New Preorders part 5

My New preorders Strike Witches – Charlotte E Yeager (ALTER) / Amagami SS – Morishima Haruka (Max Factory) / Nendoroid – Hayate no Gotoku! – Sanzenin Nagi (Max Factory) / Evangelion 2.0 – Asuka – Apron Version (Wave)

Takamachi Nanoha – everyday wear – Kotobukiya

Nonoha is a 1/8 scaled figure and her height is around 165 mm, she was manufactured by Kotobukiya and her release date was in January 2011.
Her Origin is Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha The Movie 1st the latest project of the Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha franchise. The movie is an adaption of the first season from the popular anime show called Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha.

Chris 2009 – Santa Version – Beagle

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Today I will have my 25th figure review post it will center around one of my latest purchased figure which is called Chris 2009 Santa Version.
Chria was manufactured by the Company Beagle, the release date was in December 2009. This figure is sculpted after an illustration from the artworks of Range Murata. Chris 2009 Santa Version is scaled 1/7 and her height is about 200 mm

Anime Fall Season review – part 2

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This post is about my impressions on the the following shows from the Anime Fall Season: Arakawa Under the Bridge x Bridge, Soredemo Machi wa Mawatteiru, Otome Youkai Zakuro, Shinrei Tantei Yakumo and at least Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt

Best anime endings of Fall season 2010

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best anime endings fall season 2010
-Yosuga no Sora – “Pinky Jones” by Momoiro Clover
-Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt – “Fallen Angel” by Aimee B
-Fortune Arterial: Akai Yakusoku – “I miss you” by Veil
-Soredemo Machi wa Mawatteiru – “Maids Sanjou!” by Maids
-Arakawa Under the Bridge x Bridge – “Akai Coat” by Suneohair

Best anime openings of Fall season 2010

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best anime openings fall season 2010
-Amagami SS “Kimi no Mama de ” by azusa
-Soredemo Machi wa Mawatteiru “DOWN TOWN” by Maaya Sakamoto
-Sora no Otoshimono: Forte “Heart no Kakuritsu ” by Blue Drops
-Arakawa Under the Bridge x Bridge “COSMOS vs ALIEN ” by Etsuko Yakushimaru
-Motto To LOVE-Ru “Loop-the-Loop” by KOTOKO
-Yosuga no Sora “Hiyoku no Hane” by eufonius