Mirai & the (impossible) bikini

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I recently did a new shooting with Mirai, I once wanted to put her in a bikini cause she has a supe nice body. In preparation I’ve bought a 50×80 cm board, wallpaper, drapings and some iron film, to connect the background(s) with the wooden board via magnets, I already have.

Next time I will dress her in something more modest I promise you that

As I was browsing through flickr, I got the idea of buying Mirai a bikini, a skimpy one. I looked at HobbySearch offers and ordered two, unfortunately the more interesting model was out of stock in the end and I only received the 1/4 scale bikini, keep in mind that Mirai is an 1/3 scaled fashion Doll. A first test showed that it was mostly compatible at least with her M bust.

I tried a few different poses in this shooting refering to certain anime art illustrations. Such things can be extremely helpful when you don’t know what to do for poses, lol.



Of course thigh high socks go very well with swimsuits and bikini’s, ALWAYS!

When dressing your Doll with skin revealing clothes, you have to accept joints and gaps at certain areas. I already got used to it, but since it was a convenient spot in the picture above, I covered the gap at her hips with a little Photoshop magic. You can also get soft and flexible body’s where most joints are hidden, but these third party products are quite expensive.





While the top covered the important parts, the lower bikini part could not handle Mirai’s hips and butt that well, she felt very embarassed with it, it looked also so weird at the back, I could not take pictures XD I exchanged it with something from a sporty swimsuit, I bought earlier.



Now, that is a really cute butt on Mirai, Danny did a great job with her body overall.




What!? Who invited the kraken? Sorry, I thought it was funny 😀 I found two tentacles on ebay, you can do silly stuff like me with them. I did not went overboard here, Mirai is a good girl.

I really like the pose here, should also look nice with a full outfit ^. The background is not that optimal, it always irritates the white balance which irritated me. Haha so few text in this post,
I was rather satisfied with the outcome of this shooting, Mirai looks always pretty and cute.

The shooting went smoothly in terms of lighting and posing, one thing I learned once again is, that I should comb her more often after changing poses. In the next few weeks I should receive some new clothes for her, so be prepared for other Posts like this, but with less skin.

see you





7 Responses

  1. Aya

    Actaully looks pretty good, seen many smaller micro bikini on flickr or tumblr lol, I just not fond with her nipples showing
    “she felt very embarassed with it, it looked also so weird at the back, I could not take pictures XD” .< I do really want one ahaha but the real art project one cost a lot of money 🙁

    • Aya

      weird did wordpress censor my comments lol or i use html code by mistake …
      make me really want to see her a** with that string bikini XD.
      tentacles I love it ahaha XD I do really want one but the real art project one cost a lot (The one like Tier’s own)

    • wieselhead

      Thank you I also like it. I saw that one, but it was sold out, after I placed my order *sadness*
      I like that her nipples are a bit poking through, it’s good that they aren’t pointy and damage the bikini XD
      Good to know, that thing is really expensive, I think such seperate tentacles are funny too, you could put wire inside to make them more bendable.
      Mhh I don’t know sometimes the wordpress comment system plays tricks on me or in this case you.
      Haha maybe I will do that especially for you, I also ordered another bikini, less sexy, but with a prettier design.
      Just build your own one, it’s too overpriced

  2. Miette-chan

    Hmm, I was thinking looking at the photos, this ain’t too bad. It’s not all that skimpy… then I saw the bottoms! 😀

    I only got a school swimsuit so it does not show as much skin as yours, not even close.

    • wieselhead

      Haha the top fits nicely actually, but the pants badly slides between her buttocks, it looks nearly painful XD
      Considering its the wrong scale, it’s still useable partially. I already ordered a prettier bikini.

  3. Anime Shutterbug

    Wow this is a great photoshoot! Your lighting is very well done and I love the background. I was a bit confused of your description of the background, magnetic boards? Do you have any behind the scenes shots of your background setup?

    Mirai looks so sexy in this bikini wow! I now need to go buy a micro bikini.. my wallet does not thank you haha

    • wieselhead

      Thank you, I tried my best ^^ The wallpaper is really cool for that purpose.
      Oh sorry ;D It practically just a magnetic film who holds the background up, I will show you the next time how this board looks.
      The bikini is extremely skimpy, it would probably look too funny with the XL bust of Mirai (⁄ ⁄^⁄ᗨ⁄^⁄ ⁄)

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