Super Sonico – Bath Time ver. – Native

Is it itchy anywhere…?

Hi people today I will show you the review of the Super Sonico Bath Time version figure.

The figure is scaled 1/6, together with the bath tub she has a height of 25 cm, this Sonico was manufactured by Native and released in June 2012. She was sold as exclusive item, so I had to order with my proxy buyer of choice Tokyohunter, who turned out as very reliable again.

I love bathing and I love Sonico, so there was no way I could pass on this darling.

This one is my first figure from Native, their slogan is “nude and creative” and they don’t lie.

The figure arrived in creatively styled box, included in the package is Sonico ^^, a quarter bath tub, three little bathing friends, a semi transparent and a white rubber towel, a foam part, parts to keep the figure in position. and a postcard with the illustration the figure is based on.


Face & Hair

As I’ve said a few times I prefer Sonico with a happy face expression, here Sonico shows a shy and surprised expression. Even though it is no happy face expression, it is very well done. It is one of the best faces on a Sonico figure so far. Overall it’s on par with the face of Sonico bondage – Candy Pink version with more blush it would be even better. Zenko gave her big expressive eyes and a beautiful open mouth with a detailed depth to it, also a glossy lower lip was added.

Unfortunately she doesn’t show the same amount of blush at her cheeks like on the illustration, as figure she only has faint blush marks, it depends on the light how good you can notice them.

The hair is also very well done with the many single strands of her hair hanging down, the wet look is done in an convincing manner. There is the typical light pink to dark pink gradiant paintjob. Sonico doesn’t take off her headphones, even when she’s cleaning herself, strange isn’t it?

Body & Pose

Native’s Sonico is one of the bigger 1/6 figures out there, not as big as Astraea from Plum, but she is big piece of PVC, in that size the body and the pretty face have a very nice appearance.

Sonico has a bright skintone, under certain light conditions it differs between slightly pink and a bright sand like color, areas with stronger shading were applied over her boobs, her hips, the lower belly and the part where her leg bends. Overall a natural looking skin tone was created.

In this figure adaption Sonico appears less chubby than the Bondage version for example, she’s nearly petite when you look at her slender arms and the nice collarbones, the only more meaty parts are her F-cup boobs and the thighs. I like her proportions and she looks very attractive.

Sonico covers herself with a towel which is made of soft rubber like material, the semi transparent towel resembles a wet look and the white one has a dry look. Of course it wouldn’t be a Native figure without some nudity, the towel comes off after you’ve separated her left arm.

Now her Big Bangs are revealed, they are nicely shaped and have pink pointy nipples.
It’s nice how it seems like she supports her boobs with her left arm. Sonico also has a sculpted vagina which is hidden behind a semi transparent plastic part which resembles bathing foam, it can’t be taken off without force cause it’s glued under her leg. Maybe Nitro+ was against showing their official mascot with a bare beaver. Personally, I don’t mind keeping a little modesty, though.

I have heard many good things about the quality of Native figures and it seems to be true, the sculpting of Sonico’s body is detailed and smooth, seam lines or rough areas can’t be found.

Now to the base; Sonico sits on a white quarter cutted bath tub, which is her base. I’m not sure if she enters the the tub or leaves it, but anyway it was a cool idea to make a Sonico figure like that, it’s a creative combination of posing and base. The tub has one fancy designed golden foot and three black simple feet, inside the bath tub there is a dirt rim paintjob applied.

Sonico is supported via a peg and a metal rod with a clamp that holds her left leg. The right leg rests on the tub. It is a stable solution and the walls of the tub hide these supporting parts.

One detail that dissapoints a little is the quarter cut shape. While setting up the figure and the base, I noticed that it restricts the way to display her quite a bit, cause it leaves many open sides. In my opinion it would have been better to equip Sonico with a small full bath tub instead.

Final Words

This Sonico turned out very well, the bathing themed pose and tub base, also the exceptionally beautiful face and the sexy body are a nice combination which make this figure something special.

As the Sonico fan I am, Im very happy to own such a nice high quality 1/6 scaled figure of her.
Aside from slightly too faint blush marks and only a quarter of a bathing tub, there is not much to complain about, it’s my second favorite figure of Sonico so far.

Thx for reading,  see you soon with another review.

 moooooooore pics

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  1. Aya

    I see so you bathe with her 😉

    She looks so pretty,I don’t see any blush on her face or maybe it’s barely seen, maybe the only Sonico figure i want @_@

    • wieselhead

      haha, yeah that’s what came to my mind at first ^^

      She is a lovely figure with great details, but the blush is very faint, unfortunately.
      Ah I see, this one is one of the best Sonico figures to date.

  2. exilehero

    Ah she’s quite sexy :D. Her headphones are gonna get ruined in the tub! But if she takes them off she’ll die!

    Pictures with the soap bubbles fit so well, but I guess it’s to be expected haha.

    I’ve been eyeing a Native figure lately and I think you’ve convinced me to go for it. Ah that’s gonna hurt my wallet D:

  3. hoshiko

    If you didn’t mention it, I wouldn’t have noticed her hair. It really does have that convincing wet look, especially when viewed from behind.

    One more thing, I didn’t know the rubber duckie is one of her accessories! I thought it was yours and you used it during the shoot. >///<

    • wieselhead

      Haha I see, but no these items were included to portray the innocence of the Sonico character, she’s actually very sexy in my opinion, but her personality is quite pure in contrast.

  4. Miette-chan

    I think this has become my favorite Sonico figure. I really like how Native managed to pull off the wet hair look, really adds a lot to the look and feel of the figure for me. Also good to see the sculpting looks really nice.

    Only thing I don’t like is the tub, or rather the lack of it. Just a corner looks kinda crappy, would have preferred the whole tub.

    • wieselhead

      Yes, she is very nice, so cute and busty ^^ The pose is another nice part of this Sonico, also the quality of her is excellent.
      Haha a quarter cut tub is a little weird, as I ordered her I thought ok, tha’ts not so bad, but now it bothers me bit.

  5. Tier

    She looks great; she looks like one of the best Sonico figures out there. For such a cheerful and energetic girl, it’s a little strange how most of her best figures have her looking really shy and embarrassed. Not that I have any problem with that.

    It’s interesting how Native shipped two figures this month whose artwork had shy-looking faces but whose figures look sort of scared. I wonder if that was a conscious decision or if the figures just turned out that way.

    • wieselhead

      Yes indeed, the sculpting looks great and she really is one of the best Sonico figures so far.
      It seems like she is teased in most figure adaptions, I really hope that one day I can find a happy, high quality Sonico figure.

      Now that you say it Sonico really looks kind of scared, I wonder if it’s the lack of full blush marks or the sculptors intention.
      Well she has no need to be scared at least =) The second one was Hotori Yoshi, right?
      Ah she’s cute and blushes like it’s supposed to be. Unfortunately I didn’t order her 🙁
      Well but she also looks kind of scared, the illustration was slightly different. Thats strange, but both are nice anyway.

  6. duqs

    oH wow oh wow oh wow. The figure and the photography here are both gorgeous. Love the fog effect in one of the pictures.

    Probably one of my favorite Native figures and Sonico figure that I’ve seen so far.

    Like you said, the hair here really looks wet. That heavy, damp look was really captured here.

    I have to ask, won’t her earphones get damaged if she’ll take a bath with it? XD

    • wieselhead

      Oh what a praise, thank you very much ^_^
      I had quite the fun shooting this Sonico. The little fog machine does the job in a satisfying way.
      There are two other Native figures that I like a lot, but this one is an awesome Sonico figure.
      The sculpting looks very accurate and she just has this Sonico feel to her.

      As exilehero said, she would die if she would take them off XD
      Well it’s one of her trademarks, but it would be nice to make the headphones castoffable.

  7. Otakumouse

    OOOHHH! Now that I saw your review and pictures, I just can’t wait for mine to arrive! Awesome figure and awesome photography as always!

    PS: I’m currently in the hunt when it comes to native figures released in the past. Native is one of the “premium” figure manufacturers around and most of their figure are exclusives. Wish me luck! 😛

    • wieselhead

      Ah cool that you ordered her as well, yeah she’s a great and detailed figure, you will love her ^_^
      Thx buddy . Oh I see, they have so many nices figures, I would like to get Watase Nozomi and Yoshii Hotori but unfortunately they are little bit too ecchi for me. Well the Maid would be ok. Anyway good luck for you in finding your erotic darlings.

  8. Visual Fanfare

    You sure love your Sonico! 🙂 you can never go wrong with a Native figure, their quality is top notch! Though I find the paint coating is prone to scratch marks, not sure if Sonico’s similar.

    I really like the exposure in this set of photos, they’re very well done! i think they should’ve used a full bath tub too, but it looks like you found something suitable to put her in in some of your shots. 🙂

    • wieselhead

      Yeah, I have three 2D darlings, Nanoha, Louise and Sonico, surprisingly I have more Sonico figures ^^
      They make very nice figures, but all of them are so porn XD Some more and some less.
      I hope Sonico won’t get scratches, don’t scare me man.

      Thank you very much ^^
      I should try to get a better looking full tub for her, AmiAmi offered something for 4000Yen

  9. Zai

    It’s nice to see you say good things about Tokyo Hunter, we’ll be getting our first Native figure from him soon too. 😀

    My two favourite things about this figure is her beautiful face (even though she looks rather worried) and the way they have sculpted her hair so that it actually looks wet. I prefer the way she looks with the towel on but only because her arm looks a tiny bit weird in that position when it’s removed, hehe.

    I have to admit the quarter bath annoys me a bit too, looks like it’d really restrict viewing angles. I guess she might have been pretty expensive otherwise though.

    Really, beautiful clear shots of her. My favourite would be Sonico-Bath-Time-Native-015.jpg, I love the atmosphere of it. 😀

    • wieselhead

      Ah I know, you can be assured to receive her fast, safe and sound ^^

      I thought about passing on her because of the non happy face for a second, but it is a pretty face nevertheless.
      I also prefer her with the towel, without it, her boobs seem to float in the air, maybe they should have sculpted it in a little different way.
      It feels like something is missing with just a fragment of the bath tub, but you will get used to it, maybe I should get this bath tub here
      Thx a lot, it was fun to shoot her, maybe I will try to shoot her again with more bubbles =)

  10. Fabrice

    Your Super Sonico collection keeps on growing bigger and bigger.

    I must say that this one is my favorite of them lot, She has a much more sense of reality if you know what i mean, she adjust well into your pictures and especially with your water effect or addtion into the shoot which makes it like shes actually doing that. Blends in perfectly and great idea. I also love the little rubber toys that comes with it, or else shell get bored..

    Anyway great great great, I somethimes wished I had that touch with figure photoshooting ideas, but I guess thats what makes you unique 🙂

    • wieselhead

      Hehe yes it does even though I don’t buy every figure adaption of her.
      Thats understandable, this Sonico is very detailed and posed in a convincing way.
      I was a fan of this bathing theme and Im glad this Sonico turned out so well ^ v ^

      Thank you, haha rubber toys, I think she just is a child at heart who enjoys to play with her rubber duck.
      I just imagined her playing in a goofy way with the duck, that would also be a funny figure idea ;D

      Thx again, Well I also didn’t start figurine photography with the level of today. Practice and passion brought me to that point.
      With a little time and more practice and you would also made nice pictures, you have the right eye for it judging from your travel pictures.

      Ah thats too kind of you ^^

  11. Izlomdoc

    This is probably the most beautiful version of Sonico. How to figure survived immersion in water? I would not dare to do so. Painting is very tender (the sad experience of the Tamaki max factory. Knocked down a little bit of paint with a bang, accidentally catching her sheet of paper.)
    Thanks for the review. It was very interesting.

    PS What kind of a large number of friendly sites in the side panel? Writers reviews Mafia ?

    • wieselhead

      Hi there Izlomodoc

      It’s just normal temperatured water and non agressive soap, the paint and pvc material can take it ^^
      so far nothing was damaged during my shootings with water. Ah too bad but it sometimes happen that the figures get a little damage.
      Thx a lot Im glad that you liked.

      Haha yeah it’s long it are sites from people I appreciate or even consider as friends and sites with interesting content 😀

    • wieselhead

      It’s not an expression everybody would like, but it’s very well sculpted nevertheless.
      Im just missing the blushmarks 😉

  12. Nopy

    I never knew Native had a slogan like that. I have one figure from them based on one of Tony Taka’s artworks and it certainly is nude too.

    Sonico probably would’ve looked a bit better with some more blush on her cheeks, but she still looks good the way she is (it’s awesome how she keeps her headphones on all of the time). My favourite part is the base though, it really gives her pose a more natural feel.

    • wieselhead

      Somewhere I catched this phrase ^^ Ah yeah I remember the ecchi Santa Clause girl 🙂

      Unfortunately no or at least not blush had been applied, maybe I should use some make up for her.
      Yes the bathing theme is very well done with the tub and wet hair Sonico. It’s strange that she is always wearing them.

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