Takarada Rikka – I Believe in Future

This figure of Takarada Rikka was released in December 2021, she is called Takarada Rikka – I Believe in Future version and was manufactured by Good Smile Company. Rikka is scaled 1/7 and measures 175 mm including the height of the base. The “I Believe in Future figure” was sculpted by Jarel who already worked on a number of pretty figures.

Takarada Rikka is a character from SSSS.Gridman, an anime that is an alternative adaptation of the 1993–1994 series Denkou Choujin Gridman, the anime was made by studio Trigger, it was an 12 episode long anime and aired in autumn 2018. There Rikka lives together with her mum in a run down cafe.

This figure here also has a counterpart, the SSSS.Grdman antagonist Shinjou Akane has been designed in a similar way with elaborate base and cheerful pose. I wasn’t interested in getting both, but for real Gridman fans this would have been a nice combination. There are many and some really nice figures of Takarada Rikka and Akane, but Good Smile Company made, without a doubt the most impressive looking ones, albeit it took longer to get them released than actually announced. The Gridman anime aired in autumn 2018, the figure has been finished late in 2021. It took quite some patience, but I didn’t want to give my order away.

Obvious about the figure are her well endowed thighs, rumors say, that the series director of the Gridman anime, Akira Amemiya wanted a female lead character with plump thighs and wide hips. In comparison with the other female characters of the anime, the difference is noticeable, but overall it looked much less obvious than on this figure adaptation.

In Gridman it’s quite amusing that the antagonist Akane has big boobs and thin legs while Rikka only has meaty thighs and wide hips.

Calling Rikka a fanservice machine would only be half of the story, her introduction scene was really good and her character actually has more depth than you would expect. Rikka generally has a cool and reserved personality, while she can be a bit snarky, most of the time she is kindhearted and caring though.

The characters sculpt of the young lady emphasizes around Rikka’s beautiful thighs, I really appreciate that character trait, generally I really like nicely shaped thighs with moderately more meat on them. On this figure the thighs looks like those of an ice skating sprinter athlete, probably more soft and squishy. Rikka herself isn’t especially sporty and is often hungry. Ahem so that is the characterdesign, let’s have a closer look at the figure.

The big appeal point, next to her thighs, of the Takarada Rikka – I Believe in Future figure is the dynamically designed base, the nice figure is on top of a pile of old electronic parts from decades ago and the necessary parts a high school student would need, like umbrella, school utensils bag and a cute smaller bag.

The detailed eyes look really great with the shade of blue and purple. The subtle smile gives her a gentle face expression, the tilted head adds a lot to her beautiful looks. I have to say that the face shape doesn’t convince from every direction, but from most angles it looks adorable and like the girl from the anime.

Rikka is wearing a school uniform, with a jacket 3/4 long sleeves is nicely detailed with bags and buttons, the soft wrinkles make the material look like thick and cozy cloth. The jacket covers the pleated navy blue skirt for the most part, as it’s very short. Because of her pose and the length of her skirt it’s nearly impossible not to see her panties or buttocks. In the anime, Rikka was wearing a scandalous bikini during episode 5 during a school excursion and no one seemed to care about that, also not Rikka herself.

The figure of Rikka is very pretty and adorable although the fanservice level is not what I would call low.

It’s a compact pose, where Rikka has pulled her legs up and close to her body. It’s a chilled pose that has a calm atmosphere. Rikka is holding on to her smartphone and is playing with the earbud cables.

The pose shows a great sense of articulation and has a natural flow to it. The whole sculpt shows a sense of wind, I like the gently flowing hair, also the scarf is fluttering around cheerfully.

One would think that this character might look great with thigh highs or a pantyhose, but Rikka prefers her legs to be bare and so she is wearing red socks instead and classic brown loafers.

The Rikka figure also has good looking hands with nice articulation and sculpting precision, the scrunchy around her wrist is a nice detail. The smartphone is a good copy of the one she is using in the anime.

Overall this figure turned out great, it comes with a beautiful base and is very detailed from tip to toe.

The sweet and relaxed pose balances out that the amount of bare skin is quite high for a a heroine from a popular mainstream mecha anime. You look at these first class thighs, but at the same time Rikka is so cute with her gentle smile and serene posing, that you quickly forget about the fanservice. The old electronic parts show a great attention to detail, I like the weathering effects and the dirt effect on the cables. The whole figure has beautiful colors and a nice skintone.

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