The year 2020, figures & dollfie & fish

Yeah, what should I say 2020 was a little disaster, for me and for this blog, this whole year I have been relatively lazy and inactive. Not only because I lacked motivation, though.New figures weren’t coming in and I caught every possible delay that could occur. Overall I received 6 new figures this year. On a lucky note because of that I finally had some leftover budget to get some long wanted grails, like Kouwan Seiki WHS or Eila Juutilainen & Sanya Litvyak.

from the few 2020 figures I received, I would rank them as follows, Nanachi turned out nearly perfect, Matoi looks so cute in her battle suit and the pretty curves. Takatsuki Akiko is a great ero figure dressed as a cute housewife with dynamite body

1. Nanachi – Ques Q
2. Matoi – Kotobukiya (review soon)
3. Asuka – Hobbymax (review soon)
4. Takatsuki Akiko – Daiki Kougyou
5. Dia Kurosawa – With Fans!
6. Sonico – Wave (review soon)

So at least I could do a bit of figure photography in the past 12 months.

I actually took hundreds of pictures of my dolls, as well this year, but for some reason didn’t upload them very regular anywhere. I guess I should post these sets in 2021, would be a shame not to do so.
The biggest expenses in the doll category were a new Dollfie head from Aoko Aozaki, she is so pretty  and a new MDD Mochi-Ashi Base body which is really sweet. I will show you in detail next year

2020 might have been a not so great year for all of us, I will start 2021 with a boost of motivation, at least more motivated than in the past 2 months. I actually noticed that I did more productive things than I remember, it wasn’t just a bad year apparently as the media wants to make us believe.

One more drastic change for me was the discover the aquarium and aquascaping again, as young boy I had an aquarium for some years, it was a really plain tank, so after some time I lost interest. Lockdown and Corona blues made me think of starting with an aquarium again. At first I only wanted to have a small tank with plants and dwarf shrimps, but that quickly turned into a 120 litre tank with plants, dwarf shrimp and mini fish. It’s is a super interesting topic for me, there is so much to learn and you can get creative with the tanks interior and fishes. Have you also discovered some new hobby this year?

As last post of 2020, I’m wishing everyone of you a good start into 2021 and good health.

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    • wieselhead

      Happy New Year! Yeah, we survived against all odds.
      Because of Corona other accidents didn’t happen, I think.

      Lol, I suck at such things, really obvious that I’m bad on social media.
      But sometime later this year, the aquarium will be a post topic.

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