that you can make some stunning pictures with them, so I thought a bit more positive about them. Azusa was the doll I could not resist, she looked so cute in her autumn dress. Actually dolls are not much different from a figma, size and changeable clothes aside ;D Yeah the dress makes her legs look short, fashion fail.

      In this post I’ve hidden my embarrassment behind some comedy, I hope I can improve this when Mirai arrives 😉

  3. Pinkcheeks

    Weee! I love seeing toys outdoors, makes me want to travel with them! 😀 She looks petite and looks like a size of a Figma. I love her costumes, especially the white bikini! Wow, I wish Mayoi could have one! Did you buy them separately? Oh, that ant wants to take Azusa’s bread LOL

    • wieselhead

      I know and it’s really fun;)
      Oh Azusa is quite petite, but is actually much bigger, she’s listed as 1/6, while a figma is something around 1/12, Azone has smaller dolls, though. Thx ^^ Yeah, Azusa came only with a set of 9 clothes and yellow shoes, I had bought her a few more things, like the swimsuit.

      Lol, I haven’t noticed the ant until now, it’s kinda creepy ヽ(゚Д゚)ノ
      Poor Azusa might have gotten a shock from this XD

    • wieselhead

      Azusa is quite lovely, little doll (‐^▽^‐)
      Yeah, I also had a great vacation, now that summer ends here, I badly want to go there again.

  4. Miette-chan

    Eh? This is a short filler post? I wish had the drive to make “filler” posts like this more often.

    I have never really been interested in small dolls like Azusa, perhaps because I’ve been spoiled by my couple of dollfies. Still Azusa is pretty cure, I bet her portable size makes her very convenient to carry around.

    • wieselhead

      Yeah, I actually wanted to put them in a post a lot earlier, writing took not much time and the pictures were already there.
      Dollfies are superior to such dolls, glossy eyes, better hair and better joints make them more appealing. Ok, Azusa’s XS body is also pretty flat ^^
      Nevertheless the 1/6 Azone dolls aren’t bad and can be sweet as well, they also have cheap clothes and as you say are easy for transport.

  5. Tier

    She looks like she had a fun time! I have Azone’s Kobato doll, which is about the same size and body ship as Azusa, I think, but her swimsuit’s a little smaller (being based on the bikini she wore in the anime) so I don’t think I would want to take her outside. In fact, I guess I can’t really take any of my dolls outside, since they would get me arrested. It’s good that you had a fun time, too. I am not a frequent traveler; in fact, I haven’t actually been aboard an airplane in about 15 years. I haven’t even flown since before 9/11 so I haven’t had the joy of being groped by a TSA chikan or having my shoes inspected. I kinda keep thinking about doing more traveling in the next year, since everyone tells me it’s best to travel while I’m still relatively young, and I kinda would like to visit Hawaii and maybe Korea again, and I’d also kinda like to visit Europe, especially since I have the feeling that I could fumble around the language barrier more easily there than I could in many other places.

    • wieselhead

      Oh Kobato already had a bikini, that is a goo set then ^^
      Well, with the right set of clothes you probably could, latex fashion would look a bit odd outdoors anyway.
      Would loli Kobato in bikini be such a no go in US, come to France where people appreciate lolita’s, haha.

      Oh traveling is nice, enjoying a different scenery from home is refreshing and gives you a new perspective.
      I also haven’t traveled by plane since actually 16 years, before that I’ve mainly traveled to Spanish Islands.

      Hawaii would be one of my dreams, together with Australia, but I’m not sure if I can endure the long flight time there.
      Haha these strict controls might be fun with figures in your luggage. In most countries you can survive with english, did you actually inherit a bit of your parents language, yo once mentioned your dad was Japanese.

      • Tier

        Unfortunately I only speak English; I’m yonsei so I’m many generations removed from my Japanese relatives. In fact, I think my family on my dad’s side might identify more with Hawaiian culture than Japanese (my great-grandfather moved to Hawaii and almost all my family on that side has stayed there). I don’t speak Korean either, which is a shame, since my mother is Korean and I lived there for ten years. I’d really like to pick up one or two languages but I freely admit that I’ve never had an aptitude for learning new tongues.

        • wieselhead

          Ah I see, oh Hawaiian routes, that sounds really interesting to me, I always wanted to be there since I was a kid.
          There are certain languages that kill you when it comes to grammar and irregular verb.
          The signs in Asian languages make another huge obstacle, you know I always doubt the people who say they speak can speak several languages fluently ^^

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